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605 Sq. Ft. Beach Cottage in Cape Breton Island

I’m excited to show you this 605 sq. ft. beach cottage in Cape Breton Island. It’s a two bedroom with one bathroom that sleeps up to three people comfortably.

The cottage’s name is Deep Blue and it’s on an amazing property that’s a few minutes from Cabot Trail. Once you’re here you get to enjoy incredible ocean views where you can watch boats, eagles, moose, bobcats, foxes, whales, and more!

Once you go inside this little beach cabin you’ll find that there’s a wonderful living area, dining area, kitchen, fireplace, bathroom, downstairs bedroom, and a cozy sleeping loft. And outside of course, is the best part, right? It’s the deck with a view. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

605 Sq. Ft. Beach Cottage in Cape Breton Island

605 Sq. Ft. Beach Cottage in Cape Breton Island 001

Images © capebretonclay.com/homeaway.com

605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 002 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 003 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 004 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 005 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 006 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 007 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 008 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 009 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0010 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0011 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0012 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0013 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0014 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0015 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0016 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0017 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0018 605 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Cape Breton Island 0019

Images © capebretonclay.com/homeaway.com

Learn more: http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p3490361


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  • Avatar Cathy

    This site is becoming a giant advertisement for rentals. Boring…………..

    • Avatar Lake Lili

      You are right there are a lot of rentals on here, but that doesn’t diminish the point that these are great small houses. This one is very livable. Not everyone is entranced by what can be built on a trailer with a loft above – not all of us can climb the ladders any more. So small houses like this one are great and I appreciate Alec trying to balance off the interests of a wide assortment of readers. But I would agree that providing information about the construction and the costs would take this out of the advertising category and provide more useful information.

    • Avatar Alex

      Hey Cathy I’ve got some really good reader submitted stories that I’m working on now that I think you’ll like a lot better. Sorry I bored you with the rentals, I just thought they were cool designs still worth looking at. But I understand as they look super pricey/out of reach. Anyway, stay tuned later on as I’ve got some great stories coming in that I’m working on 🙂

      • Avatar Wende

        Hi Alex..don’t worry about mixing it up..I prefer the small houses..I’m planning to build myself one day..an I love getting ideas from the stories you share..beside the rentals give me ideas of where to vaca an give small house living a try..then I’m better prepared to pick a size that suits me best..I find the homes on wheels more boring..after all how much can you really do differently on the trailer frame.??

      • Avatar Kathy

        Alex, I am sorry some folks feel the need to criticize all the time, and to criticize you seems way out of line. I appreciate your considered efforts to show all types of small houses from pricey architect designed rentals to THOW that twenty somethings build from cast offs and recyclables. Ideas are everywhere, every type of living arrangement is valid, and I just love to LOOK! Thank you Alex for providing us all with ideas we could never search out on our own!

        • Avatar Alex

          Thanks Kathy! I appreciate that. Love you guys!

    • Avatar Cynthia Taylor

      People are only bored because they are boring.

    • Avatar Natasha

      RUDE! I love this site and I appreciate homes like these. They give me inspiration for my small cottage. Thank you, Alex. SMH at those people who think you owe them something.

    • Avatar Sharon Fried

      There is no reason for negativity on a site like this one. Everything that Alex posts here has quality, for one reason or another. Not everything is for everybody, but I am learning a lot about what I like and don’t like for my future THOW and appreciate the time and effort that Alex puts into doing this!

    • Avatar john

      I have to say i disagree with the comment that rental properties are boring. I was thinking exactly the opposite. I like that you are expanding your horizons. Even rentals are good examples of design. Please continue to show us all sorts of great little houses and cottages whatever their status. Although i enjoy seeing the tiny houses on wheels, i know that those are too small for me. This Cape Breton cottage is exactly the sort of thing i would like. Keep up the good work, Alex!

  • Avatar alice h

    While I too find all these rentals a bit annoying (probably because I’ll never get to rent any of them) I’m still interested in seeing them just as examples of small living spaces regardless of whether they’re lived in part time or full time, either recreational or residential.

  • Avatar Cheryl

    I like that this website has a variety. Some people are very new to the idea of living smaller, and finding a small or tiny house rental for vacation is one way to test drive the concept. Everyone’s at different stages.

