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Acorn Tiny House by Backcountry Tiny Homes… A TINY tiny house on wheels!

This is the Acorn Tiny House by Backcountry Tiny Homes. It’s an actual TINY tiny house on wheels. Funny enough, I think we have to start saying that now with all of the huge THOWs we’re seeing built these days. Nothing wrong with those, though! But here’s a tiny that you can more easily get around with since it’s only about 16-feet long.

Beautiful, isn’t it? What I love most about it is the compact and beautiful design. So what do you think, do you like the oversized windows? What would change about it?

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The Acorn Tiny House on Wheels by Backcountry Tiny Homes

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  • Avatar merryl

    wow this is really nice.You will see all kinds of wildlife.Love it.Not loving the bottom of the shower.It could use some ajax.

    • Avatar Alex

      I thought so too, thanks, Merryl!

      • Avatar Jerry Dycus

        Nice little trailer. Could you use fewer pics, select a few better ones as it gets so long downloading them all I’ve given up getting to the end multiple times lately. Maybe just a link to most of them?

    • I’m thinking the shower floor are stains from shoe prints. Looks like they attempted to clean and that just made it worse. Possibility the flooring should not be walked on with boots; only bare feet. Just a thought since everything else in the tiny trailer is spic-n-span clean.

    • Avatar Tina Orlando

      Hello Merryl! We’re the designer and builders of this home and thank you! The shower was an oversight on our part. We cleaned it but when the picture was ‘structured’ when edited, it made some of the grout that had not been vacuumed up appear much worse than it really was. Though, you live and your learn. It was cleaned after the shoot.

    • Avatar Arlene

      Adorable – now THAT’S a Tiny House. Needs some Comet and a broom in the shower…would clean that right up. But my house needs cleaned also…. Anyway – I love the Tiny House….

      • Avatar Cyndi Lopriore

        I love this Tiny, it has so much of what I like. Sleeping main floor, electric cooking, rain-shower head, flush toilet, lots of light, and I just love the cut-out tree with lighting behind it. A really neat tiny heat stove if needed. I would like some way for a combo wash and dry though. I’m 81 and just easier than taking wash out, especially in winter. Thank you for the opportunity to see this and dream, such a great price!

  • Avatar ShawnMarie Boutin

    It is surprisingly nice, there are many small models out there I’ve seen that are economical and do not have the finishes this one appears to. I do wonder with all of the glass- heating/cooling? I like the bathroom and assume minimal water unless hookup, I am not noticing washer/dryer- even combo unit- certainly not a deal breaker- amazed all of this in space really, nice layout!

    • Avatar Alex

      I totally agree!

    • Avatar James D.

      It’s only 90 Sq Ft, not counting the deck. So not really room for a washer/dryer… But they are a custom builder and this is more or less just a show model of their Acorn model, like note the wood stove isn’t actually installed. So a lot could be changed or go with one of their other model series…

      • Avatar Jerry Dycus

        There are countertop type washers and whom needs a dryer?

    • Avatar Tina Orlando

      Hello ShawnMarie! We’re the designers and builders of this home and thank you for the kind compliments! The windows we speced out have a low U-factor to ensure the windows have a good insulating property. There are also blackout pull down shades that can be installed but they were not done so for this photo shoot. If you have any other questions, please let me know!

    • Avatar Angela

      I’d take those cloth cubbies out of the space they’re in and put a combo washer/dryer in there…though I suppose that would necessitate routing plumbing and venting in the back of that space, plus electrical hook-up, and maybe that would not be possible.

  • Avatar Gene Wiley

    I love the wood interior. There is a lot in the space you have. Smaller kitchen is good. To many in my opinion take up to much space with the kitchen. This is simple and enough. Thanks for share ALL these pictures.

    • Only one person permitted in kitchen at any given time. Doubt there would be room for two people to be prepping a meal.

      • Avatar Marcy

        At only 90 sq. feet, I think it would only be a one person place, so room for two people to cook is probably not an issue.

    • Avatar Alex

      You’re welcome, glad you liked it!

    • Avatar Tina Orlando

      Hello ShawnMarie! We’re the designers and builders of this home and thank you for the kind compliments!

  • Avatar Eric

    Lots to like… like so much packed into such a small space and looks good with it. On the down side, for me, the flooring turns me off. Looks to me like fake vinyl. But I’m not American so that “could” be the real McCoy. I too wonder about all that glass but no blinds/drapes/curtains. Certainly likely to lose heat as soon as the sun goes down. Heck, in some parts of the country it wouldn’t even heat up. Plus your exposed to prying eyes, from 2 and 4 legged critters.

