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Have you seen Chris and Malissa’s Tiny Tack House before? Their tiny house is AWESOME.

One of my favorites because it’s a couple’s tiny house and Chris is a photographer. The latest tiny house that Chris has gotten to photograph from what I understand is Yan’s tiny tack house, shown below.

And Chris Tack’s photos are always amazing. To build this one they used a set of Tumbleweed Fencl plans. And they made some modifications to it. They even set up a pull-down screen and projector for movies.

When you walk in you’re greeted by a beautiful fireplace. To the right, there’s a little nook to hang out in with storage above and below. Vaulted ceilings and windows make it feel spacious.

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Yan’s Tiny Tack House

Candice's Tiny Tack House: Interior Photos: Modified Tumbleweed Fencl: Photos by Chris Tack (1)

Photo by Chris Tack

Yan’s Tiny Tack House

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Ever dream of your own tiny house off the grid somewhere? Perhaps somewhere in the Rocky Mountains?

This is a dream that Kathy is making come true as you read this right now. It’s something that has been on her mind for a long time and is now becoming her reality.

In October 2011, she was able to purchase 11.4 acres of land in the Rocky Mountains so she’s now building the home on wheels in Michigan and planning to move it down once it’s completed.

Instead of designing the entire home herself, she decided to go with one of my favorite highly detailed construction plans from Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed Houses. It’s the Fencl tiny house.

It’s a 130 square foot design with a sleeping loft. It includes a tiny covered porch and of course is designed to be built on a flat-bed utility trailer so that you can legally tow it on most roadways.

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Tumbleweed Fencl Tiny House on Wheels

Photo Credit Tumbleweed Houses

To begin the project, Kathy ordered a 20′ trailer from PJ Trailers in Milan, Michigan. The cost was $2915 brand new with an extra $85 fee to deliver it to her building site. She’s using some reclaimed appliances from an RV which you can check out on this post over at her blog.

She’s recruited the help of professional carpenters to help finish the project as quickly as possible while avoiding common mistakes that beginner’s might make. A great investment, in my opinion. If you’re interested in starting your own project just like Kathy’s, consider Tumbleweed’s variety of detailed tiny house plans.

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I’m not sure if you guys have ever seen Jonathan’s Fencl before but for those of you who haven’t, here it is.

I’ll just feature a few of his pictures here plus his Youtube video and then I’ll guide you over to his LiveJournal site where you can get more pictures and complete details on all of his progress.

I can’t wait until the winter is over so we can start getting updates from him again. He does a great job of showing us what it’s like to build a Tumbleweed house.

So here are some pictures of his latest work and you’ll find the video embedded underneath along with his link.

Here’s a peak at the kitchen:

tumbleweed fencl gungy kitchen cabinets

His living room and office with furniture:
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This is Adam’s Urban Stealth Uhaul Conversion.

It’s a custom box truck in the San Francisco Bay Area that’s now for sale.

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Stealth Uhaul Box Truck Tiny House Conversion For Sale!

Urban Stealth Uhaul Conversion: Box Truck Tiny House For Sale!

© Adam Weaver

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This Tumbleweed Tiny House in Prarieville, LA. After 3 years of tiny living, Jeremy & Renee Molley are selling their tiny home because of an addition to their family.

It was built in 2012 in Monroe, Washington using Tumbleweed Fencl (now known as Cypress) plans. They built the home themselves with the help of friends who are professional builders and carpenters. Please enjoy more details and photos below.

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Couple’s Tumbleweed Tiny House For Sale (SOLD)


Images © Jeremy & Renee Molley

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I’m excited about showing you this Little Tiny House on wheels.

It was built based on the old Tumbleweed Fencl plans.

But modifications were made to to make it better suited for the owner/dweller.

Little Tiny House on Wheels

Come on in to see the rest of the tour of this little tiny house below:

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Recently Deek visited Ella Jenkins and her Tumbleweed Tiny House.

And while he was there he created a new video that you can watch below.

Ella shares her home with you while she tells you about how she lives happily in her little house on wheels.

She started the project when she was 23 years old and completed it in about one year.

You might also be excited to know that she’s sharing the house with her boyfriend. And they both play instruments which they’re able to keep in the house.


Photo Credit Little Yellow Door

I encourage you to watch the video tour with Deek and Ella below:

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I wanted to show you this 165 square foot tiny house on a trailer that was built using slightly modified Tumbleweed Fencl plans. It has that rustic look to it that I personally love and the pictures below speak for themselves.

The interior is beautiful and features high quality home style cabinetry with a spacious kitchen/bathroom for such a tiny home. A design like this is perfect for those of you who prefer that your tiny house feels like a home over the futuristic overly-modern style like this.

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165-sq.-ft. Tiny House on Wheels


I think you’ll get a better idea of what I mean once you go inside below:
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I haven’t shared the news from Tumbleweed tiny houses with you yet.

They’ve recently released their new Cypress 20 tiny house design and plans.

Cypress 20 Tiny House

This model is much like the Fencl but this one’s 20′ long instead of 19′.

So it’s just a bit larger and designed differently inside. Let me show you.

cypress 20 tiny house

It may look like you’ve seen it before because it resembles most of Tumbleweed’s designs, but I assure you it’s new:

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