    I do appreciate practical posts on the HOW of it all, including ideas for how to live smaller, regardless of one’s current situation. My husband and I feel our house is too big for us, but we have disabled and elderly family members relying on us right now, and changing our living situation would be a significant burden to them. So we’re staying put, but downsizing our possessions, knowing that one day we’ll move into a much smaller space.

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks for the helpful input, Cheryl! I appreciate that and I’ll work on finding some more ways to bring more DIY/”how to” content to you 🙂

  • Avatar Lynn

    I enjoy looking at how the tiny homes on this site are decorated, the layout, etc. so it doesn’t matter at all to me if someone lives in them full-time or if it is a rental. Sometimes I even appreciate the rentals more because if I really like a particular one, I know that someday I can spend time in that exact tiny house if I choose to. There are some tiny houses on here that aren’t exactly my style but I appreciate the variety anyway. Thanks Alex for a terrific site that I look forward to perusing while drinking my morning coffee. It’s like reading a beautiful magazine for free everyday!

  • Avatar Doris

    Boring? Speak for yourself. Nobody said you had to rent it. This is one of the prettiest little places yet, and I definitely intend to “borrow” rom it. As I recall, the small cottages in Sweden, France, Germany and the UK were also rentals, and got tons of admiring comments. The point is, enjoy the design, the layout, the scenery. Get some ideas for what you’d do yourself one day. If you don’t like it, don’t linger.
    Alex would go mad trying to cater to everyone’s personal taste.

    • Avatar Cathy

      I never said that they aren’t beautiful, but I’m in sales and marketing and would LOVE this much free advertising! It would be nice to have something informational along with the pretty – that’s what’s boring. Three listings in a row from one rental place just seemed too advertorial, that’s all. Alex usually does a great job of bringing variety and sharing information.

      • Avatar Charlotte Mo

        Good grief! It sounds like you need a career change if this is how you “sell and market” yourself.
        I’ll chime in and also thank Alex for the great pics and time he spends finding these places. I normally don’t read the comments but the “Boring!” caught my eye. Just too Rude!

  • Avatar Sally

    Beat me to it, Tyrannosaurus Doris.
    Alex, you will never make everyone happy so don’t worry about it. Square footage, bathrooms, dishwashers, lofts, floor plans, no trailer parks…if you eliminate all the things we fuss about, you won’t have much fodder for the newsletter. It ain’t gonna happen, right?
    I love the small cottages you’ve had on here. Great learning experience for those with open minds. Beautifully done and well-made, they also offer us a peek at foreign locales. In fact, I’ve already contacted the manager of this place. Cahow, where are you? I’ll pick up Comet on the way, sounds like she needs a break, too.

  • Avatar Sondra

    You know what the best part of looking at all these ‘rentals’ gives me ideas on things I can incorporate into my ‘small’ home, so Alex (love the name it’s my daughters) keep all the info regardless of rental or small or tiny or trailer etc coming cause I for one love looking at them ! My only complaint ? complainers 😉

  • Avatar Laura


  • It matters not whether it is being rented or lived in full time. Yes it is good advertisement, but it also provides locations and vacation ideas we may never have tough about before.

    Just relax and enjoy the different designs. Personally, I love the variety, and thoroughly enjoy seeing smaller house type spaces that are not necessarily mobile. I like the THOWs, but I also like the small to tiny cottage/cabin builds as well.

    Give the guy a break, I think he is doing an excellent job. I agree with Sondra!

  • Avatar Kate

    Yes, a sweet place to watch the sun go down over the (?) ocean. And obviously it is more recreational serving summer occupancy-no insulation there and even in FL during the winter months, insulation is needful. I think that lit’ stove will do the job of chasing the chill out after a rainstorm or in the early morning hours.
    I think the kitchen set up is interesting. While I don’t see much pantry space, the refrigerator is large enough to hold the fresh stuff. Eat, tidy and get out of doors for the day’s activities. Such a place in my childhood would make me think of ‘summer vacation.’ Now get out and walk those beaches!

  • Avatar Pam

    I look at all the things Alex shows us. I’m totally not into Modern design in any way, but I still look them over when he shows them for ideas. So what if a lot of these ideas are rentals. They are food for thought when one is ready to take the jump and build, or have built, their own tiny place. I totally love this little place and would live there in a heart beat. It has some awesome ideas for design and layout. I totally intend on looking harder at this one. Thanks Alex for your hard work in keeping us entertained with Tiny Home Eye Candy!

