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FunTana Magenta Tiny House Walkthrough

This is the FunTana Magenta Tiny House by Cornerstone Tiny Homes.

It’s a custom version of their standard 28′ Fontana model, and this gem has a perfect downstairs bedroom for those who can’t climb. The magenta accents — including the french doors, epic glass bowl sink and beautiful glass tiles in the bathroom — are what make this house a home! Although I will confess, I’m naturally quite partial to pink!

You can purchase the Fontana model as both a shell or a finished build — details here!

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FunTana Magenta Tiny House Walkthrough

Love the cool roofline on this tiny house!

Spacious interior with just a couple steps to the bedroom!

Awesome oven for cooking — the large fridge is on the other wall.

There’s space for the washer and dryer I think!

See the rest of this “Fun”Tana home on the next page! There’s a video, too!

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  • Wow, this is SOOOO neat! Love the magenta doors, the magenta sink and tiles in the bathroom. The subway tile in the kitchen is wonderful. The automatic projector screen? Yes, please, I’ll take one now.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      It’s amazing what color can do! 🙂


    All though not a color I would pick for a tiny house, the house it self does have it’s qualities…!

  • Avatar Sockeye

    Not to single just this Thow out but I keep on seeing no food prep areas in many tiny houses. I live in a small 420 or so sq. ft. place right now and know that those two tiny little spaces on each side of the sink would not do for making any meal other than microwave. I’m curious what other people think about that or would you expect to make space for a table for that? Or do you eat out alot?

    • Avatar James D.

      It depends on your cooking needs… Not everyone needs a lot of space to do prep and there are other ways to get more space when needed…

      Like having a cutting board in the shape of the sink… The induction stove can also be used for prep when not cooking as that’s basically a glass counter top that’s easy to clean… The left side of the range can have a folded extension built in that you can raise and lock into place for extra space for prep as well…

      This company also makes variants on this model and some have larger kitchens than this one…

      But, you can check out Fy Nyth youtube channel for a Tiny House owner who recently started adding cooking episodes to show how it actually like cooking in a small space… Her latest video shows her cooking a Turkey btw…

      • Avatar Sockeye

        Thanks, I can see how an induction stove surface could help although I would be going off grid so using propane. I do like those little folding tables off the side. And I will definitely check out that youtube channel!

    • Avatar Jeff

      I thought much the same too until I started looking at my routines in the town house kitchen I currently run around in. I find I rarely use more that what is shown here–and when I do, 98% of the time, it’s because I wasn’t planning things in advance (or Grandma was baking…kids will apparently wither away without cookies). I much prefer being mindful when I cook…partly due to the fact that I do NOT “multitask” well; partly due to the dietary hoops I have the privilege of jumping though.

      Anyway, I was hugely surprised to find that I really don’t need as much space as I once thought–used to be in the LARGE kitchen camp. Now, not so much. At least for cooking. Still love the big farm table for family & friends to gather ’round.

      • Avatar Sockeye

        Thanks for your thoughts. I wonder if the problem is the baking because my partner does the regular cooking and I do the baking and need more space for rolling out pastry or filo dough….. and well, he seems to always need to have the oils and such on the counter….planning shelves very close to the stove for oils and sauces/spices would be important for us I guess.

        • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

          Although I would LOVE more counterspace, our tiny apartment has “those two little pieces.” We do have a glass stove top, which helps when I’m trying to prepare things. I cook all our meals, so I definitely notice the lack of space. That being said, it’s doable!

  • Avatar Danielle DiLisio

    I’m loving the bed area!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Me too! Great idea 🙂

  • Avatar Tana

    I love this, color and all, and that bathroom, so rich looking, so outside the box, I don’t like dull bathrooms, I would customize this by adding a loft and room enough for a full size couch, washer/dryer, I could do this one, but living in Cali, so many restrictions is the problem, parking is still a issue here I think, haven’t done much research. JOB WELL DONE Cornerstone and you have options for financing.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      They did an awesome job. I loved the color too 🙂

  • Thank you for all the kind words. We built this home for a deaf couple and we learned a lot from this build. Something we take for granted is the ability to find and communicate with someone in a house fairly easily. A small home works well for the hearing impaired. This is not their only home but we were told that it will be their primary home.

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