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Tiny House Furniture: The Quad Micro Bar by Joe Warren

I’m always on the lookout for space-saving furniture for tiny homes.

In this post, I’m excited to show you the Quad Micro Bar by Joe Warren.

If you’ve been looking for a dining table solution that doesn’t take up that much room…

Whether you are living in a tiny house, micro apartment, or any other small space.

It’s a really cool solution in my opinion because it doubles as a stand-up table and bar stool table.

And the stools are really easy to put away. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

The Quad Micro Bar by Joe Warren

The Quad Micro Bar by Joe Warren

© Joe Warren, coroflot.com and qmboptions.com

I urge you to learn more about how it works and how you might be able to get one in the video and links below:

VIDEO: How this Convertible Social Dining Table Works

Why you might like this space saving bar stool table:

  • Space saving and easy to use design.
  • Doubles as a stand-up desk so you can use it while standing up.
  • Stools seamlessly fit and store right into the table to save you space and time.
  • Can also be used for workshops and events since it packs up easily and can be used to display promotional materials.
  • You can also use it to do demonstrations.

..but I thought it would be a pretty great option for tiny houses.

What do you think?



  • qmboptions.com

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Updated 4/22/2019

{ 16 comments… add one }
  • Avatar alice h

    Clever! I don’t use bar height tables but would love a regular table height version for the deck. Probably not in my budget though.

  • Avatar James

    Awesome design, what will he think of next?

  • Avatar Spanky

    I love it!
    Do they sell plans?

  • Avatar EP

    Do we know what the weight capacity/limit on the stools are?

  • Avatar Linda

    I’d really like to try making your QMB. Do you sell plans for it?


    • Avatar di

      We enjoy sitting on floor cushions.

      • Avatar Shawn

        I see people have asked if plans are available but I haven’t seen any responses. Are the plans available?

  • Avatar Missy

    How much would this be to buy? I’ll be looking for furniture for my tiny home in a few years and this looks nice. Thanks for the help

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    Great space saving concept with six different uses all in one neat package. I love this piece of furniture, Less can really be more . When utilizing it in a resourceful way…. TWO THUMBS UP!!!

  • Avatar Ellen

    Are you selling these? Or the plans?

  • Avatar ROSEE

    WOW! Luv the design of this bar/stool table. I bet I could built something like this just shorter, but make a set of 4 or six for when I have company.
    Thanks for sharing this!

  • Avatar David Remus

    If I ever get my tiny house, I envision an empty space with a bathroom and tiny kitchenette with fold out, fold up furniture like this to make it adaptable for multiple uses inside or out. I’ve always liked small Japanese houses that offer a space with various uses.

    Look at how much storage space is inside, too. Fill it with the dishes, wine, hibachi, etc. Nice job!

  • Avatar Gigi

    This is a winner!

  • Avatar Kim

    Alex, posts like these are almost as, possibly just as, fabulous as posts on tiny houses. Keep them coming!

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