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Couple Build 24 Ft. Tiny House on Wheels

We love when we find people who are out there really living their dream and making things happen!

I want you to meet John and Amy of Tiny House of the South.

They are building a 24 ft tiny house on wheels. Why? So they can live debt free, travel and to live the life they dream of.

It all began for them in 2010 when Amy saw Jay Shafer’s blog that inspired them to build a tiny house on wheels of their own. The sheer beauty and simplicity of the whole tiny living idea was fascinating to Amy and soon, John, too.

“Once she stumbled across the tiny house movement, Amy realized that it could be a way to build a better future. Her conviction for a simpler way of life was the infectious catalyst to start living the tiny dream, and now she works to share that dream with anyone who will listen.” – Tiny House of the South

They attended a hands-on workshop with Dan Louche of Tiny Home Builders. And by 2013, they began saving and planning to build the ultimate tiny house on wheels for themselves.

The tiny house is not done yet but we can continue to follow the progress on their website and Instagram.

Couple Build 24 Ft. Tiny House on Wheels


Images © Tiny House of the South

Couple-Build-24-Ft-Tiny-House-on-Wheels-001 Couple-Build-24-Ft-Tiny-House-on-Wheels-003 Tiny House Subfloor Insulation Couple-Build-24-Ft-Tiny-House-on-Wheels-005 Couple-Build-24-Ft-Tiny-House-on-Wheels-006 Couple-Build-24-Ft-Tiny-House-on-Wheels-007 Couple-Build-24-Ft-Tiny-House-on-Wheels-008 Couple-Build-24-Ft-Tiny-House-on-Wheels-009

Images © Tiny House of the South

A huge thanks to John & Amy of Tiny House of the South for letting us share their story!

You can follow their tiny house build on Instagram (@tinyhouseofthesouth) and their website. We wish you guys all the best as you finish the construction of your awesome tiny house and head out on the open road.

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Andrea is a contributor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the Tiny House Newsletter! She has a passion for sharing tiny and small house stories and introducing you to new people, ideas, and homes.
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  • Amy
    March 19, 2015, 4:28 pm

    Thanks for the feature, Andrea! If we can do it, anyone can!

  • CathyAnn
    March 19, 2015, 5:44 pm

    Good for you. You’re going for it! I look forward to seeing your finished tiny house.

    • Amy
      March 19, 2015, 6:50 pm

      Thanks, CathyAnn! 🙂

  • Lynne H
    March 19, 2015, 11:04 pm

    Kudos to you and your new build! Keep us posted 🙂

  • Marsha Cowan
    March 21, 2015, 2:07 pm

    Looks great so far…please keep us posted!

  • Lisa E.
    March 21, 2015, 3:08 pm

    Looks fabulous so far; doing a great job. Keep us posted and remember lots of pictures! 😀

  • Tish
    March 21, 2015, 3:31 pm

    Awesome!!! Looking good!

  • Susanne
    March 22, 2015, 9:58 am

    I am truly interested in knowing if the couple had
    1)any previous building experience at all
    2)how helpful do they feel was the workshop?
    Can’t wait to see more photos…:)

  • Amy
    March 22, 2015, 2:53 pm

    Thanks for all the supportive comments, folks!

    We were completely inexperienced with building anything when we started our tiny house build. We’ve just been using great DIY resources to figure it out as we go. Please visit our blog for updates and more info!

  • Jimbo
    March 22, 2015, 6:55 pm

    Looks good.. To help with weight , could 2×4 or 2×6 be used for headers ? Looks like very little load on them. What worries do you have about load weight ? Tell us about that trailer and its comparison to regular flat bed trailers , it looks like it’s framed differently . Thanks. Jimbo

  • April 2, 2015, 4:56 pm

    Great job guys! Keep documenting, I love to see the process! Where are you living while you build?
    Thanks much!

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