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Orlando Lakefront Tiny House Community 1

1950s RV Park Turned to Beautiful Tiny House Village in Florida!

Adam worked as a stonemason for 20 years and thought there had to be more to life. He purchased a dilapidated 50s RV park in Orlando, Florida, and started fixing it when someone asked if they could park a tiny house there. After talking to the powers-that-be, he was able to get tiny homes approved [...]

Canadian Millionare Building a Tiny House Community in Canada 4

Canadian Millionare Building a Tiny House Community for Unhoused

The unhoused population in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where millionaire Marcel LeBrun lives, has been a growing problem for years. When LeBrun sold his start-up company, he decided to solve the problem himself — by building 99 permanent homes for his city. While he admits he could easily fill 200 homes, he thinks it’s a step [...]

Catskills TIny House Workshop 2

Catskills Tiny House Workshop October 20 & 21

The Catskills Tiny House Workshop, two hours northwest of NYC, is having another two-day class on October 20 & 21 —teaching people how to design, move, and oversee-the-building of their own small house. The $495 fee (there are couple’s and group discounts) includes accommodations in three different tiny houses, all meals, sample blueprints, sample written [...]

Durango, Colorda Tiny House Community w an Island! 55

Colorado Tiny House Community with an Island!

Looking for a spot to park your tiny house? This amazing community in Durango, Colorado might be the perfect spot. It welcomes tiny homes of all kinds (including container homes) and even has larger mobile home spaces for park models. The coolest feature of this village is the private island that residents can use as [...]

Tiny House Magazine Issue 126 by Kent Griswold

Sharing the Tiny House Lifestyle: Tiny House Magazine Issue #126

Welcome back, tiny house enthusiasts! Alex here, your friendly neighborhood tiny house blogger from Tiny House Talk. Today, I’m thrilled to present the latest issue of Tiny House Magazine, Issue #126, curated by the renowned Kent Griswold. This edition is packed with captivating articles that explore the diverse aspects of tiny house living. Let’s delve [...]


Bluff Street Village: Building a Tiny Home Community in Toledo

In Toledo, Ohio, a small village is making a big impact on its community. Bluff Street Village, a project initiated by the Monroe Street Neighborhood Center, has recently welcomed six new tiny homes into its fold. These compact dwellings, spanning only 400 square feet each, may be small in size, but they bring about significant [...]


Third Annual Tennessee Tiny House Music Festival: August 20-21

This is to let you know about the upcoming Third Annual Tennessee Tiny House Music Festival. It’s happening August 20-21, 2022 (Saturday & Sunday 10 am to 5 pm) and hosted by United Tiny House. This is a festival in the truest sense. Tiny houses, skoolies, vardos, DIYs, professional builds, and private-home owners. PLUS… workshops, [...]