    Love the 3d wooden sculpture cum dining table. So very different and cool.

    And a wine rack… right over the cooking hob? Quickest way to degrade your wine. Should be elsewhere right away from the heat.

    And agree with merryl… that shower floor needs a good scrub. Surprised the manufacturers overlooked that. Wonder how many potential customers have been turned off by that?

    • Avatar James D.

      Yeah. their data sheet indicates it’s Ocala Oak 8.7 in. x 59.4 in. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring… But it’s easier to maintain, more scratch and water resistant, and lower cost than real wood flooring… Something to consider if you travel a lot and may track in muddy footprints, etc.

    • Avatar Tina Orlando

      Hello Eric! We’re the designers and builders of this home and thank you for the kind compliments! Just like David said, the flooring is Ocala Oak 8.7 in. x 59.4 in. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring. It was selected to be more durable for pets in the home. We love installing engineering and solid wood options as well but even with the higher Janka number we still tend to see too many scratches over time should someone have pets. We were not able to install a luxury vinyl plank due to the wood stove (localized heat) so we were only left with this option.

      The windows we speced out have a low U-factor to ensure the windows have a good insulating property. There are also blackout pull down shades that can be installed but they were not done so for this photo shoot.

      The shower was an oversight on our part. We cleaned it but when the picture was ‘structured’ when edited, it made some of the grout that had not been vacuumed up appear much worse than it really was. Though, you live and learn. It was cleaned after the shoot.

      The wine rack was added to balance out the stainless color but you’re 100% correct and it should be placed elsewhere.

      Thank you for the feedback!

  • Avatar Mary Hunt

    I have never fallen in love with a micromini before! I could move into this tomorrow. If they could add a/c, that is. The specs are all for city hookups, I wonder if solar anything is available? But this is really lovely.

    • Avatar Alex

      Glad you liked it so much, Mary! That’s great. And yes, I’m sure you can add solar and A/C fairly easily. That’s right… This one has a fireplace/wood stove 🙂

    • Avatar Tina Orlando

      Hi Mary! We’re the designers and builders of this home and thank you for the kind compliments! We designed the home to be ready for either a floor unit AC that could exhaust through a HVAC port in the wall or a minisplit. We do technically design and build offgrid homes but this home, as shown, is for an ongrid hookup at this time.

  • Avatar Steven Sagar-Watson

    I love this whole layout. Reading the comments about the shower floor I thought the marble walls where reflecting on to it that is why it looked as though it was dirty.

  • Avatar alice h

    LOVE those windows but I’d be a bit worried about them during travel. Presumably one could have covering panels ready to go when you move. It’s pretty “uptown” for me, I’m more into the rustic look but layout is good. The upper perimeter shelves are a great idea too. One missing essential – a screen door.

  • Avatar Mel

    I love it. If it was just me I’d be as happy as could be, there. I’d have to do something about those gorgeous windows at night. I’d get a cold head sleeping against them.

    • Avatar James D.

      Not if they’re double to triple paned… Can get anywhere from equivalent to an R-3 to over an R-7 for the high end triple pane windows… They cost a lot, though…

  • Avatar Nancy

    All I can keep coming back to is how awesome and amazing these would be to house the homeless!! Not idea of the cost, sorry if I missed it, but seems a super opportunity!!

  • People wonder about the privacy with the windows. One could try to use the ‘one way view’ variety where you can see out but no one can see in. I have seen campers use hidden screens or blinds that can be pulled from the top or sides. I did not see where the chairs for dining were stored. General layout is nice for the space. Also like the fact lower sleeping area. Good job.

    • Avatar Eric

      The chairs are of a fold flat variety so could, theoretically at least, be stored pretty much anywhere against spare wall space. Possibly under the kitchen benchtop… there is an opening on the left which to my eye looks like a convenient spot to put them out of the way. And yes, there is some sort of storage area there at the back, looks like an up and down shelf system.

      • Avatar James D.

        Actually, look at the first photo of the exterior… The chairs are on the deck…

        • Avatar Eric

          Saw those. Didn’t look the same to me. But would be great putting them out there then it rains. ; )

      • Avatar James D.

        Yup, but unless you were sleeping you could just bring them in until the rain stops or check the daily weather report to know to watch out for it…

        Mind, this is mainly meant for people to go camping/glamping, as described on their FB page post… Enjoying the outdoors is part of the intended usage and there’s nothing on those chairs you can’t just wipe down in a few seconds with a towel… Outdoor furniture you can also use inside is a simple solution often used in camping/glamping situations.

