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Sonoma Guest Cottage

This is the Sonoma Guest Cottage by Rohleder Borges Architecture.

It’s located in Glen Ellen, California and features a wonderful open floor plan with a large kitchen, full-size dining table, cozy living room, a fold-out wall bed, and a bathroom.

How would you like to live in a space like this?

The Beautiful Sonoma Guest Cottage by Rohleder Borges Architecture


Photos by Cynthia Grabau

Sonoma-Guest-Cottage-by-Rohleder-Borges-Architecture-Photo-by-Cynthia-Grabau-002 Sonoma-Guest-Cottage-by-Rohleder-Borges-Architecture-Photo-by-Cynthia-Grabau-003 Sonoma-Guest-Cottage-by-Rohleder-Borges-Architecture-Photo-by-Cynthia-Grabau-004

Photos by Cynthia Grabau

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Sonoma Guest Cottage | Rohleder Borges Architecture | Rohleder Borges Architecture on Facebook | Photos by Cynthia Grabau

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  • Avatar Eric

    How would I like to live in a place like this? No idea. Can one really answer that question when you see a massive two (2) pictures of the inside? Methinks not. My 3.742 cents worth… hey, inflation ok?

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