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Family’s Amazing 28′ Kootenay Tiny Home on Wheels

This is a 28′ Kootenay Tiny House on Wheels built for a family by TruForm Tiny.

It features a private loft bedroom with 4′ ceilings accessible via a custom-built, low-footprint staircase!

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

Incredible 28′ Tiny Home on Wheels!

© TruForm Tiny

© TruForm Tiny


  • 28′
  • Two Lofts
  • Daybed/couch
  • “Low footprint” Staircase to Master Loft
  • 4-foot ceilings in loft
  • Flat roof design on main loft
  • Large living area
  • Large kitchen
  • Tiled bathroom with washer/dryer combo
  • Beautiful exterior

Design your own at TruForm Tiny.

Our big thanks to Randy Woodman of TruForm Tiny for sharing!

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{ 18 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Carole

    Really like this one. Love the lunch counter and staircase. Plus so many windows. Really really like! Well done.

  • Avatar keepyourpower


    Looking for the fridge! Washer dryer?

  • Avatar Angela

    Where is the home base for this company? I checked their website and did not find anything.

    • Avatar Angela

      Love their work, too, by the way!

    • Avatar James D.

      TruForm Tiny (formerly Greenleaf Tiny Homes) is based in Eugene, OR…

  • Avatar Michele in CA

    There are some really cool features in this home. But, how funny is it to have a door in the loft when there’s an entire wall missing right next to it?

    • Avatar James D.

      It’s probably just a feature so you can more easily get things like the bed mattress in and out of the loft but otherwise will always keep it closed…

    • Avatar Renee

      Michelle….I believe the actual “door” to the loft is the large opening at the top of the stairs and the white section you’re referring to as the door is actually 1 of 2 privacy walls (separated by the opening). The long wall is pushed out more to allow for shelving(?)
      And the shorter one pushing in more to allow for the stairs!
      Not sure…but At least that what it looks like to me!

  • Avatar logjam8

    Now ~that’s~ how a loft/bedroom should look. Plenty of space, easy to close off and block kitchen/bathroom smells, zero possibility of rolling off the bed and falling 10 feet to the ground floor. Nice use of space all around…

    • Avatar James D.

      logjam8, 10 feet?

      Maybe if you were sleeping on the roof… The loft is typically less than 7 feet from the main floor, with a max interior height of maybe 11′ from the main floor to the highest point in the ceiling/roof…

      Reversed lofts would keep the loft on the main floor and place what would otherwise have been below it above, set at about 4 feet above the main floor… While a split level wouldn’t be more than 5′ 6″ or less above the main floor…

      Less than 7 feet can still hurt, though… So I otherwise agree, provided that it was the only safety concern…

  • I love the slide out bar, but where do they put the stools when not in use?

    • Avatar James D.

      Probably either leave them there, they’re not really getting in the way, or stack them and put them in the closet…

    • Avatar Kay

      I thought the same thing… they are stackable, and can be put in a corner, in the loft…even in the shower if you are having people over

  • Avatar Annette Oliver

    Curious to know where you found the large round black ceiling light?

  • Avatar Natasha

    Cute!, Love that loft and the living room space. I’d love info on where you got the little side table in the living room that had the lamp on it.

  • Avatar terip

    love it😍!

  • Avatar Ed

    I Think this designer really gets it, Michelle from Ca. that door and missing wall, In my opinion only Renee mentioned it but most did not really get it either that it is All about PRIVACY and it’s one of the things that makes Loft’s so unattractive, guests and even other family members look up the stairs and see everything that goes on up there, this way there’s acces but no open view, awesome!!!!
    This Tiny house has sooo many great features I’m sure I’ll be using some of them!

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