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Box Truck Tiny House in Las Vegas 001

Stealth Box Truck Tiny House with Unique Rear Deck

This is a box truck tiny house for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s built out of a 2007 Mitsubishi Fuso FE 140 with 220,000 miles currently on the odometer and offered for $65,000 over at Conversion Trader (now sold). Have you ever considered a box truck conversion? Check it out and learn more below! [...]

Thier High-Tech Almost-Perfect Truck Tiny Home 5

Their High-Tech Box Truck Tiny House

Nico & Jona are on their third tiny house on wheels, and by now they knew exactly what they needed to make their truck tiny home nearly perfect. Learning from past builds, they got this one professionally-designed by Nico’s brother-in-law (an architect) and it really shows! Plus, they chose to splurge on all kinds of [...]

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Tall Couple Design and Build Their Own Motorhome

Scott and Susan Burbank are a retired couple who decided to build their own Freightliner motorhome because, at 6’8″ tall, Scott simply couldn’t be comfortable in most standardized motorhomes. So they acquired a retired semi-truck and spent 14 months converting it into their dream home on wheels. The truck was originally just an empty shell [...]

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Couple’s Cozy Box Truck w Elevator Bed 3

Couple’s Cozy Box Truck w/ Lift Bed

Sawyer was going for a run when he had a sudden heart attack. Thankfully, some firefighters found Sawyer and immediately got him the help he needed. That experience was the catalyst that sent him and Courtney on tiny living journey. They watched Craigslist for a while until an inexpensive, local box truck popped up. They [...]

His DIY Flatbed Camper w Desk Nook & Disco Ball

His Self-Built Flatbed Tiny House has a Home Office!

Rory wanted to go tiny but wasn’t excited about most of the vehicles he could find on the market, so he decided to buy a flatbed truck and build his own camper pod on the back! The result? An absolutely meticulously-designed tiny house that meets his every need. There’s a super cool desk nook where [...]

Chris’ Self-Sustaining Skoolie is his 4th Rig in 11 years 3

He Built a Self-Sustaining School Bus with a Raised Roof and Deck

Chris told his grandmother as a kid that he wanted to grow up and live in the woods with his dog — and for the past 11 years, that’s more or less what he has done! He’s had two vans and a Class A RV before deciding to build his dream rig school bus conversion. [...]

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His Box Truck Home with Workshop and Jacuzzi

Paul was ready to get away from the Pittsburg area and find a place with friendly and like-minded people who would want to talk to him — but he needed a way to support himself. A handyman at heart, he decided to build out a huge box truck, fill it will all (and I mean [...]