        • Definitely don’t want to be walking around in your birthday suite. Wondering how those large glass panels fare on gravel roads as well as paved roads with tons of pavement missing (chuck holes etc).

      • Avatar Tina Orlando

        Hi Eric, Robert, and James! We’re the designers and builders of this home and thank you for the kind compliments! To answer a couple questions for the windows, they are tempered glass to meet DOT regulations and we went with a salt box design to disperse the eddys at the top that could lead to any damage to the back window. We made sure to design and test this home first before putting it on the market. The floor model (shown) went just shy of 1,500 miles sans covering the windows without any issues. Though, that isn’t to say it is invincible. Large potholes or just plain bad luck could certainly damage the windows should you elect to not cover them for transit. We designed the home on a dual axle trailed to help dampening the load by transferring to the second axle. The home would have worked, weight wise, with one axle but we felt the second axle would help prevent the daily wear and tear for transit.

        As for the chairs, we spec’ed out exterior and interior rated chairs so that they could be left outside when not in use. The do collapse so that could be hung on the wall above the couch without impeding in the space should it be poor weather outside.

        I think I got everything but let me know if you have any additional questions!

  • Avatar PENNY

    like to know where got sofa? my question is where is vent of so. e sort for cooking? agree about basin in bathroom. similar to design I’ve been trying in my head and on computer. with modifications this works!

    • Avatar James D.

      I believe it’s an Ikea sofa bed, you can go to their site and look at this model’s PDF data sheet to be sure. For vent, look at the wall between the kitchen and the wood stove and towards the ceiling… There’s another one in the bathroom and you can see the square exhaust vent on the exterior in the same locations.

  • Avatar Kathy

    I love this teeny tiny house! It is extremely well-planned for such limited space. I am especially liking the amount of storage you have managed to include. Rather than pointing out all its great features, I actually have a few questions. One: I cannot figure out how the sofa is reconfigured into the bed. Also, is there any storage under the cushions? Two: The bathroom, spacious as it is for this tiny space, does not appear to have the space to install a composting toilet, which I would consider a necessity for rough camping. Does the designer have a suggestion? Three: There is a small metal plate in the toe kick of the kitchen with two slotted openings. What is this? Four: What is the purpose of the photo showing the sofa being vacuumed? Five: Is there any clean water storage? Thanks!

    • Avatar James D.

      See the handles in front of the sofa cushion? It’s like the Ikea L shaped sofa bed, but the pull out is on both sides… I believe the bathroom photo is distorted and isn’t actually that narrow…

      The metal plate is the vacuum… Central Vac system type… Either sweep mess to it or attach hose… and it can reach anywhere in the interior…

  • Avatar Theresa Perdue

    Is that a vacuum in the floor? That’s the coolest thing ever😍 I too would want a tiny bathroom sink and a microwave then I am home forever!😍💞

  • Avatar Denise

    It’s so nice to see this tiny house, the way they used to be, with hand touches, minimal commercialism and reasonable size and lovely throughout. Creative, rather than the stock and trade giant tiny houses we have seen the last two or so years. Nice layout, beautiful wood and I love the tree on the wall. I would love info on where to get that tree, and Alex, I would like to sign up for the small house e-mail alerts. You had posted a page link in your e-mail links but there is no sign up form on the page so I responded to the e-mail but didn’t hear back.

    My plan is to be finished with my tiny before the end of the year and then send you pictures. Of course, you can get a preview here: https://www.facebook.com/denise.raupach/media_set?set=a.10202222515949201&type=3

  • Avatar Angela

    Definitely high-end, very beautiful, but not suitable for housing homeless people, because this one costs too much to build. Thankfully there are people out there who have designed models suitable for transitional or permanent housing for the homeless, and low-income seniors, or families struggling with too-high rent, and homeless veterans. People are starting to even create small enclaves or villages in some areas, where there would also be support services to help residents deal with the core problems that caused them to be homeless in the first place. Google has pledged $1B to help ease the housing crunch in the SF Bay area, and tiny homes may be a part of the solution there, though getting answers from Google about how they will spend the money is proving hard to do.

  • Avatar maria

    Well I am glad this can be customized. I would put in a mini split. Smaller windows. Change the shower water system,and tile. Kitchen I would make L-shape. Don’t need vacuum in the floor. Closet where clothing shelf is.

  • Avatar Sheila Plourde

    Very nice! I love it. The bathroom is nice.

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