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Indigo River Tiny Homes just finished a new Airbnb for a client — a Rambler 20-foot model with a stand-up loft area. The most unique feature in this THOW has to be the awesome cabinets and appliances which are all a lovely Robin’s Egg Blue color.

There’s a little living room and a kitchen with all the necessary appliances you’ll need to make a nice breakfast on vacation. The bathroom has a tiled shower and flush toilet. Enjoy the photo tour below!

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The Tiny Home Has Robin’s Egg Blue Cabinets And Retro Appliances

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The Journey THOW is a great 20 ft. tiny house with everything you need in a little house. It was built in 2017 by Aspire Tiny Homes, and updated in 2020 — it looks brand new!

Inside you walk into the little living room area, and storage steps take you up to the bedroom loft. There’s a galley kitchen with an oven and lovely butcher block counter tops, as well as a 3/4 bathroom with a composting toilet.

It’s for sale right now for $37,500, which is definitely on the inexpensive side for such a classy build! Contact the seller at [email protected].

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20 Ft. THOW by Aspire Tiny Homes for $37,500

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Tiny Heirloom is proving you can fit a whole lot into just 20 feet! This itty-bitty THOW has a downstairs bedroom (and upstairs living area!), room for a washer/dryer combo and a functional kitchen and bathroom.

It has a shed-style roof with extra space above the living room, bringing the total height to a road-legal 13 ft and 6 inches. You can get this tiny house in a number of styles, including modern, craftsman and farmhouse. The basic model starts at $69,990, and you can design your own here at Tiny Heirloom.

Enjoy the photo rendering tour below! I can’t wait to see this one built out.

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New 20-Foot Keepsake Model from Tiny Heirloom

Keepsake Tiny Heirloom 003

Images via Tiny Heirloom

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This is the SoCo Tiny Homes 20 ft. Tiny House on Wheels that’s for sale in Woodland Park, Colorado.

The little spot features two bedroom lofts, a great kitchen, and plenty of space in the living/dining area. I like that there’s a folding table for eating and working attached to the wall. They are asking $39,900 and there are tons of details about the home’s specifics below the picture tour.

If you want to purchase, get in touch with the builder via the contact form. As always, enjoy!

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SoCo Tiny Homes 20 Ft. Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

Images via SoCo Tiny Homes

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