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Cob Homes


Construction of an Earthbag Tiny House

If you’re interested in building an earthbag tiny house someday, I think you’ll love this fascinating time-lapse construction sequence. Outside, you’ll notice a circular home that has an “adobe” feel. You can see the whole entire process below, from the laying of the first earthbags to the many layers of mud that create the exterior, to [...]


Man Builds Cozy and Sustainable Tiny Home Made of Earth

Nestled within nature in Northern Arizona is this sustainable tiny home made of Earth owned and built by Cody Lundin. You may recognize him from various television interviews and magazines. As a professional survivalist for over 25 years, Cody built his own self-reliant earth house which, by the way, is completely off the grid. One of the [...]


One Woman’s Path to Freedom with an Earthbag Tiny House

This earthbag tiny house story is a guest post by Atulya K. Bingham – share yours!  My name is Atulya K. Bingham. I never thought I’d build my own house. I hadn’t so much as considered it. As far as I knew, I didn’t particularly even like building. I’d never so much as banged in a nail. [...]


Little Fairytale Cob Cottage

Check out this two-story fairytale cob cottage nestled in the woods of Mayne Island in British Columbia. For a cob home, this one looks amazing to live in full time. I personally, love the textured stone flooring. Downstairs is the living area with glass sliding doors that open to the beautiful stone courtyard to expand [...]


Family Tiny House Made of Streetcars with Cob Studios in the Yard

In this post I’m going to show you a family tiny house that’s made out of 1920s recycled streetcars. And it gets even better than that. Not only is the home recycled but the family also has some cob structures in the back. A man cave and a she cave. The main home itself comprises [...]

Tiny Earthen Cob House by Peak Moment TV

Tiny Earthen Cob House Built by Hand

Janaia Donaldson went out to interview the owner/builder of this tiny earthen cob house that was built by hand. In this video interview, you’ll get to hear how Greg, the builder, decided to build it and how he did it. He also discusses different ways that we can provide for ourselves including building our own [...]

Handmade Tiny Rock Castle

Secret Handmade Tiny Rock Castle Built by Artist

This structure is not exactly tiny, but if you consider it a castle, I think it’s safe to call it a tiny rock castle. The owner is an artist so you can tell that it was all done by hand. According to the description on YouTube, it was built over several years beginning in the [...]

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