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Graduate Series 6000 Tiny House

This is the Graduate Series 6000 Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s built by Designer Eco Tiny Homes in Australia.

This tiny home offers queen sized bed loft with wardrobe, storage stairs, ensuite bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining, office/study desk, and ample storage. Highlight windows enable natural lighting to flood the open plan lounge/dining area giving a very spacious feel to the home.

Graduate Series 6000 Tiny House on Wheels in Australia

Video Tour of the Graduate Series 6000 Tiny House!

Learn more at Designer Eco Homes!


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  2. Graduate Series 6000DL
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  • Avatar Kevin

    – Skylights over the two sleeping areas.
    – The rung ladder on the door to get to the forward sleeping area — that is really clever. 🙂
    – Wood stove for off grid heating. But being a small stove, it will need frequent attention.

    – No hand rail on stairs. A basic safety feature that is too often ignored lately.
    – TV position on stairs could lead to tripping (I, for one, can find a way to trip on something glued to the ceiling — I can be that clumsy — so I notice these things, at least for myself or other similarly clumsy people 🙂 ).

  • Avatar Joyce

    Nicely done. Simple floor plan for one or two people. The desk area in the corner can double as eating area. Lots of storage under the stairs and seating area.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      It’s grand 🙂


    I like it…!

  • I do like this home very much, just need standard flush toilet, the small wood stove just great because I want all electric with solar.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      I love small wood stoves, too!

  • Avatar ROSEE

    Amazing what one can do with the tiniest homes. Very cozy!

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