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Early Retirement in Tiny Home Community

Early Retirement in Tiny House Community

When Cheryl retired 11 years ago, she lived in a 1,400-square-foot home. She had raised her son as a single mom and was ready for something new. She knew the only way she could afford a tiny house would be to DIY it, so she found a workshop with Incredible Tiny Homes. There, they built [...]

Retired Nurse Traveling in DIY ProMaster 223

Retired Nurse Traveling in Purple ProMaster

This retired nurse has been traveling in her gorgeous purple ProMaster and loves her new, adventurous lifestyle! She said she wants her van to feel like the 14-year-old’s bedroom she never had — and it’s just that and more. The house meets all her needs, with tons of storage, a hidden toilet, and a swivel chair [...]

Retired Transit Drivers in Skoolie

Retirement in their Bus Conversion

Doug and Mindy had been bus drivers and subway operators up until retiring. Nothing had been handed to them; they weren’t wealthy: they had no construction experience — but they knew traveling the continent in a converted bus was their dream! So they found a transit bus at auction and began converting it. The bus [...]

Yoga Teacher’s Gorgeous New Zealand Tiny Home

Yoga Teacher’s Gorgeous New Zealand Tiny Home

Glenice is an energy healer and yoga instructor who has moved around New Zealand her whole life, and wasn’t quite sure where to settle. A tiny house was an obvious choice, giving her the freedom to take it where life takes her! She chose a custom-built tiny house by a local builder, which is about [...]

The ultimate van build: Wilford's Nissan NV2500 cabin on wheels

Nomadic Van Life in his Nissan NV2500 That’s Built Like a Cabin

He transformed a Nissan NV2500 van into his personal cabin on wheels, tailored perfectly to his unique requirements. The moment you slide open the van door, you’ll quickly realize that this is far from an ordinary vehicle. It boasts a bespoke wooden entryway equipped with screen doors, effectively warding off Florida’s pesky mosquitoes. For the [...]

Single Level Retirement Tiny Home

Single-Level Retirement Tiny Home in Colorado Village

Ken and Laurel were retiring and wanted to simplify their lives, but also wanted a custom home that met all their needs and design tastes. They found the Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Tiny Homes and worked with Ricky to design a Gooseneck THOW that’s perfect for them. The house has a huge kitchen with full-sized appliances, [...]

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Couple’s $7K Montana Cabin

Retired Couple’s $7K Montana Cabin

Below, Kevin and Elizabeth take us on a tour of their 420-square-foot cabin in the Montana woods that they built as a guest house for just $7,000! While yes, it was started and completed before the lumber price boom of 2020, it’s still an impressively low figure for such a beautiful, well-finished cabin. They kept [...]