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624 Sq. Ft. Little Cabin For Sale

This is a 624 sq. ft. little cabin for sale in Hoodsport, Washington.

The property features a covered RV parking space beside the home, additional storage space, and a bunk house.

Inside the main structure, you’ll find a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and bedroom.

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624 Sq. Ft. Little Cabin For Sale


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Remodeled in 2007 this cute cabin over looking beautiful Lake Cushman and Mountains. There is also a 14×14 buck house with views and half bath. Shop is 8×14 two storage buildings one is 8×14 wood shed, covered RV parking and three RV hook-ups. Patio and fire pit over look the lake. This home is just a few blocks from Div. one boat launch and community park. There are three lakes and other boat launches. Discount golf for lot owners at Lake Cushman Golf Course.

Source: 61 N Wynoochee Dr, Hoodsport, WA 98548 | MLS #887305 | Zillow

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  • Avatar Alexis

    Ya didn’t say how much for this property!!! Are we supposed to guess or use our psychic powers to read the future?

    • Avatar Deadrock

      Not Alex’s job, sweetcheeks. Howzabout you click the links he kindly provided to the place where all your questions get answered?

  • Avatar Deadrock

    Sucha buncha cabins for sale in Hoodsport these days! Does that tell us something unflattering about the area, I wonders? The cabins themselves usually look pretty cute, though. It might be the angle of the photography, but this one looks a bit like it’s listing to starboard…

  • Avatar Catherine

    A while ago there was an offer for a 2 week hands on course in Worcester Mass, building a tiny house. I have not seen or heard if it is still happenin

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