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Modern Skysphere Tiny House by Jono Williams

This is the modern Skysphere tiny house by Jono Williams.

It’s a futuristic tower tiny home that’s completely solar powered and controlled by Android.

Inside you’ll find floor to ceiling windows with incredible panoramic views. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Modern Skysphere Tiny House by Jono Williams

Skysphere 001

Images © The Skysphere

Skysphere 002 Skysphere 003 Skysphere 005 Skysphere 004 Skysphere 007 Skysphere 008 Skysphere 006

Images © The Skysphere


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  • Avatar Kim Pratt

    That is interesting. Is there an elevator in the middle? Where is a kitchen and bath? Is that a roof deck on top?

    • Avatar Sharee

      His website answers your questions. Yes, there is a roof deck on top. There is no kitchen or bath…yet. Not plumbed for utilities because of costs. He may add them later. Only access is a ladder. Orginal plans were to include an elevator; scrapped elevator because of budget.

    • Avatar Jon Bon

      If the tube is metal, you could spiral a flying stairway around the outside with a long single spiral hand rail… wouldn’t break up the aesthetics. Held up by vertical bars connected to the structure above would make the appearance of an outer cylinder? Maybe I’ve seen this on another structure, but it would be more “practical” than the ladder. On the other hand the ladder is fort like.

  • Avatar Kim Pratt

    Where is this located? I like the colored lights at night time. If it were on the coast it can make a light house.

    • Avatar David

      This ingenious place is in New Zealand. In a country area called Linton which is just a short drive away (about 10 miles) from the thriving metropolis (cough, cough) of Palmerston North.

  • Avatar Frank

    the only issue I see with this…..he has the sitting furniture on the window side….should have had the furniture on the wall side….to enjoy the view….not face away from the lovely scenary

    • Avatar Marsha Cowan

      I totally agree! I guess there is a TV on that wall, maybe. But with that view, I don’t think I would be with watching much TV! Lol!

  • Jetsons!

  • Avatar Cindy

    Austin Powers’ Shag Pad!!!

  • Avatar Linda Mehrtens

    well worth a visit to the website. I want this, tho at ground level, or scissor lift with futuristic airlock. Great Kiwi ingenuity.

  • I think I saw a house similar to this on HGTV a few years ago. This is quite different. I love how it’s circular and high up. The color lights are awesome, it must be pretty to see them at night. The views are speculator!! Enjoy!! Carol Perry

  • Avatar Emily c.

    Reminds me of the home from the movie “Oblivion”

  • Avatar AmyCat

    Beam me up, Scotty! 🙂

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