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Beautiful Australian Tiny House with Murphy Bed

This is a beautiful Australian tiny house on wheels with a murphy bed built into the design. Also, it’s a steel-framed tiny house which makes it more lightweight and therefore more pleasant to tow and maneuver.

It’s wonderful! It even has a built-in outdoor space with overhead coverage so you’re not stuck out of luck in the rain. It’s called the Beach Shack and it’s built by a company called Tiny Homes Tilba Australia. For a 21-foot tiny house, we think it packs quite the punch! What do you think?

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21-foot Australian Tiny House With WONDERFUL Design

This model is approximately 21-feet long by 8-feet wide. But they have other models, too. They have one called The Essential which is smaller than the Beach Shack. Then they also have one called The Pod which is even smaller than The Essential! Learn more here.

Learn more

Tiny Homes Tilba | Facebook | More Photos (including construction)

Our big thanks to Tiny Homes Tilba!🙏

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  • Avatar Michael

    This THOW seems to me suitable for travel, its compact enough, steel frames are weight savers, offers a covered porch, protects windows when on the way and the best of it is the option to customize.
    Of course there are some things I would like to change, like a lift up to the ceiling bed instead of a Murphy one, folding dining table to face each other when eating and lounge area. But all these are personal and I am sure it could be done.
    Great design.

  • Avatar maria

    Well I would make two changes. One a RV flush toilet instead of compose toilet. The second and under the counter frig so I would have more counter space. Other wise I really like this home.

  • Avatar Alison

    It looks like the awning and deck fold in for travel and security. Good feature, neatly done. I wouldn’t want the microwave oven so high. The house feel light and open. Very nice.

  • Lovely and simple. I would add a bigger fridge, 500w solar panels, and I would like it wider and longer.

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