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Spiritual Cross Shaped Off Grid Tiny Cabin Design

This one-person off grid cross shaped tiny cabin is a prototype Tbilisi, Georgia based architect, Dachi Papuashvili designed.

This type of dwelling could be used as a spiritual retreat, writer’s getaway or off grid cabin.

The design consist of two insulted shipping containers that would be clad with wood.

It would be a four-level structure with special areas for writing, meditation, rest, storage and cooking.

The cabin would also have a composting toilet, rain water collection, and solar panels to make it completely off grid.

Let’s take a look at this off grid tiny cabin one might call hOMe. 🙂

Spiritual Cross Shaped Off Grid Tiny Cabin Design


Images © Dachi Papuashvili

Spiritual-Cross-Shaped-Off-Grid-Tiny-Cabin-Design-002 Spiritual-Cross-Shaped-Off-Grid-Tiny-Cabin-Design-003 Spiritual-Cross-Shaped-Off-Grid-Tiny-Cabin-Design-004 Spiritual-Cross-Shaped-Off-Grid-Tiny-Cabin-Design-005 Spiritual-Cross-Shaped-Off-Grid-Tiny-Cabin-Design-006 Spiritual-Cross-Shaped-Off-Grid-Tiny-Cabin-Design-007

Images © Dachi Papuashvili


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  • Avatar Cahow


  • Avatar Susan Johnson

    Holy calf muscles!

  • Avatar Gary

    More like holy wind-shear. This is cantilevered living space on the third story of a 4 story building. the amount of reinforcing material that you would require to keep it from collapsing or toppling over would be the challenge to overcome. Also, the living space (which consequently also has the largest live load) is on the third story putting the centre of gravity very high.

    If you were to do this, you would have to stick build this from steel and have the joints welded according to seismic requirements. this isn’t because of building codes, its just to keep you safe in your home. additionally, your footing would be significant. living in this space may be very efficient, but building it would likely pollute more than several conventionally built houses.

  • Avatar Marre

    All this Stairs is a lott of waste of space, but it is beutiful!

  • Avatar Denise

    Very cozy living quarters. Very impractical for the average person, unless they are an athlete. 🙂

  • Avatar Rue

    Seems to be another case of concept over functionality.

    I get the spiritual inspiration behind the cross shape, but it seems to me it would be more practical to take a page from the old churches, and lay out the cross shape horizontally, not vertically. Then all that ladder space could be used for living space.

  • Avatar connie

    Beyond incredible! Beautifully done!

  • Avatar alice h

    Ouch. Hard on the knees. What kind of foundation would you need for a tower like that anyway? I like the upper part, that might work for me without the bottom tower section. I do like having a rooftop deck. Better stick a good lightening rod up top too, just in case.

    • Avatar alice h

      I meant lightning rod, but a lightening rod would be useful too, if such a thing existed.

    • Avatar Patricia Schneider

      alice h: What about an enlightening rod?

  • Avatar Maria

    Seems interesting, one question, are the sides even weight ? Will it tilt over time or with a storm ? As all tiny houses are unique to each owner, I like the design but don’t think I’d live in it.

  • Avatar JeffLee

    Not so much a comment on the Home but on the apparent changes to your website design? Comments used to be shown in their totality when I’d jump to the link from your emails. Now it seems that only the last (or last few) show and I have to click to view earlier comments. Much prefer the original layout.

  • Avatar Kathleen

    It would be interesting to see the resident lift that five-gallon water jug into place over the sink each time it needs to be replaced.

  • Avatar Patty

    Love the design, just not the climbing. Good for the young people.

  • Avatar Beatriz

    90% stairs and the cross shape makes for limited resale value, I would have thought. Gimmick value only. Except that areas for shade are created under the cross part.

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