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Simple Living

Tiny Tahoma Couple’s Home w Ground Floor Bedroom & 2 lofts

Couple’s Tiny House With A Bedroom And Two Flush Rooms

Anna & Nick had this adorable tiny house, which they call “Tiny Tahoma,” built for them by Mint Tiny Homes. They came to Acony Bell Tiny Home Community not long ago and are loving the people who live there and of course, tiny living. You’ve never seen a tiny house layout quite like theirs! They [...]

Potter’s Tiny House w Studio in Community 4

Potter’s Community Tiny House With A Studio

M was one of the first 5 long-term tiny homes that rolled into Acony Bell Tiny Home Community in North Carolina. Her lot abuts two winding creeks on the 56 acres in the community and features not only her professionally-built THOW but her pottery studio as well. She’s a professional artist and sells her pottery [...]

Family of 3 Paid off $200K in Debt Living in 5th Wheel! 2

Family of 3 Paid off $200K in Debt Living in 5th Wheel!

Not only does living in an RV provide this family with the chance to see the country and explore with their adorable son, Aiden, it has given them the freedom to pay off $200,000 in debt in just 18 months! That’s astounding! They chose a spacious 5th wheel for their adventure that is packed with [...]

Bougie Builds – Couple’s Vanbuild Business 3

Bougie Builds – Couple’s Vanbuild Business

Chris and Bobby met soon after Chris sold her Florida home. The couple wanted to travel together internationally, but the pandemic sidetracked those plans. Before they knew it they were dreaming of a van! While they still have a “home base,” they spent nearly 2 months on the road together in their van travelling the [...]

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Bicyclists Spend Two Years Creating Awesome Bus Home 7

Bicyclists Spend Two Years Creating $28K Bus Home

Vanessa and Braden loved camping and taking overnight bicycling trips, but wanted an option that would allow them a better nights’ sleep and to travel further. They stumbled upon the skoolie community and were hooked! They’d never built anything before, but with the help of Braden’s dad and two long years of effort, they created [...]

Gamer’s Park Model Tiny Home in Austin 2

Gamer’s Park Model Tiny Home in Austin

Vandila was ready to make the “next step” and get out of apartment living, but the housing market in Austin was crazy and she hated the thought of jumping into so much debt and not getting a great deal. Plus, she didn’t think she needed all the space a full home would offer. That’s when [...]

Huge Bus Home w Musical Horn & Side Door Access

Couple’s Tour Bus Tiny Home Conversion

Sure older buses can have plenty of mechanical downsides, but you might also get a musical horn that plays 99 different tunes! Hannah and Cody got that lovely surprise when they started renovating their bus pre-pandemic. Unfortunately, they got scammed by some bus-builders who never built out their bus, so they had to go the [...]

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