  • Avatar Karen

    This is a lovely little house. I don’t necessarily want to live near any bodies of water, but that doesn’t take away from its beauty. It’s what I would want my tiny house to look like with all of the white and light.

  • Avatar Chris Hutcheson

    Lovely layout and beautifully decorated. Looks like it’s strictly a summer/fall operation, as it gets a tad brisk in the winter there.

  • Avatar Deb D

    I like the houses for their designs and floorplans, it does not matter whether they are for sale, for rent, or just for a story. I’m looking at layout, furnishing, storage ideas, etc. The variety is good!

  • Avatar vee

    I totally agree with most of the comments. I am looking for ideas for my downsizing to a small abode and don’t care if they’re advertisements, rentals or whatever. This offering, from what I can see, is quite charming. I, personally, would not have wanted my bedroom surrounded by wooden posts, structures, whatever……..but otherwise,
    what I saw, I liked……especially the views.

  • Avatar Donna

    I really like that you show the rentals. Not only am I getting some great ideas for my future tiny house, but I’m getting excellent leads for vacation rentals. Keep up the good work.

  • I thought this cottage was great, though not my style. I am into the modern look, more as a bachelor pad. I love simple lines, I guess to each his own.
    Thanks Alex

  • Avatar Tracy

    Love this site and love whatever gets shared because it always sparks imagination!!

  • I a a semi-retired builder of 45 years. Currently I am building a tiny house in my backyard. I plan on moving into it and renting the main house for income. I am excited about downsizing from approximately 2400 s.f. To 600 s.f. A 75% reduction! Anyway, all of the stuff Alex has presented, whether it be a THOW or a cute vacation rental cottage in Nova Scotia is great. There is so much inspiration to be found in all these examples. I will present my project upon completion and look forward to everyone’s comments. In the meantime, keep ’em coming Alex!

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Kent! Can’t wait to see it

  • Avatar kristina nadreau

    a floor plan is ALWAYS helpful and of interest. the different rooflines make the most sense when I can see the floor plan. I live in a very small house. It started as a 36 x 36 square and has been added onto by several owners who had no thought of function or space planning. I am always interested in how designers allocate their space.

    • Avatar Chel

      Kristina, your house sounds like something I would love to see. An organically designed home, with little input from planning regulations, that obviously works for several owners to live in it. Please let us be nosey?
      And Alex? Hear hear to all the encouraging comments. Variety and inspiration are the catchwords for this wonderful site.

      • Avatar kristina nadreau

        I planned posting a few pictures of our house in a town of 10,000 in Central America, and I am sorry to say I can not figure out how to do it.. Our house is typical of a house built by local people who had what is considered middle class incomes. There is no problem with cluttering because people have the money to buy only necessities, not stuff. Because the climate is hot and this town is sea side, people expect to spend most of their time outside. The concept of a “family/game room” space as is common in the USA would be laughed at as a silly waste of space and money. Concrete construction is used due to hurricane dangers. I did pull out my tape and remeasured our house and it was originally about 25′ wide and 20′ long with a front veranda of 4′ by 12′, covered and not screened. About 500 sq ft. This originally was 2 br, 1 bath, kitchen with eating area and living or common space room. The front veranda was added on to become about 12′ by 16″. At some point a 9′ x 11 addition to the rear of the public spaces was added. this would have become the kitchen with the former kitchen becoming a dining area. I believe there was also a rear veranda, 11 x 9 off the kitchen added at that time. Originally there was a single closet 24 inches wide and 6 ft tall, like some of the Tiny Houses. The window openings have wooden louvers and no glass. A foreign owner added an efficiency apartment for himself on the second floor with a circular staircase, about 12 by 22′. Eventually the rear veranda was enclosed and added to the kitchen. We extended a new rear veranda 8′ x 25′ and another bedroom, to the bedroom side of the house. The house has more than doubled in size during its lifetime. There was a small water cachement system, with gravity flow. We plan to increase the size of this and add a pump, even tho we now have city water. We also plan to get a solar panel or 2 for a direct induction on grid system to augment our local electric supply. We are comfortable in our space with our 4 dogs and 2 cats. Even tho we have downsized greatly, I think we still have too much stuff and the size of some of our things are too large for the small rooms of our house. Some of the Tiny and Small spaces I see on the web have useful and attractive space allocation solutions that I expect to use in this house and the next.

