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Highway Hoosiers Debt Free Bus Conversion 20

They Went Debt-free With a Bus Conversion

Nowell and Lauren didn’t choose bus life because they had to — they wanted the chance to see the country before they hit retirement age (and might not have the health to make that feasible). So the couple sold their home and used the money to purchase and renovate their gorgeous bus tiny house. Now [...]

Couple Spent 60 Days & $25K on Their Airstream Conversion 3

Couple Transforms A Vintage Airstream into Gorgeous Tiny Home

Today, we’re super excited to let you read Allison & James’ super-detailed story — there’s no need for my commentary! Grab yourself a cup of coffee, and I’ll let Allison take it from here… We are a couple from opposite sides of the world (Newfoundland and Australia) building a life together in a teeny-tiny 160 [...]

youtu.be-BIZorMuD0vE (57)

Building his Dream Tiny House for Under $8,000

This is the story of David Rule and how he’s building his dream tiny house for less than $8,000. He started by buying a used car hauler trailer along with whatever tools he needed and he just started getting to work and learning as he went. The result? His very own self-built, affordable tiny home [...]

Single Mom & Empty Nester’s DIY Ambulance Conversion

Empty Nester’s DIY Ambulance Conversion

Paula, a single mom, owns a 5-bedroom home. Her son was just about to leave the house, and she realized the transition into empty-nesting was going to be really hard on her. She ended up down the #vanlife rabbit hole and found herself intrigued. Thankfully, her younger brother helped push her to pursue her dream [...]

Social Worker’s Self-Designed Tiny Home in Houston 6

Her 384-sq.-ft., Tall Loft Tiny House in Houston

Laura, a social worker in the Houston area, designed and built this gorgeous 384 sq. ft. tiny house with a covered porch. She chose such a calming color palette for the interior, which makes it a true retreat from the rest of the world! The bedroom loft is extra tall, keeping it from feeling claustrophobic [...]

Enjoying Wheelchair-Accessible VAN life! 2

Enjoying Wheelchair-Accessible VAN Life!

What an inspirational couple! When neurological issues forced Tanya to retire early, she started looking at #vanlife. Her husband, Derec, is in a wheelchair and didn’t think it would be possible to adjust to life on the road or get a vehicle that met his needs. With the help of the VA, the couple got [...]

Doggie Foster Mom’s 2019 Ford Transit Build Out

Doggie Mom’s 2019 Ford Transit Van Life

This is the story of Casey and her four-season 2019 Ford Transit camper van build, where she lives tiny and travels with her dogs. Casey has always had van life brewing in the back of her mind, and when the pandemic hit, the timing seemed ideal. She designed her 2019 Ford Transit tiny home by [...]

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