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This is the Alpine Tiny House on Wheels by the Tiny House Building Company. It’s amazing because it’s a 13-foot tiny house on wheels with a main floor bedroom.

It also has an additional loft that can be used for storage or extra sleeping space. There’s also a private bathroom with a toilet and shower and a kitchenette with a sink, a miniature refrigerator, cooktop, and a coffee maker.

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13-Foot Tiny House with a Main Floor Bedroom, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Loft

13-Foot Tiny House with a Main Floor Bedroom

Images © Tiny House Building Company

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This is a 13ft Rustic Tiny Cabin on Wheels for sale in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was built on an old camping trailer frame that’s 7′ x 13′.

It has 2×3 framing to reduce the weight. Plywood sheathing and reclaimed tin roof. Fiberglass insulation.

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13ft Rustic Tiny Cabin on Wheels For Sale in Knoxville, Tennessee


Photos via Tiny Home Builders

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