  • Avatar Jane

    Fabulous house on a dreamy site!!

  • Avatar Mark

    .. I lile this one .. hmmm, how can I get one of those on my Hawkesbury river block ..8-)..

  • Avatar Kat


    This is very pretty. I love this website❤️

  • Avatar Angela

    I’m not sure I understand what the difference is between showing a rental small house and a residential small house, other than maybe how people store a ton of their possessions in a tiny house as opposed to a rental that doesn’t have anything personal to stow? Each one of us looking into this lifestyle has different needs and different interests. This could just as easily be a residence as it is a rental, so I don’t get it. Personally, the closest thing that my family is likely to be able to afford for the size we need is a cottage very similar to these Breton Island rentals, though, of course, we can’t afford the beautiful real estate. But these are perfect examples for me to view, so as said by others, to each his own. But this is a blog for a wide audience, not a made-to-order showcase of one type of home to one type of home owner. I don’t really dig straw bale houses. But I don’t complain about them being here for those that are. 🙂

    • Avatar Lake Lili

      Nova Scotia (Cape Breton is part of this province) is one of the last bastions of great real estate prices. There is a website called ViewPoint.ca that allows you to plug in your parameters and see what was available. A quick glance found over 70 properties under $75000 CDN with more than 2 acres and a house on them. Often the require work but none of use are afraid of that or we wouldn’t be here. You can still get farms there of 100 acres or more for under $150,000. It’s a great website to play on…

      • Avatar Angela

        That is astounding. Very tempting to move that way with prices like that!

  • Avatar M

    I agree we are seeing a lot of rentals. (And I don’t mind for the same reasons listed). I’m guessing that once the TH movement and vacation rental movement both took off it was only a matter of time before it was seen as a way to make money. Cottage rental is actually quite old school in the “old country”.

  • This isnt my favorite Tiny House..but this IS my favorite tiny house website..Love everything Alex puts into it. I have enjoyed many hours here and the only thing better for me personally would be if Alex published a real Tiny House Magazine..Id love that, but Im sure it would be too costly and time consuming….So Alex..love your site..please keep it all coming its wonderful, lots of enjoyment for us planning on downscaling to the Tiny House way , someday….lol (smiling)

  • Avatar Susanne

    The view is to die for!!!!

  • Avatar Denise

    Keep doing what you are doing Alex, I enjoy all of it and it gives me more ideas of how I will furnish my tiny house once the roof is on and it is sealed in. When it’s finished I will send info and pictures on it for you to feature also.

  • Avatar Toni

    I would like to possibly buy land with a tiny house but I have no idea where to start! I live in Phoenix and the housing market is booming again and it is quickly becoming out of my price range.. I’m thinking about relocating in North Carolina.. Can you direct me on buying a tiny home with land?
    Thank you! I love this website!!!

  • Avatar Nancy

    Keep ’em coming Alex. I love the variety of tiny/small homes you post here and like someone else said you won’t please everyone. If something is missing from one of your posts a simple Google search by the person inquiring might answer their question rather than posting negativity here. To expect floor plans for everything you post is a bit unrealistic, IMO
    I definitely appreciate all of your hard work to make these posts happen.

  • Avatar Lauranna

    Hey, If you scroll through the pictures, you will see a beautiful rounded island. This is Margareee Island, my grandfather Angus Y MacLellan was the light house keeper for over 30 years. My Dad was raised on that island. One of my daughters is called…Margaree. Simply a stunning and lovely area of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This is a short ride to an amazing beach, Inverness with it’s quaint town and a world class golf course. You can go for a ceilidh in Broad Cove and tour the famous Cabot Trail, the road on the cliffs around the edge of Cape Breton.
    Come and visit, I can’t wait to go back myself!
    ps. love this house

  • Avatar Susana

    I think the rentals are great. It shows me all the different places small houses can be. They still give all kind of ideas that could be used in your small house. Keep up the good work.

  • Alex,

    Is there any possible way you have the floor plans for this cute humble abode? Or shoot… even the dimensions???? I am dying to CAD this house and build this particular house? I got close but I would love to know the exact measurements if you can get your hands on them… 🙂 Thanks sooo much!!!!

