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208 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny Idahomes

This tiny house on wheels has about 208 sq. ft. inside and is designed and built by Tiny Idahomes.

It’s a 26′ long model with cedar lap siding. Inside you’ll find two lofts… An 8′ loft with dormers and a 2′ storage loft.

When you walk inside through the beautiful double french doors you’ll be in the living area with the storage loft towards your right and the rest of the home to the left with its kitchen and bathroom.

Another thing you’ll notice is that the staircase to the sleeping loft doubles as your closet and/or pantry. Pretty cool, right? Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you!

208 Sq. Ft. Tiny House with Staircase Closet

208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 001

Images © Tiny Idahomes

208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 002 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 003 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 004 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 005 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 006 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 007 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 008 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 009 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0010 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0011 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0012 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0013 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0014 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0015 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0016 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0017 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0018 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0019 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0020 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0021 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0022 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0023 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0024 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0025 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0026 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0027 208 Sq Ft Cedar Tiny Idahome 0028

Images © Tiny Idahomes

Learn more: http://www.tinyidahomes.com/

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Alex is a contributor and editor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the always free Tiny House Newsletter. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories. We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too. Thank you!
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  • Andy
    July 1, 2015, 2:29 pm

    If that home is RVIA certified please tell me what ANSI code and who certified it as I see it differently and would like to inquire further as these false representations are misleading and (more importantly) misinforming to the tiny home community!!! I am asking based on their website claiming RVIA certification, not anything shown here.

    • Resa
      July 1, 2015, 3:19 pm

      Andy, Tiny Idahomes is listed on the RVIA website as a RVIA certified builder. It took me all of 5 minutes to go to the web site, access the member directory, and find them. It’s alphabetical. Even a 5-year-old can use it.

  • Dominick Bundy
    July 1, 2015, 2:53 pm

    Love all that storage and closet space, that’s a huge big plus for me, as well as the steps instead of a ladder to the loft. Just needs a railing for those stairs and we’re good to go..

    • Carol
      July 1, 2015, 3:24 pm

      Hi, I like the stairs without a railing. I too love all of the storage! But on the bottom step/smallest door there could have been a better way to access all of that space, i.e. a larger door there?

  • Kate
    July 1, 2015, 3:12 pm

    Andy’s comment made me to look it up. (I’m curious like that.)
    The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is the national trade association representing recreation vehicle (RV) manufacturers and their component parts suppliers who together build more than 98 percent of all RVs produced in the U.S.
    per http://www.rvia.org/?ESID=about

    Not sure why this TH would need to be certified as such since it isn’t considered a RV…or is it?

    • Alex
      July 1, 2015, 6:06 pm

      Yes- a THOW can be an RV if you want it to 🙂

      In fact, I believe Tumbleweed now calls their tiny homes, “An RV like you’ve never seen before” 😀

    • Bonny
      July 1, 2015, 6:25 pm

      I understand that an RV designation would be necessary for financing and, possibly, for travel on public roads. Otherwise, you would have to have your own financing and qualify for a special permit to move the TH. Perhaps someone else can clarify this. I think it is a very nice home and think it looks complete except for the appliances (other than the stove, AC, etc). Most of these TH don’t seem to come with stair railings but something could be added to make it safer.

      • Lisa E.
        November 21, 2015, 1:22 pm

        Carol (above) doesn’t like railings, but they are important for kids, handicaps and seniors. A rail could be added to the wall that wouldn’t take up as much space as a banister, or impact the looks as much, either.

    • Morbious
      July 2, 2015, 11:11 am

      If the house is not considered an RV then your financing situation changes. Banks will finance an RV. They will most likely not finance what will be called a load on your trailer. If you are paying cash or have your own financing, this may not apply to you. I don’t know of any THOW’s that are considered an RV for financing purposes, but I could most certainly have missed some. Be sure so you don’t get hurt. This is why it’s hard to get insurance on a THOW. The insurance company doesn’t consider it a house. It’s just a load you have on your trailer.

