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Professionally Renovated ’65 Airstream ‘Tiny Home’ (For Sale!)

This is Tanya’s beautiful 1965 17′ Airstream Caravel that’s for sale in Portland, Oregon. The best part is, it was renovated by Hofmann Architecture in 2016!

After traveling halfway across the country and back again, this beautiful vintage Airstream is ready for a new owner.1

Beautifully Restored Airstream Caravel in Portland, Oregon!

Compact mobile tiny home for sale!

After traveling halfway across the country and back again, this beautiful vintage Airstream is ready for a new owner.

1965 17′ Airstream Caravel
Weight: 2250 pounds with hitch weight of 250 pounds
Dimensions: 17’3″ x 84″ x 99″

Renovated by Hofmann Architecture in 2016

-Carbonized bamboo flooring & countertop installed
-Modern vessel sink with integrated shower diverter installed
-New hot water heater
-New brakes & bearings
-New wheel axle

More details and pictures of the Hofmann Architecture remodel can be found here:

Since purchasing in mid-2016, I’ve made the following improvements:
-C-head composting toilet installed to replace RV toilet
-Ceramic heater installed to replace propane heater
-New tires & spare
-Gas leak repaired & new LP tanks and hoses installed

Being sold AS IS
A few repairs currently need to be made:
-A water pipe under the bathroom leaks when connected to city water. It will need to be repaired in order to have running water.
-A new battery converter will need to be installed to allow the battery to recharge when plugged into city power.

Potential opportunity to rent the backyard space where the Airstream is currently parked in SE Portland.

Learn more and contact the seller via: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/rvs/d/airstream-caravel-mobile-tiny/6318649082.html

Our big thanks to Tanya Janoch for sharing!

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  • Avatar Mary Brancato

    Very nice and interesting

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    Yea! Very well done and thought out… It’s even has two closets! Can’t get any better than that..

  • Avatar Sgmaps

    It seems to me that for a professionally renovated trailer it appears to have a 70s era coppertone stove/oven. just wondering….

  • Avatar Mary McGuirk

    the new owner might want to install a PRESSURE REGULATOR for the water pressure, just in case that was the cause of the failure of the existing hose, since many campgrounds and cities have extremely high pressure that is hard on hoses and pipes.

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