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Secret Shower in Their DIY Van Conversion 4

Secret Shower in Their DIY Van Conversion

Nate and Maud might be one of the most adorable couples we’ve seen before! After meeting in Thailand just before the world shut down and then getting married so they could stay together, the couple chose to build out a van and hit the road with their full-time remote jobs. And they have no intentions [...]

Louie the Hiace 9

Louie the Hiace: Bright & Beachy Van Conversion

One of the things I love about Sunshine Coast Van Fit Outs is the use of large drawers, rather than open space, in the garage area. It can be a challenge to crawl under the bed to find what you’ve stored down there, so the drawers allow you to see everything and access it easily! [...]

Margo the Commuter Queensland Van Fit Out 6

Margo the Commuter: Queensland Van Fit Out

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Sunshine Coast Van Fit Outs in Queensland, Australia. They do gorgeous professional van conversions that are bright, beachy, and ingenious. This is their latest build called “Margo the Commuter.” Margo features one of the cleverest designs I’ve seen in a van, with a full pull-out kitchen that includes [...]

Mike’s 3rd Military Overlander Conversion 5

Mike’s 3rd Military Overlander Conversion

Long before #vanlife or tiny living were Instagram-worthy pursuits, Mike was in Africa living out of an overlander. He has converted 3 separate rigs of his own since then, using them to travel all over — and he loves waking up in his own bed with his own things no matter where he goes. This [...]

Airport Workers 4×4 Overland Storyteller Beast Mode 3

Airport Worker’s 4×4 Overland Storyteller Beast Mode

Joseph’s brother had been living in a van, and Joseph wanted to get on that bandwagon. So, he rented out his house on Airbnb and bought a Storyteller van that he now lives in full-time! He also works full-time at the local Airport, so his van is both his commuting vehicle and his home on [...]

Ford Transit 3500 4×4 with Lift Bed and Kitchen 006

4×4 Ford Transit 3500 Camper with Lift-Bed

This is a 4×4, 2020 Ford Transit 3500 camper with a lift-bed. It’s listed for $87,000 out of Orange, Virginia. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny homes, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more!  Ford Transit 3500 Conversion with Lift-Bed and Kitchenette The kitchen in the van has a microwave, magnetic [...]

Family’s Van Conversion with Basketball Hoop! 2

Family’s Van Conversion with Basketball Hoop!

This adorable family started their nomadic lifestyle in a bus — but it was too big for them! Originally, the couple was looking for freedom, tired of working tirelessly to afford rent in LA. Then they traded the bus for a minivan and absolutely loved traveling and the lower cost of living. With their daughter [...]

Seth’s Pine Cabin Van Conversion 3

His Pine Cabin Van Conversion

Seth was tired of paying crazy money in California to have crazy roommates. So he decided to save up some money and then jump into #vanlife instead! His pine-clad Sprinter interior features a micro kitchen with a removable stove top and a bench seating set up that converts to a bed when he wants it. [...]

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4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 10

Bohdivan 4×4 Blue Grey 2021 Sprinter w/ Archway & Plaster-Style Walls

This is probably the first time we’ve seen an archway inside a van conversion, and Bohdivan does it well! They use lime paint to create a plaster-style texture all around an arched feature wall that separates the living/kitchen area from the bedroom. The result is truly stunning! This van is brimming with features, from the [...]

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Check out Her Overlander 4×4 Truck Camper with Batwing Awning. 3

Her Overlander 4×4 Truck Camper has a Batwing Awning

Cristin calls herself the “Badass Brunette” on social media, and you’ll see why after watching this video tour of her Overlander 4×4 Truck Camper that she’s been living in for the past year. Originally, living full-time on the road was only going to be a temporary adventure, but by putting herself out there, Cristin was [...]

She Works 4 10 on the Road in Her Almost-Perfect Van. 3

Working Full-Time on the Road in Her Ford Transit Van Conversion

Back in high school, Alexandria dreamed of van life and travel via her Pinterest board, but it took the events of 2020, a job change, and a lot of gusto to get her to sell her vehicle and purchase her Ford Transit that she now calls home! Alexandria isn’t afraid to be honest about the [...]

35-Year-Old Gives Up Corporate Job for VanLife 2

35-Year-Old Gives Up Corporate Job for VanLife

Like so many other Americans, Heidi was trapped in the 9 to 5, working hard to climb the ladder and get ahead. But when she started listening to van life and travel podcasts, she quickly realized that her life was never-changing, and she felt stuck. So, she quit her job and bought a van! Her [...]