  • Maria
    July 1, 2015, 3:28 pm

    This house is great. How much is this house? There are only a few things I would change. Remove the heater by the door. You can get an a/c and heating unit. The unit above the window looks like it is just a/c,but they make one that is both. Next I don’t like sliding windows,I like the ones that open up and down. Counter top a different color. Oh and a railing for stairs and opening of the loft. Then it would be perfect for me.

    • Dick
      September 22, 2016, 9:55 pm

      Maria, the unit above the window is a mini-split AC/heat pump. The unit by the door looks like a Dickinson marine heater. IIRC, it has no thermostat, so many THOWs have both types of unit.

      One thing I’d eliminate is the French doors. IMO they take up too much wall space. I’d be happy with just one door and using the reclaimed space as a small closet, since the largest closet under the stairs would hold a w/d combo.

  • Vickie Lewis
    July 1, 2015, 3:31 pm

    I like the design of this layout! And no ladder to climb!

  • Lisa E.
    July 1, 2015, 3:34 pm

    Every time I see some piece of equipment sitting out on the tongue my security alarm bells start to go off. If someone were to take this on the road, I can’t help but wonder how long it would be before that (what is it, a generator of some sorts?) piece of equipment will go missing. I think every piece of equipment outside of the house needs some kind of security housing, whether that be a hard mesh caging, or a wooden cupboard with locks.

    • sue
      July 1, 2015, 3:54 pm

      it looks like it might be either a generator or an air conditioning unit. either way it has a plug next to the unit and it can be unplugged and put inside the house. it would be nice to have a cover over it and a lock on the door. then no one would pilfer anything.

      • Snitch
        November 22, 2015, 7:09 am

        Sue, it is the motor/ fan for the split AC/Heater unit. I have one just like it. BTW, you cannot operate it with a cover. It’s also bolted to the tongue, so no worries about theft. Hope that answers your questions.

        • Lisa E.
          September 23, 2016, 1:46 am

          I’ve seen these units placed up high on a shelf under the eave. I like this idea better than sitting on the tongue. It could be bolted to the wall and then no one can get at it.

    • Chris
      July 1, 2015, 9:14 pm

      Seems like there are a lot of things that need to be done to it to make it livable, including some housing around that unit. But, that’s what’s nice about it in my opinion. It almost seems spacious. I had several ideas for what I would do with the space as I checked out the images.

    • woof
      July 29, 2015, 3:11 am

      it’s a “mini-split” (could be a/c strictly, or a heatpump that covers both a/c and heat, but it is space saving and ductless)

  • SteveDenver
    July 1, 2015, 3:35 pm

    Enough closets under the stairs for THREE Harry Potters!

    • Lisa E.
      November 21, 2015, 1:30 pm

      Lol! Excellent observation! Three Harry Potters or six hobbits! 🙂

      • Dick
        September 22, 2016, 10:04 pm

        Hobbits? Aren’t we mixing metaphors? lol
        Actually, you could include Dobby, Kreacher, and a few other house elves. And let them do the housework!

        • Lisa E.
          September 23, 2016, 1:49 am

          LOL! House elves to do the housework… I think you’re onto something there, Dick. Good thinking. 😀

  • Rue
    July 1, 2015, 3:36 pm

    Very nice! The under-stair cabinets could use some kind of shelving system, and one would have to add a fridge and washer/dryer….plus railings would be good.

    But this is a very workable layout with lots of storage.

  • TXTbone
    July 1, 2015, 3:37 pm

    Love it

  • Linda
    July 1, 2015, 4:54 pm

    This is very nice…but staircase needs hand rails on both sides for us older folks.

    • Sally
      July 2, 2015, 12:51 pm

      Not just us elders. I recently saw a video of a 40ish man trying to safely access a loft bed from steps (no rails anywhere). The steps went up one side, not the peak, which meant he had to crouch, then crouch further, and was so bent upon reaching the top that he had to flop on his belly and slide/crawl to get to the bed, where he could sit up.
      Going back down was not fun to watch, either. I figured they would find him with a cracked skull on his kitchen counter one day.
      I don’t know why basic safety features are omitted from THs as if they don’t matter. Even rock-climbers require pitons or hand-holds to ascend.

