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Petes Smart Framing Tiny Houses on Wheels 003

I find it unbelievable that, after submitting my first tiny house article last month, I have received hundreds of personal emails from all over the world, connecting me to THOW enthusiasts who have asked some intelligent, positive questions. Many wanted some additional photos and construction details about my tiny house innovations … others just wanted to share their joy.

To my many new friends, I offer the following article, along with my solidarity, gratitude, and sincere thanks.

How I Designed/Built a Lightweight THOW

Petes Smart Framing Tiny Houses on Wheels 001

Insulation, smart framing, weight reduction, SIP’s, building costs, design, energy saving, recycling, innovation… each tiny house builder has different goals, different styles, different needs and different values – I’ll share my personal favourites:

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10 Pete on porch

While volunteering at a cold-weather shelter near my home in Grand Forks, British Columbia, I was consulted about designing transitional housing for the homeless. After some discussions with the staff and guests at the shelter I went home to draft some floor plans that I thought might meet the housing needs of the homeless, with dignity, at a low initial cost.

I was then struck by my incredible hypocrisy. Here I was living in a typical 1200-square-foot house – how could I possibly know what would be required for someone to live in a Tiny House?

I asked myself, “What would be the very smallest space that I could live in with pride and comfort?”

It’s now one year later – in seven months of leisurely construction and frantic downsizing I have built and moved into, my 125-square-foot tiny house on wheels. I am irrationally happy in my new home, and I now feel somewhat qualified to suggest some design considerations for small living spaces.

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Pete’s 125 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels in British Columbia

Pete's 125 Sq. Ft. Tiny House

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