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Hornby Island Caravan’s Tiny Home Your Next Office or Micro Guest House

If you’ve been wanting a tiny house on a trailer to call your own, and you don’t like the idea of climbing a ladder up to a sleeping loft, then this one might be yours.

This particular model is being used as an office and was built for a customer by Hornby Island Caravans.

Ian and Mathona wanted an office that could also serve as a micro guest house when family or friends come over. So they did what anybody would do… (I’ve been waiting for the chance to use that line.)

According to this, they had a 16′ caravan designed and built with built-in furniture, a double bed, window seat, desk, wood stove, and plenty of storage built-in to park in the yard.

One detail that I really loved was how they used the tongue of the trailer to create a welcoming deck. That’s pretty clever, don’t you think? and I don’t recall seeing that before.

You might also like how they made everything inside and out remain so natural looking. Don’t miss the wall shelves! Okay, I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Hornby Island Caravans Tiny House on Wheels

If you liked Ian and Mathona’s tiny house on wheels by Hornby Island Caravans, check out some more of the company’s work over at their website.

Interior of Tiny House on Wheels Serving as Office and Micro Guest House Interior of Tiny Caravan Used as Office and Guest House Entrance to Hornby Island Caravans Tiny House Bed With Storage and Natural Shelving Inside Tiny Caravan on Wheels Wood Stove Inside Tiny House on a Trailer by Hornby Island Caravans Desk and Storage in Office Guest House Caravan Door Latch on Hornby Island Caravan Tiny House

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  • Avatar Joel

    Wow, that is a nice clean design. I’m curious about the tiny wood stove, assuming it’s designed for a boat?

  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    Needs a bathroom, and a closet , then it would be okay,

  • Avatar Tina Gallagher

    Simply ingenious! I wonder if they’ll publish the plans? These certainly can be modified with a mini-kitchen, wet bath and a little overhead storage. Truly spectacular design.

  • Avatar Mark

    That tiny woodstove is cool. Please publish a link to it’s manufacturer or some info on where it came from. This is a nice little trailer, too, by the way!

    • Avatar squiggs

      Its a Hobbit, I do believe! Made by Salamander Stoves in England.

  • Avatar kriss ann

    how big is the trailer? about how much was it?

    • Avatar kriss ann

      also what kind of little stove is that? one for a boat?

  • I agree with Dominick that it could use some sort of restroom. However I think a portable camping toilet hidden in that little drawer by the front door would work. After all this one is not designed for camping by more a place to get away and work. Actually I see it as a tax deduction since it would make a great office or studio.

  • Avatar Phil B

    Wood burning stoves have long had a place in small boats. However, I have only had diesel heaters in my boats and they keep the cabin nice and toasty on cold Pacific NW days. Dickinson is popular around here and the price is good and spares plentiful. http://www.dickinsonmarine.com/ Note they can be mounted on a bulkhead and gravity-fed. Bio-diesel works well in these too.
    However, having spent some time in Ireland I leard to love the smell of a peet fire so from a ambient standpoint this might be fun to have:

  • Nice design! These are fashioned after the old sheep herder camp wagons and gypsy caravan wagons. The angled walls make it feel wider than it is. I think you need to do an article on those small wood stoves!

    • Avatar Antonius

      Alex, I posted here a reply that imo should get to the public. Why hasn’t it been approved yet?

  • Avatar Glema

    hi, ty for sharing, it’s quite nice. one question if I may…”Do you not have troubles with that kind of siding like in the wind of the freeways, especially in the mountain passes? There are many things I really like about this design and built in storage spaces. How about a sink or basin, that fits in the desk with a drop down cover to convert to a desk. Unless you feel a drawer or so is better? Just an idea, also if the window beside the stove and above the shelving can stay open, a solar camping shower could be placed on the roof, just add a longer hose and use three hangers a shower curtain one hook from the ceiling and a suitable wash tub for the water catch. all break down easily for hideaway. hehehe Happy Trails and God bless you all!

    • Avatar Eric

      But…. wanted an office that could also serve as a micro guest house when family or friends come over.

      So, this “residence” fulfills its owners functions.

  • Avatar Maria

    For me there are to many windows. I like where the bed is. The rest I would change. You can put a all in one camper bathroom. Micro kitchen. Bed can be used as a couch by day and bed at night. Just a thought.

  • Avatar Maria

    Alex they don’t tell you how wide or long this is. Do you know?

  • Avatar jason

    Hello, What kind of stove is that? Where did you get it?

  • Avatar Cyndi Raper

    Cute as a bug!

  • It is very nice the outside, reminds me of the little house of some imaginative cartoon, inside is relaxing. But if it escapes the “pì pì”there is not “WC”?!


    A newer Vardo,and I have seen it , or one like it before…. The tongue step is not uncommon, and I have seen it a few times before, when looking at American Made Vardos, on line.. And this one is just as nice as some seen, and I like the layout the builder has chosen ….!

  • Avatar ROSEE

    Lovely! Hope one can be build with a small bathroom!

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