    • Avatar Sally

      Dana: why not just contact the owners/managers? If you read the article, it gives you a link to their website. Their website gives information about the former incarnation of the building, and that it was moved to the present site. The website also has contact information. Good luck.

  • Avatar Jacky khan

    It stuns me. In UK a family would gladly occupy this space. It’s a gorgeous house…BUT IT’S NOT TINY! .you’re so indulged in all things oversized in US that you seem to have lost a sense of proportion. Please. ..let’s have some ‘proper’ small houses. This isn’t one of them.

    • Avatar Sally

      Jacky, perhaps you should check your metric conversion table. It isn’t 6000 square feet, or even 1600 square feet. It’s 600 square feet, which is smaller than a singlewide trailer.

    • Avatar Lake Lili

      Jacky, you are quite correct in thinking that many of the houses in North America are huge compared to the majority of homes in Europe (we’ll leave the size of Chatsworth out of the discussion) but 600 sq ft (55 sqm) for a 2 bedroom cottage is not oversized here or in the UK.

    • Avatar Robin

      Not to mention that this house is located in Canada, not the US.

  • Avatar Karen R

    Alex, I appreciate the variety on this fantastic website! My husband and I stayed in Bed and Breakfasts and cottages in Europe for years prior to their wide availability here, so we appreciate the wonderful properties you feature. Who doesn’t enjoy a quick “trip” back to Cornwall or Nova Scotia along seasoned with design tips?
    News coverage of tiny houses seems to begin and end with micro homes built to recover from debt with no mention of historic or newly built small homes, park models, and the multiple varieties. I offered reference to your site as response to a silly, poorly researched blog post. People were convinced we ALL live without utilities in less than 200 square feet and climb a ladder to sleep in a cave-like space.
    Of course, tiny homes can be 64 square feet or 900 square feet, because downsizing, simplicity and environmental responsibility are the goals. Some enthusiasts are barely scraping by while others are wealthy, but that is not the point – quality of life is.
    Diversity is good, not frightening! Keep up the good work, Alex!

  • Avatar Glema

    Thank you Alex for sharing what you share, your way. You always give a variety knowing your audience isn’t the same type of person at every turn, so it’s quite inclusive and I for one appreciate it the way it is. I especially like you went back to the old way of comments. 🙂 Thanks again! Happy trails and God bless you all!

  • Avatar Karen

    Couldn’t any home be a rental? I mean, all you have to do is say it’s for rent. 🙂 It’s listed in home away, so it is very likely someone’s summer cottage they are renting out when they aren’t able to use it. I love what they did with the space and the unique touches like the painted antlers. Also, I appreciate that they had at least a 20 hour drive with that ikea furniture. 🙂 getting a place so remote to look so modern and put together is a challenge.

  • Avatar Jane

    Cute spot….in best place on earth.

  • Avatar Robin

    Is this house insulated? It does not appear to be so, with the exposed framing on the inside.

  • Avatar Andrea Jasso

    Tiny or not…..many of us are visiting these posts in order to consider the design of our own personal “tiny homes” and this one reminds us of why I should consider a tiny home….to be able to have a home at a location such as this….temporary or not.

  • Avatar Liz

    This home and property is amazing!! I love how the interior is so well decorated and cozy. The exterior is equally as awesome and I could easily sit in that deck chair and watch sunsets every night. I think this place is simply wonderful in every sense.

  • Avatar betty rapier

    Please keep them coming because I’m trying to find a plan I like. Down sizing from 3 br 2 bath, because it’s to much for me to care for. I don’t care if it’s on a frame or on a slab. As long as it’s what I like and I can easily enter and exit. Some of the rentals have things I would love to incorporate into what I want. The only thing that turns me off a plan is chemical toilets. But keep them coming please

  • Avatar Betty

    This is fabulous, and I want to live there forever.

  • Avatar Joyce

    I’m sorry that so many people have to complain. You don’t have to open the links. I like all the houses for their ideas and information. Keep up the good work! I especially like thows but they all make me think and plan

  • Avatar jm

    Yeah this is great. When I look at a house like this I’m looking at the framing, the colors, the shingle siding–and the views–and imagining myself in this place. Ideas come from this. I care not at all how big it is, rental or not. Many tiny houses on this site are unsold models by builders who give readers an opportunity to ask them questions. What’s wrong with any of that?

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