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His Epic Yellowstone 4×4 DIY Ambulance 9

His Epic Yellowstone 4×4 DIY Ambulance Camper

After his divorce, Tom was looking for a new purpose and focus for his life, and he remembered how much he loved camping. Eventually, his camping trips turned into full-time living from an incredible former Yellowstone ambulance, which he converted into a home on wheels. He has the coolest convertible bathroom in his ambulance, which [...]

Fun-Loving Woman Settles Down in Ambulance Conversion

Her $19K DIY Ambulance Conversion

After teaching in the Virgin Islands for seven years, Jana was ready to change things up, but not ready to “settle down” in the traditional sense. Instead, she’s redefining her nomadic life in her self-built ambulance as “settling down” — this is her home, and she loves her life! Even if her family thinks she’s [...]

Couple’s Budget Ambulance Conversion 2

Couple’s Budget Ambulance Conversion

Patrick and his partner created this incredible tiny house on wheels inside a $10,000 ambulance. With their creativity and lots of DIY, they finished the build for under $25K and are traveling the country while working remotely from their boondocking rig. The home has a fixed bed, a cute little kitchen, and a toilet room [...]

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Woodworker’s Epic Ambulance Conversion. 45

Woodworker’s Epic Ambulance Conversion

Cole and Shae are an awesome couple who live full-time in their converted ambulance! Cole works as a woodworker, transforming reclaimed wood he finds or is gifted on the road, and turning it into stunning jewelry and cutting boards. Shae has a “normal” job in medical billing, and she can do it remotely. They needed [...]

Couple’s 4×4 Epic Ambulance Conversion 3

Their Epic 4×4 Ambulance Conversion

Alex and Crystal purchased their ambulance back in 2019 and used it as a vacation/emergency vehicle for about three years. At the time, they used the ambulance pretty much “as-is” with some minor adjustments, but once they decided to sell their home and pursue full-time nomadic life, they totally transformed the rig! The most expensive [...]

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Her Dad Helped Her Build This Awesome Ambulance Conversion 3

Her $25K Ambulance Conversion with a Bathroom

Rachel had been wanting to try nomadic life for a while and finally decided to just go for it. While her dad originally said he wanted nothing to do with the project, when Rachel found herself in too deep, he came to her rescue and helped her finish the conversion. With his help, she was [...]

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Commercial Butterfly Breeders in Cozy DIY Ambulance Conversion 2

Budget $15K Ambulance Conversion

Jachus and Gabriella spend their summers tending to their butterfly and moth farm and then take off in the cooler weather to travel the country in their $15K Ambulance Conversion. Talk about an amazing and unique lifestyle! They breed moths and butterflies for school events, releases, and other special occasions which they ship all over [...]

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