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This is the Edsel. It’s a 20-foot tiny house on wheels by The Tiny House Building Company in Virginia.

It has approximately 304-square-feet of space, a beautiful kitchen, bath, and an upstairs sleeping loft with a skylight.

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The Edsel 20-Foot Tiny House on Wheels by The Tiny House Building Company

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This is the Manteo Tiny House on Wheels by Modern Tiny Living.

It’s a 20-foot THOW that sleeps up to four people and is headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to serve as a tiny house hotel at the River & Twine Tiny House Hotel in Rocky Mount.

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The Manteo Tiny House Headed to River & Twine Tiny House Hotel in Rock Mount, North Carolina

The Manteo Tiny House Headed to River & Twine Tiny House Hotel in Rock Mount

Images © Modern Tiny Living

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This is a 20-foot tiny house that you can order on Amazon. It’s called The Everest and it is an RVIA-certified tiny home on wheels by Bantam Built Homes.

The home is their 20-foot long Everest Model that you may remember. It’s unique because it’s a 20-foot tiny house with a main floor bedroom. It also has a multi-functional living area that can possibly be transformed into additional space for sleeping, a couch, dining space, or your workspace. It seems like a very versatile because of it’s design and easy to tow because it’s not too tall and only 20-feet long.

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The Everest 20-Foot Tiny House w/ Main Floor Bedroom That You Can Order on Amazon Built by Bantam Built Homes

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This is a 20-foot farmhouse-style tiny house on wheels. According to the listing, it’s for sale out of Eastford, Connecticut for $59,000. This THOW was built in 2017 and offers approximately 224-square-feet inside.

Specifically designed for tiny homes, the trailer has a 2×6 inset floor system for extra interior head room and insulation along 6-inch flange around outside to support walls.

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20-Foot Farmhouse-Style Tiny House – $59k – Eastford, Connecticut

20-Foot Farmhouse-Style Tiny House

Images via Kevin/Tiny Home Builders

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