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Steve’s 400 sq. ft. Cabin Off Big Twin Lake in Winthrop, Washington

This is Steve’s 400 sq. ft. Cabin off Big Twin Lake in Winthrop, Washington that he built as a retirement home.

In order to build just fifty feet from the lakeside, Steve had to build “tiny” and so he has his cabin on a 20 ft. by 20 ft. slab. The self-contained space has a composting toilet and shower in the bathroom, pull down stairs to bed loft with window dormer, and handmade furniture that includes a futon bed.

Steve said it’s built with a log post structure and 6” walls covered with 1” styrofoam and stucco. His kitchen has an apartment size fridge and range and he enjoys a built-in indoor-outdoor sound system including a sub-woofer. Best of all? There’s a dock for relaxing or fishing!

If you have questions for Steve, ask in the comments!

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Steve’s 400 sq. ft. Cabin Off Big Twin Lake in Winthrop, Washington

Images via Steve

Awesome exposed log beams and groovy furniture.

Great bar seating by a picture window and quaint tiny kitchen.

Looking from the couch out to the deck.

Love the stone wall. Masonry is just lovely!

Backyard patio with a fire pit for roasting marshmallows.

How cute is this little cabin on the lake?

There’s your dock for relaxing for fishing!

Images via Steve

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  • Avatar Janine Sherman

    What your price which include land and dock. Just where located and had power or is total off grid.

    • Avatar Eric

      Janine, it isn’t for sale. He built it as a retirement home. And I reckon that a lot of his costs may have included scrounged recycled materials to boot.

      And, seeing that there doesn’t appear to be any solar panels on the roof, or showing on a ground based stand I’d say that he is probably on grid.

      • Avatar Steve

        Yes we are currently on the grid.

  • Avatar Marc

    Great footprint and lovely looking tiny house.
    With all the metal roof surface, I am surprised not to see any rainwater catchment. Is that on purpose or yet to come?

    • Avatar Steve

      Thanks Marc. we can easily get three feet of snow in the winter months so gutters are not really an option. The 7/12 roof pitch helps to shed snow at a rate of about six inches on its own.

  • Avatar Diane the Designer

    This is an adorable cottage. I like the wood tones as I get tired of all white interiors. This one has warmth and charm. Nice areas to sit outside too. Beautiful trees to break the breeze off the water. Nicely done.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      I love wood tones 🙂 White makes me sad!

  • Avatar Jackie orszulak

    Steves 400 ft cabin
    Live it! Price?

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      It’s not for sale, I’m afraid. It’s his retirement home that he shared with us to enjoy looking at and taking inspiration from 🙂

  • Avatar Linda Tracy

    Another I love

  • Avatar Nanny M

    So beautiful, inside and out!

  • Avatar Keith S

    Nicely done. I have been planning on doing exactly the same thing in Winthrop. How was it getting such a small house permitted? I’d love to talk to you further about your experience.

  • Avatar Steve

    Sure Keith, you can message me on FB under Steve Stafford (Burlington WA)

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