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Original Tiny House on Wheels & Glass Bathhouse

Vintage Housetruck with Glass Bathhouse

Long before Jay Shafer built his first iconic tiny house in 1997, there were the famous housetrucks of the 1970s. These were popular in the United States, but also in New Zealand! When James came across one, he had to have it — even if it no longer ran. Because the truck is stationary, he [...]

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Loving Nomadic Life in Her Truck Camper

Loving Nomadic Life in Her Truck Camper

Kenzie was first introduced to nomadic life while working on her Master’s degree in Massachusetts. She went down the rabbit hole of van conversions and skoolies, and “panic bought” her first school bus to convert while studying. She lived in that during her last year of her Master’s and then hit the road after graduation! [...]

The Ugly Truckling Her Cedar Shake Truck Home

The Ugly Truckling: Her Cedar Shake Truck Home

Kai’s dream of living in a cabin in the woods manifested itself in her building an incredible house truck inspired by the funky wooden marvels of the 60s and 70s. Her home is bursting with character, covered with cedar shingles, and took Kai five years to make it livable, and another five to get it [...]

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Her Third Truck Camper

Her Third Truck Camper & Four Years on the Road

Rachel loved backpacking internationally with her sister and eventually moved to Brazil where she fell in love and got married. The relationship ended suddenly, leaving her to build a new life with her dog. For a year, she lived out of her car but eventually upgraded to her current truck. Her first inexpensive truck camper [...]

His Military Overlander w Elevator Bed 2

His Epic Military Overlander with Lift Bed & Bathroom

Apollo created this incredible Overlander in just 36 days! He worked on it in the two-car garage of the 3000+ square foot home he was renting and now has the freedom to move around since he’s never been one to stay in one place for long. He put about $105K into the build and actually [...]

Stealthy Work Truck Turned Tiny Home 3

Stealthy Work Truck Turned Tiny Home

Luke loves living in a mountain town where he can hit the slopes whenever he pleases, but the cost of rent was becoming prohibitive. That’s when he decided to convert a box truck into his home on wheels, and keep it super stealthy so he can go undercover when parking in the city. There are [...]

His $5K Truck Camper Build 3

His $5K Truck Camper Tiny Home

Lance sold everything he owned on Facebook Marketplace when he decided he was tired of the 9 to 5 and ready for a new adventure! He built a DIY camper on the back of his truck and spent only $5k on the materials. He was careful to buy things second-hand and at the Dollar Tree [...]

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