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How to Make Your Own Stained Glass Windows for $1

In this episode of Make Magazine with Tiny Yellow House Deek shows you how to make your own stained glass for no cash!

So it’s not REALLY stained glass but it’s how to achieve the same sort of look and feel for much cheaper and many times for free with what you might have laying around the house, garage, attic, or shed.

What should you look for, you may be asking? Colorful plastic plates. If you don’t have any you can probably find some at your local dollar store, garage sale, or any store that sells home goods. They’re usually pretty cheap too.

Play the video below so you can watch Deek go through every step on how to prep, cut, and create your own stained glass on the cheap!

How to Make Stained Glass Windows for $1

Photo by Derek Diedricksen and Make Magazine on YouTube

For more fun money-saving ideas just like this one, grab yourself a copy of Deek’s book Humble Homes, Simple Shacks over at Amazon.com.

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  • thanks a-bomb! Hope you’re well, and sorry you couldn’t make the building weekend- maybe next year. Talk to you soon

  • Thanks Deek! I’m so bummed I wasn’t able to make it. I saw the pics, looked like a great/fun group. Can’t wait for next year’s. We had to cut our trip short and keep it that way for now, but it’s all good. =) Talk to you soon!

  • Avatar steph

    I like the effect!

  • Oh, we’ll have another- Bill Rockhill even invited us to have it in the Adirondacks at his Bear Creek Carpentry Workshop- AND….it looks like I’m going to do a MA one November 2nd weekend. Wish you could have seen the landscape/scenery in VT, nevermind the buildings….the duo from CA were blown away, as were many others who had never seen the area.

    • Yeah I feel like I missed out big time. Sucks. There’s always next time though. Keep me updated on the November one so I can help you get the word out, etc. I saw some of the VT scenery pics, looks amazing.. Talk to you soon Deek!

  • Avatar Stephanie

    Love this site!

  • I bet you could use some markers to get different colors going on the plastic. That might be even better if you start with a clear plastic base.

    • Good idea Louis!! Hope you’re doing well man.

  • Avatar Cindy

    You are brillant! Loved the stained glass idea. I make real stained glass windows, and I bet if you buy a real glass platter at a thrift store you could do the same thing. Just use a glass cutter to cut it to the size you want. Thanks for the idea!!

  • Avatar Cal 20 Sailor

    Just to quibble, the effect is more like etched or ground glass than stained glas, IMO… Coloring with felt pens might work, though most use UV sensitive dyes that rapidly fade in sunlight. Petroleum derived dyes/pigments commonly used in automobile paints hold up well, though, if you can find ones that are clear/translucent enough… Just sayin’…

    • No that’s a good point. I also wondered how long the plastic would last in the sun before you have to do it again. Then again, it might not take too long to re-do after a few years if you did it yourself. Thanks Cal!

  • Avatar sesameB

    Excellent. Just love this!!!!!

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