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Jay Nelson and micro houses he’s built on bikes, rowboats, and cars

Kirsten is going to show you Jay Nelson’s micro house that he built on a customized bicycle.

It’s 27 square feet in size and has everything a surfer needs.

It even has a roof rack to store and move around your boards!

Jay’s micro vehicle/bicycle home is made out of plywood sheets covered in fiberglass.

He even custom made every window that’s on it.

This little custom made RV even has a kitchenette with a stove, sink and drain.

He uses a manual water pump that’s hooked up to a jug, sort of like this one.

There’s even storage underneath the floor to hold everything you’d have to take with you.

It stands about 5 feet tall and is 8 feet long and 4 and a half feet wide.

Jay Nelson's Micro Bicycle House Photo by Jack Halloway

Photo Credit Jack Halloway via Flickr

I told you it has an electric motor right? It has a range of 10 miles and can go up to 20 mph.

It took three long months of labor for Nelson to complete it. He’s a San Francisco artist.

In Kirsten’s video, Jay is going to show you:

  • his future ideas for micro houses,
  • his Honda CRX camper project (which you may have seen on the Internet),
  • and his rowboat shelter.

Finally! Now we all know who built the CRX motorhome that’s famous on the Internet.

Honda CRX Custom Made Camper RV Micro

Photo Credit Unknown

Video Tour

Video produced by Faircompanies.

Jay Nelson and his work were also featured in Lloyd Kahn’s latest book on Tiny Homes, which I highly recommend. Watch my video review of it here.

Thank you Kirsten for another awesome episode!

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  • Avatar VaBikePacker

    There’s certainly something interesting on the right edge of the pic. Looks like something human powered with BIG wheels…Am I the only one who sees it?

    The bike house looks cool!!

    • Whoa, that’s cool! Didn’t notice it before, haha. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Avatar Carl in SC

    These tiny camper vehicles would work well in the far eastern countries, but not as practical for our large and congested cities. I know these appeal to some people but I view them as interesting and strange.
    For a small truck I like a small camper in which the top collapses for travel and is raised for using the bed above the cab. Also a tent camper for the truck or small SUV are appealing. The tiny house in the tree would be great for kids or guests. I like it.

    • I know what you mean Carl. They can be pretty strange. And they attract lots of attention on the road. Away from the public eye, or in the yard though, sounds better. I like the tent campers for trucks/suvs too. And the idea of minivan campers with pop up roofs. Thanks for commenting!

  • Avatar Warp

    I like Jay Nelson’s little electric car i know he gave it a name but my first thought was the peanut car and i like his way of thinking it would be nice to see more of his work some day !

  • The Honda CRX camper looks like something similar they did on the television show Top Gear.

    I like the other one better.

  • Avatar Ryan

    these are so, so, so cool. my brothers and I made a wooden fort on wheels when we were kids one summer.. pushed each other around the block, camped out in it, etc.. haha. good times. thanks for the flashback

  • Avatar Lisa

    I think these are genius actually. I know neither is for me, but very well done for someone who likes that sort of x-small stuff. I really prefer something like the Tonita. Actually got my Mom looking at that one…

  • Avatar Dea

    I used to love bicycling, ok still do… but, I think I rather pull a small cart with a kid, a tent, and some supplies… lol and I agree, it looks like a peanut! very creative though.

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