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Interview with Neha about her Tranquil Taos Tiny House

This is Neha’s Tranquil Taos Tiny House.

She and her family live here for a few months a year and you can scroll down to read our interview with her!

Please enjoy, read more and re-share below!

Neha’s Tranquil Taos Tiny House


Images via Neha





Enjoy the rest of this Taos THOW in the next few pages (plus out exclusive interview with the owners too)!

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributing writer for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She is a coffee-loving wannabe homesteader who dreams of becoming self-sufficient in her own tiny home someday. Natalie currently resides in a tiny apartment with her husband, Casey, in Massachusetts.

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  • Elle December 7, 2016, 6:56 pm

    I know Taos well. I’d like to see the area around the tiny home to see where it’s parked as well as the surroundings. Looks cramped from the images. The house is nice, however.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie December 8, 2016, 8:22 am

      Yes Neha did mention it was quite close to neighbors! — Tiny House Talk Team

    • Neha December 9, 2016, 9:57 am

      Hi Elle, We are headed back for our winter break to Taos in a few days. Id love to show you the home. Trust me the house is anything but cramped! This website only allowed a few picture and I had to choose from a hundred of them πŸ™‚ our tiny home is pretty cozy and I have had a couple of dinner gatherings without being crowded.

  • thegoodkelly December 7, 2016, 7:51 pm

    Too much kitchen, not enough bathroom sink. And how do you get into the loft?

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie December 8, 2016, 8:23 am

      I think there’s a ladder tucked against the wall. — Tiny House Talk Team

    • Neha December 9, 2016, 10:00 am

      I cook a lot and like I mentioned my family really ends up all around the kitchen even in my big home so this Tiny home with “too much kitchen” was the best thing for us πŸ™‚ I do miss a bathroom sink and we are thinking about getting one soon.

  • ZACHARY E.MOHRMANN December 7, 2016, 8:15 pm

    Great story…! As I always say half the battle of going tiny is where to park, and the grand stigma of how does this house fit in our community… Most people are not open to change as we all find out real quick after buying tiny .. We don’t have a place to park our tiny house because it is a social stigma because it is different… As much as we would like to think that people like or are willing to accept different, it is not until different moves next door to those who say they are willing to accept different in to their lives… A very sad but true problem.. We will more than likely find opposition in every community, the trick is how to become an asset to the community rather than a problem… Or at least I think it is a place to start when looking to become a part of…! Not as simple a problem we thought it would be when tiny house was first conceived….

    • Alison December 7, 2016, 9:17 pm

      It’s not that people don’t want to accept different, it’s that they don’t want to accept high density and unknowns. If I had a lovely, standard three-bedroom house, I would not want an apartment building to be built next door. Likewise I wouldn’t want a trailer park, or anything that brings high density–lots of people, noise, cars, stuff being stored outside. These are real problems that need to be addressed, but I have faith that we can address them, and tiny houses can be a part of our immediate future.

      • Natalie C. McKee Natalie December 8, 2016, 8:25 am

        It’s certainly a tricky issue! Our cities and towns have been zoned for larger homes, not for tiny ones. It’ll take creativity to blend the two in a way that pleases most people. — Tiny House Talk Team

        • Barnie December 18, 2016, 4:33 pm

          I’m not sure creativity is so much the issue, but money.. it’s always money. Rich developers influence municipal boards and there-by building codes, and there’s also the issue of taxation. Governments always want their cut too. I realize it’s an over-simplification, but I suspect the powers that be have a good thing going with the status quo. So because tiny living isn’t lining the right pockets, it’s relegated to the undesirable “fringe”. Call me a skeptic, but the more research I do, the less optimistic I become about my tiny plans.

        • Natalie C. McKee Natalie December 19, 2016, 10:27 am

          Money is undoubtedly a factor because tiny houses that aren’t permanent don’t bring in property taxes. That being said, I am hopeful that the outcry for more options might eventually reach the ears of the decision-makers πŸ™‚ — Tiny House Talk Team

  • Carol Perry December 7, 2016, 10:04 pm

    Wow! Neha’s home is just beautiful! I just love her kitchen, I think it is just gorgeous!! I love her family room! Her place looks very cozy! It must be so nice to be organized and only take a few minutes to clean your home compared to how long it takes to clean a larger home! Hat’s off to you! Your place is beautiful!???

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie December 8, 2016, 8:25 am

      One of the big benefits of going tiny! Tinier cleaning jobs πŸ™‚ — Tiny House Talk Team

  • ZACHARY E MOHRMANN December 7, 2016, 10:07 pm

    That is exactly what I was saying, but with out the directness as people on here don’t like to accept either….! And when I say that people don’t want your horrid looking monstrous tiny house next to their’s people start taking exception, and I get already receive my fair share of hate mail…! With one builder even going as far as making threats… LoL…! But yes you are correct….!

    • Michael December 8, 2016, 8:02 pm

      Could part of the negative comments be due to frequent statements like, “… your horrid looking monstrous tiny house…?!”

  • ZACHARY E MOHRMANN December 9, 2016, 5:33 am

    Exactly how often do I use that phrase, because as far as I can remember and I have a very good memory, is twice once about 6 or 8 weeks ago and in this particular statement…! Because I am a hard core believer that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… And that one mans meat is another’s poison… But as far as me classifying someone’s house as monstrous is a very far exaggeration on your part solely….!

  • ROSEE December 10, 2016, 6:02 pm

    Very nice. What are the cables across the ceiling for? Otherwise well done job.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie December 12, 2016, 1:19 pm

      They may just be aesthetic! — Tiny House Talk Team

    • Neha March 29, 2017, 10:41 pm

      Cables are both to give it more of a lofty/modern feel and to hold it strong together as well.

  • Patricia February 28, 2017, 9:08 pm

    We live about an hour and a half north of Taos, in Colorado, and Taos is one of our main get-away places. We love it and this house fits right in with the type of homes there. Taos is largely adobe homes with wooden ones scattered here and there and many of them are smaller.

    This is a lovely home, but a bit too small for us—my husband, myself, and 8 rescue cats. Plus I am in disabled and in a wheelchair, so I need more room. But if I were younger, healthier, and able to climb a ladder, this would be a place I would like—especially in Taos. And, I absolutely love the kitchen!!!

  • P March 8, 2017, 5:54 pm

    Hi! I have a question about your fencing! Your house is wonderful by the way, and New Mexico is a dream! Where did you get your fencing and how do you keep it stable from the wind?
    I’m looking for something secure, but good looking, for my dogs to have a small yard/dog door while I’m at work.

    • Neha March 29, 2017, 10:43 pm

      I am fortunate to have some really handy friends around in Taos who built that fence for me, I wanted the fence horizontal vs. vertical as it goes better with my design. It has strong posts going deep and has stayed in place so far. Thanks for your compliments…yes, Taos is a magical place to be in

  • iris April 14, 2017, 3:29 pm

    I am all for self-sufficiency. There is no reason why there can not be a “Tiny subdivision” much like there is Trailer Parks. My concern would be tornados/high winds. Some trailers back into cement sheds. I believe that all Trailer Parks and Tiny subdivison should have something like this to hide during storms. Or, a small celler one can jump down into by lifting a trap door. This would be the only concern.

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