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36×10 Rambler Deluxe

Sweet Melissa: 36×10 Rambler Deluxe Tiny House

The latest custom build from Indigo River Tiny Homes defies the odds with an incredible King-Sized loft that you can stand up in! I really think stand-up lofts are the best of both worlds. Not only can you comfortably get dressed in your room, you double your floor space by being able to tuck a [...]

Urban Park Max 8

Urban Park Max: Ultra Modern Park Model Tiny Home by Tru Form Tiny

While “modern farmhouse” is all the rage in design these days, Tru Form Tiny also caters to those who want a more urban design for their tiny homes. The Urban Park Max is 37×10 and features a minimalist exterior, shed-style roof, and oodles of windows. There’s a downstairs bedroom with walls of windows to let [...]

26′ Tiny House NOAH Certified 2

26 Foot Double Loft Tiny House: NOAH Certified

While lofts still aren’t the most popular choice among tiny home buyers, their ability to provide ample first-floor space to a living room, kitchen and bathroom still makes them a good option in shorter/smaller THOWs. You’ll see that in this beautifully-crafted tiny home for sale in Texas. The NOAH-certified home is 26 feet long and [...]

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Teton Timbercraft Tiny Homes 2

New Beachy Teton by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

A few months ago, Timbercraft Tiny Homes released their newest model, the Teton. Well, here’s another iteration of that model with a beachy interior feel. It has washed-out wood tones and blue-grey cabinetry. There’s a first-floor bedroom with lots of storage and beautiful high ceilings, as well as a loft bedroom/bonus space over the bathroom. [...]

Rebecca’s 10×30 20

Rebecca’s 10×30 THOW with Standing Room Loft

While loft bedrooms can be unpractical, the lofts that MitchCraft has been putting in their THOWs are a perfect compromise: There’s a landing where you can stand to get ready and put away clothes, and then a platform for the bed that’s more of a true “loft.” But this lovely home has more than a [...]

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Lisa’s 30×10 Tiny Home 22

Her Cozy 10×30 MitchCraft Tiny House

While we see a lot of bright white farmhouse tiny houses these days, Lisa bucked the tide by choosing an ultra-cozy color palette for her MitchCraft Tiny House on Wheels! Moody dark wood tones, warm stone colors, and striking custom windows make this a tiny home you’ll want to admire again and again. Yes, it [...]

Milanda Tiny House with Home Office 16

His Full Time Tiny House with a Home Office

The Milanda tiny house from Baluchon is their latest beautiful build designed for owner, Philippe. Since remote work has become a normal part of his life, he asked for a dedicated office space. They tucked a desk under the staircase and separated it from the rest of the home with a wooden partition. His bedroom [...]