  • Andy
    July 1, 2015, 4:56 pm

    Yes, I too saw that hence I asked to which ANSI code and WHO certified it (what third party) as it VIOLATES code, can a 5 year old answer that…??? Read the whole statement before starting whiny replies…please!

  • Adina Hirschmann
    July 1, 2015, 5:12 pm

    The house did not look finished. The stairway needs a handrail on the outer edge, with ballusters spaced close enough together to prevent falling or a child’s head getting stuck. Same with along the edge of the sleeping loft. The storage loft needs folding attic stairs instead of a ladder. While the shower stall looks serviceable as-is, ceramic tile would be a more durable option. To save weight, I would use translucent plexiglas doors (folding or sliding) to close it off. The sink looks awkward the way it’s positioned, with the faucet hardware sticking up too high. I would be worried about bumping into it when washing my face or putting on makeup. The upstairs windows should crank out from the top to allow ventilation when it rains. The roofs don’t have sufficient enough overhang to deflect water from the exterior siding during a storm, nor gutters or downspouts. What type of finish is used on the interior paneling? The kitchen sink, cooktop and countertop need a backsplash to protect the wall and make for easier cleaning.

    • July 1, 2015, 6:24 pm

      Your roof overhang counts in your overall width. Which would you rather have, a wide overhang and a 7′ wide house or an 8′ wide house with minimal overhang?

      How would you get disagreeing attic stairs in the storage loft? Those are 24″ wide and 4′ long, might as well kiss the sotorage goodbye.

      99% of tiny houses don’t have handrails or balusters. This is because the stairs are not wide enough to even qualify as real stairs, as those are 3′ wide minimum with 10″ treads and 7.5″ risers. The entire tiny house would be one enormous staircase if you want the stairs to be legal. I’m a total fan of a vertical handhold somewhere midway and maybe again at the top on the ceiling, just a grab bar to steady yourself but these types of things can always be added.

      Again, in defense of the owner here, most THs don’t have a sink in the bathroom, they rely on the kitchen sink for face and hand washing. So the IKEA tiny sink is a bonus here.

      I have looked at thousands on THs and this one is fantastic in its simplicity! Tons of closet/pantry space even a place for Washer dryer! Vented hood over the cooktop, lots of counter space and the living are is really roomy.

      About the only thing I would have done would be to make the bed lift deeper and let the stairs cut into it. This would make a nice place for some book shelves up high on the edge of the loft and give some privacy while sleeping.

      This one is VERY close to perfection!

      • Snitch
        November 22, 2015, 7:17 am

        My tonight’s EXACTLY! Really like this one. Jesse and his crew are doing some dynamic things over there in Idaho.

  • Mary
    July 1, 2015, 5:25 pm

    This is perfect for me and has about everything except solar and a tiny wood stove that I need. How much would that cost?

  • The Knights
    July 1, 2015, 5:51 pm

    I like this house. How much would this weigh? How much does house like this cost? And there is a lot of folk cryin about the this house was built. I haven’t seen there houses anywhere on any website…. Thanks

    • dina searle
      July 1, 2015, 6:55 pm

      perfect, just needs some kind of railing.!! 🙂

  • Mardee
    July 1, 2015, 8:11 pm

    I like this one but I would remove one of the windows also make sure that I put in a W/D combo & refridgerator combo

    • Sharee
      July 10, 2015, 6:35 am

      I see a small alcove next to the stairs with red and blue valves and an electrical outlet. Are those for a washer/dryer unit?

      • Snitch
        November 22, 2015, 7:20 am

        Yes, and it will fit an apartment sized stacked W/D unit. I have that set-up in my THOW, and I love it!

  • CathyAnn
    July 1, 2015, 9:07 pm

    This THOW has everything going for it in IMO. Any changes I would make were I to live in it, are minimal such as something to hold onto when using the stairs, and a railing of some sort in the loft. It has an airy feeling to it. Very nice!

