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This tiny home was built as a family project by a father and his three sons. The floor plan and design were created by mom. They call it the “Nordic” and have named their company Craftsman Tiny Homes.

I’m proud of my 3 sons: 20, 22, & 23 years old who have been in the building industry since they were each 3 years old. They were home schooled and brought out to every job site we engaged in.

The two-loft tiny home is for sale for $95,000 in Newberry, Florida.

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New Tiny Home w/ Double Lofts & Pine Interior

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We R Tiny Homes is a new tiny house builder based in Wichita, Kansas and they just completed their first awesome tiny house build! The 24-foot THOW has a popular farmhouse-style interior, with shiplap walls, wood-appearance flooring, and floating shelves. It’s for sale for $59,500.

I love that they lit each individual stair up to the loft! That has to be handy for making any bathroom runs middle-of-the-night. There’s a roomy loft bedroom, and the bathroom has a washer, shower stall, and RV toilet. Check it out below.

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24-ft. Farmhouse-Style Tiny House on Wheels in Kansas

We R Tiny Homes First Build 7

Images via We R Tiny Homes

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We love when we find people who are out there really living their dream and making things happen!

I want you to meet John and Amy of Tiny House of the South.

They are building a 24 ft tiny house on wheels. Why? So they can live debt free, travel and to live the life they dream of.

It all began for them in 2010 when Amy saw Jay Shafer’s blog that inspired them to build a tiny house on wheels of their own. The sheer beauty and simplicity of the whole tiny living idea was fascinating to Amy and soon, John, too.

“Once she stumbled across the tiny house movement, Amy realized that it could be a way to build a better future. Her conviction for a simpler way of life was the infectious catalyst to start living the tiny dream, and now she works to share that dream with anyone who will listen.” – Tiny House of the South

They attended a hands-on workshop with Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders. And by 2013, they began saving and planning to build the ultimate tiny house on wheels for themselves.

The tiny house is not done yet but we can continue to follow the progress on their website and Instagram.

Couple Build 24 Ft. Tiny House on Wheels


Images © Tiny House of the South

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