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Her Truck Camper Running on Giant Dakota Lithium Power Grid 2

Her 4×4 Truck Camper Lifestyle

Valerie worked in the Navy as a Corpsman and got married — and divorced — young. What some people might have expected to upend her life instead jumpstarted the best parts of it! She left the Navy, bought a small travel trailer, and started her solo adventures. Eventually, she got an awesome gig with Dakota [...]

Their 18-Wheeler Tiny Home For Retirement. 4

Retirement in their 73-Foot 18-Wheeler Not-So-Tiny Home

Clayton and Theresa had a long-time dream of traveling once they hit retirement. It took nearly 6 years to build out their dream rig, which is an 18-wheeler-turned-not-so-tiny home! This luxury conversion cost somewhere between $200-$250K, but for this couple, it was worth every penny. This nomadic set-up has space for a jet-ski, motorcycle, and [...]

10 Years Sober in his Uhaul Tiny Home Conversion 2

10 Years Sober in His Uhaul Tiny Home Conversion

James was excited to be sober, but he was facing homelessness again due to rent issues. That’s when he found a UHaul and spent a whole year watching YouTube videos to help him convert it into his own home. He really prioritized a comfortable bathroom and plenty of water storage. He has a standard 32×32 [...]

Florry The Lorry Empty-Nesters DIY Build 16

Building a Dream on Wheels: The Incredible DIY Box Truck Tiny House Built for Just £30K

Catherine and Chris have been living nomadically in their lorry (box truck) conversion for four years and are loving the freedom and functionality it offers them. “Florry the Lorry” is quite spacious (for a tiny house), and is covered in honey-colored wood that gives it a warm cottage feel. They have a wet bath, fixed [...]

Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chasis 3

Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chassis

Mr. Wolf originally convinced his wife into a skoolie conversion, so long as he built it out like a home. But after some trips, they realized it couldn’t get them where they wanted to go! So Mr. Wolf had an idea – build a 4×4 Overlanding rig on a Humvee chassis. Using aluminum and marine-grade [...]

Party Box Truck Conversion w Elevator Bed 4

Party Box Truck Conversion w/ Elevator Bed

Mark had been doing van life for years when he met Marina and ended up moving into a house with her. Cue the lockdowns of 2020 and both of them were ready to get out! So they built out a van, then another van, and eventually this incredible box truck that doubles as party central [...]

Elfie The Craigslist-Created Box Truck 2

Elfie: The Craigslist-Created Box Truck

When you’re doing a build on a budget, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are amazing resources, as Courtney and Sawyer will tell you. They relied heavily on deals for reclaimed materials that created their awesome box truck home. This adorable couple wanted to get into vanlife as soon as they were done with college and had [...]