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Architects Develop Affordable Tiny Housing in Vietnam

A Vietnam based architecture firm, Vo Trong Nghia Architects, has began developing prefabricated housing for low income families in Vietnam. This concept of tiny housing would provide the people with not only a safe place to live but a durable long-term shelter too.

Since 2012 the firm has been working to create these houses for those who earn less than $100/month. Normally these people would be forced to live in temporary shacks. So the architects are creating what they call the S House 2 which can provide affordable, durable, low cost and low maintenance homes for those in need.

The current cost to develop one of these homes in Vietnam is $4,000. Below you will see that this 322 sq. ft. home is very basic. The only thing I’m concerned about is the bathroom which I wasn’t able to find but assume is located as a separate structure nearby (see below).

The S House 2 is a long structure with a sleeping area at one end, dining table in the middle, and a space for personal items at the other end. Please enjoy below.

$4k Affordable Tiny Housing in Vietnam


Images © Hiroyuki Oki/Vo Trong Nghia Architects

4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-002 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-003 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-004 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-005 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-006 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-007 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-008 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-009 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-010 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-011 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-012 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-013 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-014 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-015 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-016 4k-affordable-tiny-housing-in-vietnam-017

Images © Hiroyuki Oki/Vo Trong Nghia Architects


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  • mark
    January 24, 2015, 7:47 pm

    Well, times have probably changed but in 60s during war country folk lived in straw huts. Thought they still did!

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