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Simple Musical Instruments

Lately I’ve been wanting to learn how to play instrument. I’ve thought about the acoustic guitar and the piano. Now I’m leaning towards more simple instruments…

I’ve been thinking about the djembe (JEM-BAY) which is a skin covered hand drum. Here’s a djembe drum solo video that’ll put a smile on your face…

But then I discovered something that fascinated me. It’s called the PANArt hang drum. It was invented in the year 2000. It is difficult and expensive to acquire because they are hand made by two men in Switzerland.

Play this video below to listen to Dante Bucci in action with the PANArt hang drums.

If you liked that you can buy Dante’s music. Here’s the link (it will open in a new window). Or you can visit his website.

You’re probably wondering, “Where can I buy one?” Meaning, the instrument not Dante’s music.

I had the same question. This forum post has the information on how to get one. I warn you though, it’s not easy or cheap.

Because they were so hard to get, I decided to look on Ebay. They sell for over $5,000 here.

Then I found something similar but not as fascinating. But at least you can actually get one easily and it won’t cost a fortune (but still pricey at $250-$700). It seems like something really fun to have in a tiny house.

It’s called the Milltone Tunable Steel Tongue Drum…

Hope you enjoyed this and please share your thoughts!

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  • February 25, 2010, 12:27 pm

    Thanks for the support for my music!

    By the way, that post about how to get a Hang is pretty old. Try the Hang Wiki on wikipedia or visit hangblog.org and handpan.org for the latest info.

    Also check pantheonsteel.com or bellart.es to see some viable alternatives to the Hang. There are also a wide variety of Steel Tongue Drums such as the Hapi drum and the Zen Tambour.


  • February 25, 2010, 9:59 pm

    Hey Dante–When I saw the video of you playing I was instantly intrigued by the instrument. Looking forward to learning to play someday.

    I just downloaded your album from CDNow and am enjoying it right now.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving us with those updated links. I’ll update the post w/ them so others can click.

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