    • Lynnette
      July 2, 2015, 2:22 am

      Cahow!!! Yes I agree…handrails for the stairs people! NOT ALL OF US ARE 25 Y/O LOL Could easily turn the handrail into a coat rack with some hooks or plant hangers on it, shelves for knick knacks etc. Handrails PEOPLE HANDRAILS!!!!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

  • Andy
    July 1, 2015, 9:38 pm

    I fully support freedom and spent years in an Army uniform to do so and am proud to be an American combat veteran, but having my intellect compared to a 5 yr old is insulting. My question is accurate and legitimate as people are being misled. First of all R IA certification legally means nothing; it is a trade organization only. If someone invests their hard earned money and finds out RVIA is a useless endorsement concerns me as I am not here to mislead, but know there are 2 ANSI codes (at least) governing RVIA members and this home violates BOTH. That is my concern

  • Rod Cullins
    July 1, 2015, 10:07 pm

    Ohh, now this is for me! Add some off white paint for the interior (sorry, but stain isn’t for me), a wood stove, solar, and satellite for my TV and internet for dealing with clients, and I’m a happy camper. I’m looking into some Montana land, so this would be perfect. Bookmarking this page. 🙂

    • LouAnn Gurske
      September 10, 2015, 11:47 am

      Hello Rod, Where in Montana are you looking for land? I am a shareholder of a corporation that owns some land in northwestern Montana. The property is corporately owned by all shareholders and you are allowed to build a cabin. A rustic looking TH would fit in nicely. The main idea of the corporation is to keep the property somewhat wilderness but usable. The shareholders choose a specific section for their personal use. If interested , you can contact me at [email protected], and I can give you more information.

  • Beaglegirl
    July 1, 2015, 11:14 pm

    This is the first tiny home I’ve seen that would gracefully hold an acoustic piano! Now this may seem nuts to many of you but for me, an acoustic piano is essential. Forget TV, fancy electronics, computers, sound systems; I’m a pianist, that’s my job and passion. For me even a fancy electric sampling piano won’t do. I could live here (and of course not move it).

  • Catherine
    July 2, 2015, 12:01 am

    In general I think Idahomes designs great tiny homes. Love the storage, laundry, and kitchen. It’s got everything I would want. I still don’t like the choice of Windows however. I would want crank style windows for starters and bigger ones in the loft. (for an emergency exit) Also, why are the kitchen and bathroom windows up so high? At 5′ 1′ I would have problems being able to look out lol! Last, but not least, that heater is still not in a good place. I would want to put a sofa of some sort on the end wall and the heater prevents that. Couldn’t it be put under the window across from the French doors?

  • Rob Mair
    July 2, 2015, 11:30 am

    Lots of comments but does anyone buy. When I look at this tiny house I see an object that someone wants to make money from.
    The image reminds me of a first world war tank. Please think more deeply about what we have here. This THOW to me is a sign of the decline of the spirit of the tiny house movement.

  • Sharon Fried
    July 2, 2015, 6:53 pm

    I’ve looked at quite a few and this is one of my favorites. It’s light and airy and comfortable looking and I especially love the french doors!! Anyone who buys it can always make small modifications, i.e. handrails, lock box for a/c, etc.

  • Varenikje
    July 2, 2015, 8:09 pm

    In the second picture (the first of the interior of the house) there is a thing above the window. What is that? It looks almost like a baseboard heater, but it is above the window.

    • David
      July 3, 2015, 9:25 pm

      It looks at it is a heater/air conditioning unit.

    • Varenikje
      July 4, 2015, 1:06 pm

      Both? And if it was a heater, wouldn’t the heat just go up and not really heat the room at all? I am getting curiouser and curiouser.

  • SusieM
    July 2, 2015, 10:12 pm

    Oh for heaven’s sake people!!! if you want a “GD handrail” add one!@#%**!!!!! AARRRGGGHHH!!!!! Talk about nit picking!! If you bother following the link to the web site, then you can see how amenable the company is to meeting your needs. The Dickinson stove is extra – so it doesn’t have to be there – it can be where ever you want it to be – this is a basic model – yours doesn’t have to be exactly like this – just like the ad for Burger King – “Have it YOUR way”.

    Now that I have that out of my system – gotta admit, this is nicely laid out – love the double French doors – love all the light – love that the kitchen is not more than 30% of the entire house – love all the storage under the stairs – love the headroom in the loft!
    Now – if I only had $$$ – sigh.

