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Couple’s Self-Built Tiny House: They Sold It After Starting a Family

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Have you met Collin and Joanna before? They’re a young couple who built and lived in their own Tumbleweed Fencl tiny house on a trailer. They bought the plans, ordered the trailer, built the house, and moved in!

But now they’re very happy to announce that they’re starting a family so they will be upsizing to a home that will be better for them to raise a child in. So that means their gorgeous little house is up for sale. The tiny house has sold but you can still see it below!

This is one of the most elegantly designed tiny houses that I’ve seen to date. They used Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Fencl building plans to build it and they did an excellent job of decorating as you’ll see in the pictures.

It’s a 130-square-foot design meant to be built onto a 7’x18′ trailer. To date, we’ve featured numerous builds that have used the same plans which you can check out at the bottom of this page.

So yes – the Fencl is definitely a popular tiny home design to build and live in. So, without further adieu, here’s Collin & Joanna’s beautiful self-built tiny home…

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Collin and Joanna’s Beautiful Self-built Tumbleweed Fencl Tiny House

Couple's Self-Built Tiny House: They Sold It After Starting a Family

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Luscious, isn’t it? Wait until you go inside.. They spared no expense when it came to making this a lovely home to live in.

Collin and Joanna's Gorgeous Fencl Tiny House for Sale

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Living Room View Inside Gorgeous Fencl Tiny Home

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Ikea Chair in Living Room at Collin and Joanna's Tumbleweed Fencl Tiny House

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Dickenson Fireplace inside Lush Tiny House

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Lighting and Cathedral Ceiling in Tiny House Living Room

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Kitchen and Shelving inside Fencl Tiny Home

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Kitchen Close Up of Beautiful Fencl Tiny House

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Shower in Tiny House

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Bathroom Storage and Mirror Inside Tiny Home on Wheels

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Composting Toilet in Tiny House

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

Collin and Joanna's Fencl Tiny House

Photo Credit OurWeeHouse.com

This tiny house has long since been sold!

But it isn’t it awesome how this tiny home served this young couple?

I wonder how the couple is doing these days…

They started a family, remember?

I hope they’re doing great!

And I can’t help but wonder about what the tiny house is up to, also… 🤔

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Source: http://ourweehouse.com/ (Link is now expired)

Updated March 19, 2019

This post contains affiliate links.

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{ 16 comments… add one }
  • Collin
    August 9, 2012, 12:11 pm

    Thank you so much for featuring us 🙂 Massif complement.

    • Alex
      August 9, 2012, 4:14 pm

      Thanks, Collin. And congratulations 🙂 Wishing you guys the very best. Alex

    • Ramona
      October 3, 2012, 11:32 pm

      Congratulations Collin on your new addition! Your tiny home is lovely. Have you sold it yet?


  • Garth
    August 11, 2012, 2:48 pm


  • Devon
    August 11, 2012, 2:58 pm

    Hey Alex,
    I really enjoy all the Tiny House posts, and may have missed it, but have you done a post where you covered the options to park a tiny home? Here in VT, the land is horridly expensive to buy,
    and I’d love more coverage of how folks are dealing with the “where-to-put-it” issue. I like to put down roots (gardens), you see….

    • Alex
      September 26, 2012, 6:57 pm

      Hi Devon,

      We have two places where we talk about this (see the comments too)



      Hope this helps!


    • Susie M
      May 4, 2013, 9:26 am

      Hey Devon,
      I have a bit over 5 acres in Mendon, just below Killington. It’s the last parcel on a private dead end dirt road off rt 4, where the bus goes from Killington to Rutland and back almost hourly.
      I’m struggling to pay my mortgage and want to move into a tiny house and rent out my regular one. I can’t afford to buy a tiny house, and don’t think I could build one on my own, but would love to barter space for building. By the way, I have started gardens, and have chickens that give me wonderful gifts each day..mmmm yummy. There are lots of berry bushes and wild strawberries. My land gets plenty of sun, and I’ve been wanting to build a strawberry tower, just had some health problems lately, so I need a bit of help. I would really like to start a tiny house community where we all have something to offer each other. I am a terrific cook, I sew, knit and crochet, and know how to make natural salves, remedies, tinctures, and deodorants etc. I also bake bread, and make yogurt. What do you think?

      • Devon
        May 6, 2013, 5:49 pm

        Hi Susie,
        I am interested in your idea. But (and it’s a big one) my hubby is the one with the “official” job right now, and it’s in Winooski. Your area is too much of a commute for him what with wear and tear on our car and gas costs, unfortunately. I am, however, taking your reply as a sign that we are opening doors, and that’s a good thing! I also sew, knit, crochet, make dolls, wall quilts, love to bake and garden, and really enjoy the feeling of learning how to and then building some thing myself. There are two trailer frames (from old mobile homes) just down the road from us from a Hurricane-Irene-flooded-out trailer sales place and I drive by them and imagine building on them all the time. Having worked in weatherization for about a year and a half, I learned lots about making a sound, tight little home. But like you are finding out, mortgages are a bear, and this economy is making it hard to save as well. We are currently living in a trailer that dates from the 1980’s and needs tons of work and is on state-owned land where they get upset when you put in a garden (not that that’s stopped me:) but at least we can get by financially vs renting at astronomical prices with no land and no pets allowed. And we are learning to fix it up as we can afford to, so there’s experience galore. Built my first set of wide wooden outdoor stairs last summer and they came out great, yay!
        Your land sounds so beautiful, and I know that area is nice. I hope you find folks who can be in your area to build the community with you! If you would like, and Alex is ok with it, you could email me and keep me updated on your project. I’d love to see it. Alex, is there a way you could send Susie my email without me having to post it here? Thanks!!!

  • Jim Leach
    September 26, 2012, 9:47 am

    Do you have anything resembles a medieval house that will fit on a trailer?

  • lee
    May 7, 2013, 3:23 pm

    what about living in one in winter in ontrio thanks lee what about black tank and gray water in winter

  • Amanda
    May 13, 2013, 7:36 am

    Have you sold your house yet?? I love it!!

  • Kent
    June 30, 2014, 5:46 pm

    Guessing its sold due to the lack of response.

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