This Itty Bitty Camper Van Belongs to the Cutest Couple 3

Couple’s Micro Campervan Conversion

There’s tiny. And then there’s tiny. Nici & Max are the proud owners of one of an itty bitty camper van that they’ve beautifully and creatively converted into a tiny house with everything they need. Believe it or not, it has two living room configurations, in addition to its bedroom set-up. The couple loved going [...]

Murphy Bed & Amazing Storage in Freelancer’s Awesome Van 2

Murphy Bed & Amazing Storage in Freelancer’s Awesome Van

Laurén might just have the best of both worlds — she owns her own little farmhouse in South Carolina where she stays during the nice weather, and when winter hits, she hops in her converted Ram Promaster to chase the sun. Her variety of remote work both for her family’s business and Tiny Home Tours [...]

ProMaster Camper by Challenger Vans 001

Multi-functional ProMaster Conversion by Challenger Vans

This is a 2021 ProMaster conversion by Challenger Vans. It’s built on a Ram ProMaster 1500 136 wheelbase van with 2WD and features a unique multi-functional layout. This Challenger Van seems to have everything you can imagine for full-time van life! What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting vans like this, join our Free [...]

From Bus Conversion to Van Life in Their Ford Transit 2

They Went from Bus Life to Van Life

When Kels and Jay first went tiny, they converted a large bus into an awesome tiny house. Kels said that was largely for her — she couldn’t imagine downsizing any further into a van. But after two years of #buslife, she realized she didn’t need that much! So they sold the bus and converted a [...]

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Canada to Panama and Back in ProMaster with Murphy Bed 3

Canada to Panama and Back in ProMaster with Murphy Bed

Anne-So and JP met in university and later started dating. It was their New Zealand road-tripping in a rental van that made them fall in love with vanlife, but JP wasn’t quite sold on selling all their stuff, quitting their jobs, and moving into a van full-time — at first! Thankfully, he came around, and [...]

Their High-Tech Professionally Built Promaster. 2

Their High-Tech, Professionally-Built ProMaster Van Conversion

Rocio and Gabe were enjoying their lives in Puerto Rico before a hurricane forced them to move back stateside. They were struggling to pick just one city to make their new home, but #vanlife seemed like a great solution — they could experience a number of places before settling down. While they are both somewhat [...]

Colin’s Short Bus With Rooftop Deck 3

Colin’s Short Bus With Rooftop Deck

What better way to find your future home than by traveling the whole country? That’s what former manager Colin is doing in his 2003 Ford E350 Short Bus conversion. Tired of his high-paced life in San Francisco, he purchased and converted the bus to meet his unique needs. He ramped up his solar, so he [...]

Her Van with a Skylight & Lazy Susan 3

Her Van with a Skylight & Lazy Susan

Sarah was familiar with #vanlife when she graduated from college and settled into her 9-5 job, but the work routine finally convinced her that an alternative life was the right choice. She expected to do the conversion by herself, but it turned out her mother was very excited about the adventure and jumped all-in with [...]

Enjoying Wheelchair-Accessible VAN life! 2

Enjoying Wheelchair-Accessible VAN Life!

What an inspirational couple! When neurological issues forced Tanya to retire early, she started looking at #vanlife. Her husband, Derec, is in a wheelchair and didn’t think it would be possible to adjust to life on the road or get a vehicle that met his needs. With the help of the VA, the couple got [...]

boho.life Laverne 7

Laverne Stealth Van Conversion from Boho Vans for $89,000

Fall is an underrated time of year for road trips. If you’re in the right places in the country, you can enjoy gorgeous foliage and unmatched views — especially with a camper van! Laverne is one of the latest of boho.life’s van conversions that will be ready to pick up in October. Just in time [...]

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Nurse & Teacher Take 6 Months Off for Baja Van Life 2

Nurse & Teacher Take 6 Months Off for Baja Van Life

This nurse & teacher couple were burnt out after COVID did a number to their professions — so they decided to take a sabbatical in Baja — in a van! Their DIY promaster is just lovely, with a long countertop for cooking and a huge picture window to let in the sunlight. They have a [...]

Shirley The Silver Promaster For Sale 7

Shirley The Silver Promaster For Sale

Here’s yet another boho.life van that you can make your own! If you are still planning your van life adventure and need to (or can) hold off until September, their rig “Shirley” could be for you! These professionaly-built-out vans are gorgeous and have had a previous life as rental vacation vans. They come with everything [...]

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