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36-foot School Bus Conversion Tiny House 001

36-Foot Off-Grid School Bus Conversion in Seattle

We are selling our converted school bus after our road trip around USA and Canada has come to an end. And now it is time for us to move towards new adventure and this is why we are selling. We have put all our love and energy building this bus. That’s why we wish to [...]

Pacific Harbor Tiny House by Handcrafted Movement 001

Pacific Harbor Tiny House by Handcrafted Movement

This is the Pacific Harbor Tiny House by Handcrafted Movement. And it’s for sale (but probably not for long)! It’s one of their latest builds and it’s built on a 30′ x 8.5′ triple axle Iron Eagle trailer. Another amazing tiny home and it even has a downstairs flex area that you can use as [...]

32-foot off-grid tiny house with solar system FOR SALE via Tiny Home Builders 001

32-foot off-grid tiny house w/ solar system

This is a 32-foot off-grid tiny house with a solar system. According to the listing on Tiny Home Builders, it’s in Woodstock, Maryland and offered at $120,000. The listing has now been archived. The listing says it was built in 2019, has 256-square-feet of space. The house is built on a gooseneck trailer. Don’t miss [...]

Megans off-grid tiny house for sale near Asheville NC 002

Megan’s off-grid tiny house

This is the story of Megan’s tiny house which is now for sale. She lived in it for two years, but now that she’s getting serious with her dog training business, she’s basically outgrown it. So now it’s for sale. Do you want it? Do you like it? Think you could live in it happily? [...]

35k tiny house for sale in Vermont 0016

Affordable 213-square-foot tiny house in Vermont… $35,000

This is a custom and affordable 213-square-foot tiny house on wheels for sale in Vermont for $35,000. It’s built on a 16-foot tandem-axle trailer with 7.5-foot wide and 16.5-foot long interior dimensions. It could be used for living simply, running your own Airbnb, a backyard office or hobby room, or a travel trailer. What do [...]

Blue Heron Tiny House 019

28-foot THOW w/ cozy living area, entertainment center, pull-out desk, gourmet kitchen, and more…😍

This is the 28-foot Blue Heron tiny house from Blue Sky Tiny Homes. They are based out of Evansville, Indiana and offer a variety of models to choose from. This Blue Heron tiny house features a shed-style roof and an open floor plan with 10-foot ceilings that help make it feel spacious inside. It also [...]

282-Square-Foot Tiny House with Slide-Out and Main Floor Sleeping For Sale in Dania Beach FL

282-Square-Foot Tiny House with a Main-Floor Bedroom and a Slide-Out – Dania Beach, FL – $40k

This is a 282-square-foot tiny house on a trailer with a main-floor bedroom and a slide-out to give you more space when you’re parked. According to the listing, it was built in 2018, is located in Dania Beach, Florida, and is available for $39,999. Sold/archived. The house features a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, storage, air conditioning, [...]