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Couple Build 704 Sq. Ft. Cabin That ‘Fits Like a Glove’

This is the story of a couple who decided instead of trying to find the home of their dreams, they would design and build the perfect cabin that would fit them like a glove! And that’s exactly what they did. At first, they considered going tiny, but they decided that it wouldn’t work out for them long-term. Very smart! “While we admire the people who live in tiny homes, we need a bit more room,” says the couple.

So they designed and built this perfect little 704-square-foot cabin on a foundation with a wonderful covered porch area. I just love it! Their goal was to cut their bills, become more energy efficient, and reduce cleaning and maintenance. Pretty smart, don’t you think?

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Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly!🙏

Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly! Images © SimplyHomeNC.com

Images © SimplyHomeNC

Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly! Images © SimplyHomeNC.com Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly! Images © SimplyHomeNC.com Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly! Images © SimplyHomeNC.com Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly! Images © SimplyHomeNC.com Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly! Images © SimplyHomeNC.com Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly! Images © SimplyHomeNC.com Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly! Images © SimplyHomeNC.com Couple design/build a 704-square-foot cabin that fits them perfectly! Images © SimplyHomeNC.com

Images © SimplyHomeNC

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  • Avatar Doris

    How charming! Very happy for you. What great views and love that porch! Great use of space, no claustrophobia here, and the windows are wonderful. Looks like a wonderful place for family gatherings.

    • Thank You. The windows are incredibly important to making the home feel much bigger than it is. We knew we had to splurge on that line item.

  • Avatar Cahow

    Exceptional design! It looks VASTLY larger than the 704 sq.ft. And to quote Doris, “..no claustrophobia HERE..”, which is what I suffer from, greatly.

    Wally and Shawna did a bang up job on the design and their website is a rich source of information on their philosophy and themselves. LOVE the eaves bedroom!!! I had one identical to that on my Grandparent’s farm and was enchanted with the deeply sloping ceilings; I so loved that bedroom!

    I don’t know why it looks “tropical” to me; I had to really search to find out that it’s in North Carolina. Flawless execution and “Thank You” for building your home with the amount of square footage that YOU need, rather than caving into the more radical tiny house people that want to put strict limits on “What Qualifies as “true” Tiny House Living!” Just what we don’t need: more rules and pigeon holing of people, truth be told.

    • Thank You for all the comments. We thought long and hard about what space we needed and built what works for us. Everything is relative and if a truly “tiny” house works for someone that is great. If someone can downsize from 3000 sq ft to 1600, that’s great too. If everyone lessens their impact, it benefits all of us.

  • Avatar Lisa E.

    This is probably the first “cabin” I’ve ever really liked. It has everything from screened-in porch to laundry room. Would make a fabulous retreat for writers and lovers. I don’t really think it’s a “Tiny House”; more like a small house, but nicely done and the natural surroundings are a big plus.

    • Some like to say that under 800 is a “tiny” house but I don’t quite agree with that. This is a mansion compared to one of those. We could stack several of them in here. If we lived in a tiny house, we would be stepping on one of our 5 pets every minute.

  • Avatar liz n.

    This one just became my favorite little house shown on this website! GREAT design!!

  • Avatar allen patin

    Wonderful use of space and contemporary design. Where can we find out more info please?

  • Avatar Jamie

    My husband and I are going to be downsizing in a couple of years, and this looks perfect for our needs. We have been looking at park model homes, but really would like a little more space for our family to visit comfortably.
    We will have to work within a strict budget. Can we get a ballpark figure of cost on this beautiful cabin?

    • Here in NC I can build this house, just as we did for ours, for about $115K. Depending on where you are and what finishes you want the price will vary, possibly a lot.

      • Avatar Karen Cotton

        Awesome! I love this design. I am looking for a small but not tiny quality houseplan and I love this one. Land????

  • Avatar Sarah

    This is truly gorgeous, maximizing on the views. My favorite though has got to be the stairs which also function as bookshelves. Genius!

  • Avatar Janice S.

    Love the bookcase stairs ….. one less piece of furniture to mess with!!!

  • Avatar Sarah

    This is great! I keep looking for small homes that have potential for a family (we have 3 kids) and this has given me all sorts of ideas. Thanks for posting the floor plans.

