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Their Stealthy Ambulance Conversion with Laundry Chute

Their Stealthy Ambulance Conversion with Laundry Chute

Seth was already converting a rig when he met Christy, but when they got married, she wasn’t interested in living in a vehicle. Eventually, however, she warmed up to the idea, and they ended up converting an ambulance together, so they could see more of the United States. While they removed the name “ambulance” from [...]

His Super Cool Weekender Ambulance Conversion 3

His Super Cool Weekender Ambulance Conversion

Like so many others, Grant needed a lockdown project. Unimpressed by the costs of school buses and the quality of RVs, he came across this 1997 Freightliner FL70 MPV and decided it was the perfect rig. He works full-time at Tesla, so it took about 1.5 years for him to complete the conversion. He has [...]

Photographer’s Cozy Ambulance Conversion 3

Photographer’s Cozy Fire Rescue Truck Conversion

As a professional photographer, Jay’s work required a lot of travel, which meant more time away from his wife, Cassidy. The couple loves hiking together and living on the road in a fire rescue truck conversion allows them to pursue their hobbies, spend time together, and make a living! Their truck had a good square [...]


The Ambo: Rough and Rugged Ambulance Conversion

Andy had always been a fan of traveling and living tiny in a number of vehicles, so in 2018, he found a 4×4 ambulance that would make the perfect off-roading tiny house on wheels. He got to work converting it, keeping some original elements, and replacing anything that didn’t work for him. The result? A [...]

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Australian emergency response vehicle turned into tiny home 2

Australian Emergency Response Vehicle Turned into Tiny Home

Mike and Lauren enjoyed hiking and other outdoorsy activities, but didn’t enjoy backpacking — so they started hunting for a vehicle they could convert into a home on wheels. This 1981 Emergency Response Landcruiser had already been imported from Australia and was for sale in 2020. They spent lockdown time transforming it into a home, [...]

Single Mom & Empty Nester’s DIY Ambulance Conversion

Empty Nester’s DIY Ambulance Conversion

Paula, a single mom, owns a 5-bedroom home. Her son was just about to leave the house, and she realized the transition into empty-nesting was going to be really hard on her. She ended up down the #vanlife rabbit hole and found herself intrigued. Thankfully, her younger brother helped push her to pursue her dream [...]