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This is a 416 sq. ft. modern tiny cabin on a foundation called the Modern Dwell 16×26 and it’s built by Kanga Room Systems.

This absolutely gorgeous backyard dwelling is the mother of all guesthouses. At 416 sqft with 1 bed, 1 bath, and a full-sized kitchen your guests or renters will have all of the amenities they need for a short or longterm stay in your backyard hideaway.

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16×26 Modern Dwell Tiny Cabin by Kanga Room Systems

Tiny Cabin by Kanga Room Systems 001

Images © Kanga Room Systems

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This 16×26 country cabin was built for a client by Kanga Room Systems in Texas. This little cabin offers about 416 sq. ft. of space without including the upstairs sleeping loft.

As soon as you approach the cabin you can see the classic covered front porch for relaxing. Go inside and you’ll find everything you need! Starting with an open living area with a kitchen, downstairs bedroom, washer/dryer, and a cozy upstairs sleeping loft with two beds. So how would you like to live a simple life in a little country cabin like this one? Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

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Country Living in a 16×26 Kanga Cabin


Images © Kanga

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