  • Avatar Enrique A. Cancino

    My wife and I are constantly looking for efficient designs in homes that are smaller than 1600 sqft and don’t like too many of the ones we see and never in the size of this home, ever! What I love about the layout is that it can be finished in so many different ways, inside and out, but also the effective use of space is magnificent. It’s not a home for everyone, but it can easily be made “yours” with unique little touches in the finish and paint, both inside and out. Thanks for showing us the way Mr. and Mrs. Hughes!

    • Avatar SONIA SALAZAR

      I’m sorry but I seen your last name that is Cancino. My last name before getting married is Cancino. Maybe we are related some how. My last name comes from my mother’s side. We are famous we’re we live currently because we are all musicians meaning my uncles play every instrument.

  • Avatar Lynnette

    This is very nice. Spacious to the point of head room moving around yet small enough to take care of. Very nice!!

  • Avatar Kate

    Don’t know how I missed this the first time around. This is nearly perfect. A home AND a vacation stay. Light and airy, practical, and still large enough for a dozen folks or so to come visit for the day/evening without feeling closed in.
    I think the one thing that impressed me was the water closet off the downstairs bedroom. With this place, the grandkids could come and have an adventure up in the loft.

  • Avatar Kelly Libert

    Love, love, love that huge screened in porch.

  • Avatar Trish

    LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I absolutely love the bookcase stairs with the closed storage space. Looks like 50 to 75 books in there. This is definitely going in my idea file.

  • Avatar Susanne

    Very nice! Too rich for my blood, though… My house of a little over 2,000 sq ft was $130,000 when purchased it… So for now we enjoy the extra room…

  • Avatar Marcy

    Coveting, coveting.

  • Avatar Merryl

    This is very nice. I too love the bookcase stairs. And the bedroom. The one thing I would change is to bring the two kitchen walls closer together. Maybe use the rest of the space for a study or something. My grandfather built himself the most charming little office with a window, under the stairs.

    • Avatar Chel

      Merryl I thought it was a long way to carry water from the sink to the cooker. I like the space they have though. Fitting the sink into the same cabinet run as the cooker would take care of amenities. Then a mobile kitchen island with prep space and cupboards would allow for flexibility. Putting a study space where the sink currently is would help to avoid distraction but still have the open feel. The floor space can be freed up when needed.

  • Avatar vee

    Great job! Very, very nice!

  • Avatar ROSEE

    This TH has a great layout. An interesting contrast with the landscape. Very nice!

  • I am absolutely enthralled with the Tiny Home movement! However, in Ohio it is rather limited! I do not want to do a THOW, and so seeing this 704sqft cabin is truly an inspiration! LOVED IT! It would be a perfect fit if I were able to find a place in Ohio that I could build. I would really like to talk to someone about what this project entailed, as far as costs and time line if possible!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      I’m so glad you found something you like 🙂 In some areas something like this that is over 400 sq. ft. can be built legally with normal permits! The couple has an email listed on their website, so you could get in touch! http://www.simplyhomenc.com/

  • Avatar DebD

    Those bookcase stairs have to be the best idea I’ve seen in quite awhile!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      They are super great 🙂

  • Avatar Kathy

    Another beautifully designed small home!!

  • Avatar Patricia Chang

    Lovely home. Lovely view.

  • Avatar susan

    Beautiful home. Beautiful location. Winner!

  • Avatar Nancy

    Amazing!!! Love it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      So glad you like it!


    Not bad…!

  • Avatar Vicki F.

    Love the floor plan and the main floor bedroom.

  • Avatar Rusty

    Love this small home especially the floors, porch, and utility room.

  • Avatar Shirley

    I love the small spare sleeping area. I would love sleeping on that screened in porch. What a beautiful tiny home. I’d like to see a small soaking tub in that roomy shower though. Does anyone know where to purchase those tiny soaking tubs?

  • Avatar Joseph

    Wow! Very lovely home and what a gorgeous view! The side of the building with so many windows is a great way to keep the house bright.

    • Natalie C. McKee Natalie C. McKee

      Yes! Love the windows.

  • Avatar Gail

    really love this. Lots of room, light and beautiful backyard. Where is this place?
    Very very well done. Love it.

  • Avatar Susie

    Love this place!

  • Avatar Sherry

    Almost perfect for me, only one thing I would add somehow, a fireplace for winter time, curling up in front of a fire with the winter snow outside makes for heaven for me. I just love this house and the staircase is so thoughtful use of space. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Avatar Kathi Edge

    Almost perfect for me also. If I were to borrow this design, I would probably rework the kitchen layout and add the beloved fireplace or wood stove. Great size and use of space tho!

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