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Attic Transformed into Tiny Modern Loft in Paris

This is a tiny modern loft in Paris that was once just an attic space.

Now it looks like a modern A-frame cabin, doesn’t it? It even offers a wonderful outdoor deck space to bring some living space outside.

When you go inside you’ll find a large, open, and modern living space with a spiral staircase in the center which leads you up to the loft bedroom and bathroom. And below you’ll find a rather large living area, kitchen, and dining area. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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Attic Transformed into Tiny Modern Loft in Paris

Attic Transformed into Tiny Modern Loft in Paris

Images © Frédéric-Léon Ducout

Tiny-Modern-Attic-Loft-in-Paris-002 Tiny-Modern-Attic-Loft-in-Paris-003 Tiny-Modern-Attic-Loft-in-Paris-004 Tiny-Modern-Attic-Loft-in-Paris-005 Tiny-Modern-Attic-Loft-in-Paris-006 Tiny-Modern-Attic-Loft-in-Paris-007

Images © Frédéric-Léon Ducout


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  • Avatar Porcsha S.

    I love it, very chic!

  • Avatar Kristina H Nadreau

    Ikea decor and it is very sexy. A Paris attic is probably up 6 floors with no elevator. I admire and do not desire.

    • Avatar RBBB

      Hi Kristina – Are the floor sofas/sofabeds from IKEA, do you know? I havent seen them anywhere but really covet them.

  • Avatar Karl from Germany

    Small maybe… but tiny it ain’t.

    Cool though… even despite all the W.H.I.T.E… a pet peeve of mine sorry, shows up every teensy bit of dirt.

  • Avatar Annette

    Superb – fires the imagination.
    I’d like to know how she achieved that worn white wooden floor . Is it stained? Bleached?

  • Avatar Kim W

    Wow! It’s absolutely stunning! In those old buildings in Paris the attics that have windows like that were usually the servants’ quarters – they would have had tiny rooms and shared a bathroom. The old buildings have huge attic space, though, which allows for the bedroom space upstairs. I love to visit Paris, but the cost of property there is scary! This is beautifully done and the outside space is a bonus.

  • Avatar Carrie

    I love the artful use of space and the high designer touch in every square foot. But can you imagine your friends visiting with a child and spilling grape juice or wine?

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