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Former Paramedic Firefighter in his Overlandbulance 3

Former Paramedic Firefighter in his Overlandbulance

This is Jason (he goes by “Happy”) and his “Overlandbulance” — a converted ambulance with a 4×4 kit designed to go wherever Happy wants to! After an injury forced him to retire from firefighting — his dream job — Happy had to figure out where to go from that point. Others encouraged him to do [...]

Mike’s Chevy Express 3500 Short Bus Life 2

Mike’s Chevy Express 3500 Short Bus Life

Mike was living his Wall Street life working in finance and running a million miles a minute. But then COVID sent him home, and he spent 150 days traveling the US in his car. That experience changed him, and he realized he couldn’t go back to “normal” life again. So he ended up buying and [...]

Couple’s 4×4 Ambulance w Electric Bed & Hidden Dish Rack 4

Couple’s 4×4 Overland Ambulance Camper w/ Electric Bed & Hidden Dish Rack

Greg and Ginger were maxing out on their vacation time every year, just waiting for their next adventure. Finally one day they decided they wanted to travel full-time! They purchased their ambulance sight-unseen while quarantined in Mexico, and then got to work doing a full 4×4 conversion. They really figured out how to utilize every [...]

UFO Tiny House in Joshua Tree

UFO Tiny House in Joshua Tree: Area 55

Ronald was looking for a UFO-inspired dwelling that he could use as an Airbnb on his property. He came across the “Futuro Homes,” originally designed by Matti Suuronen in 1968 as portable ski chalets. There are fewer than 60 still standing in the world, but Ronald managed to track one down and purchase it. Transporting [...]

Navajo Family Shares Ancestral Earthen Homes on Airbnb 7

Navajo Family Shares Ancestral Earthen Homes on Airbnb

People have been living tiny since they started building homes, which is just what you’ll find at Shash Dine’ EcoRetreat. Set on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, the “glampground” features a number of tiny dwellings which represent the past and future of Navajo architecture. On site you’ll find authentic “hogans,” which are round earthen homes [...]

Yellow Submarine Tiny House in New Zealand 001

They Turned A Submarine Into A Cabin In The Woods

This is a yellow submarine turned into a tiny house vacation. It’s located in Marton, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand. The submarine is literally set up as a cabin in the woods. And you can rent it on Airbnb. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny homes like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter [...]

Dome Home – MADE OF 10 DOMES – Was Built w Balloons & Foam!. 28

Outstanding 10-Dome-Home Built w/ Balloons & Foam!

This is definitely pushing the boundaries of what belongs on “Tiny” House Talk, but this alternative dome home — or should I say, “mansion” — is worth looking at despite it’s monstrous size! It’s created from 10 domes connected in a circle, that were built back in the 70s using balloons, rebar and foam. Pretty [...]

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