    • Doris
      July 2, 2015, 11:20 pm

      So glad you love it, but guess what? The rest of us are entitled to our commentary without your censoring, and there’s a major possibility that us “older folks” know what the H– we are talking about from experience.
      Fracture a hip at any age, and you can lose everything you own while recovering. Fracture a skull at any age, and you won’t be so GD worried about other people’s views: you’ll be trying to figure out how to feed yourself without sticking a spoon in your eye.
      As for watching a video, If the house doesn’t grab my interest right away, I don’t bother. There are too many other choices.

    • SusieM
      July 3, 2015, 2:37 pm

      Doris – I am older – with bad knees – and on disability – and have the misfortune to be stuck on meds that interfere with my balance – added to which – a close relative has been left paralyzed due to a fall down the stairs. I’ve also been following the Tiny house movement closely for over 4 years now – back when Tumbleweeds were about the only builders out there, before it took off big. I check out almost every one that is posted – including going to the web site.

      My point is that this is a basic model from a builder who is more than willing to meet any customer’s requirements. So many people jump on the comments section and point out why “it won’t work for them” – all they can see is the negative – why things won’t work – instead of recognizing what great strides forward have been made in just a few short years!!!
      Personally – if I had a loft – I would need a guard rail at the very least – probably a knee wall and a rail – I could never manage a ladder – but would be nervous of stairs too – so would probably go for a raised platform with a pull out bed underneath – or just a couple of steps up onto a gooseneck like Macy Miller has. I would also turn the entire roof 90 degrees like the bone carver artist in New Zealand if I were going with a loft.
      I’ve been planning my own for a long time – unfortunately I became ill and unable to build it myself, and since I can no longer work – the money has gone – so I do know what I’m talking about – just getting tired of some people doing nothing but look for faults in the hard work of others.

      This one isn’t about me – or what I’m planning – it’s a builder saying – hey – this is my latest model – this is the base plan – and you can customize it how you like – and we will be happy to implement that for you.

      Oh and btw – for those asking how much it’s selling for? all you have to do is click on the link to the builder’s web site – $40,000 will get you the basic – and they list what is included and where it comes from. You can even change the windows to the type you prefer – be they crank or slide.

  • Christine
    July 3, 2015, 7:07 am

    I love the use of the stairs! I also like the layout. I’m bookmarking this company.

  • Nancy M
    July 4, 2015, 6:44 am

    Nice layout. If I could do stairs, this would definitely be a great choice! Love all the lights, kitchen, etc. And the bathroom across the end instead of opposite the kitchen. Obviously designed to have a decent-sized fridge, and a washer/dryer, so everything that is needed! Good, open design.

  • Elle
    July 8, 2015, 2:53 pm

    from what I’ve learned from this (awesome) TH news letter is that the RVIA certification allows people to get the TH licensed as an RV and insured adequately (because companies won’t insure it as a conventional home) as well as getting around the building codes, most of which specify that a conventional home (CH) cannot be under 600 sq ft (at least that’s the smallest sq ft limit I’ve heard of that can still be considered a CH. Someone correct me I’m wrong. I think it’s a brilliant idea.
    A 5’1″ at least you can almost stand straight up in the loft! You would actually have a proper ‘2-story’ house.
    I really like this style of staircase in a TH. You need storage anyway and this is an attractive way to add it. It adds a ‘homey’ look and can be placed in just about any area of the TH, even smack-dab in the middle for those who want to divide the kitchen from the living area ….and another surface on which to hang things! This TH, very well done.

  • Patrick Lee
    July 12, 2015, 8:29 pm

    I like this tiny home a lot but I would add railing, since I am an older guy and also a safety side board below the railing because I have two small dogs.

  • Robyn
    July 15, 2015, 12:44 am

    I have been following Idahomes for a while and they have done some beautiful variations on this model (also love the one with copper counter tops). When I order mine, I will want a skylight in loft that opens for breeze and exit. I thought it would also be cool to have an under the stairs writing nook with a porthole window, not sure if there’s enough room for that, though. The sketches and dreams continue. Nice job, Idahomes!

  • James
    August 21, 2015, 11:08 pm

    I really want to build this tiny house, but they don’t sell their plans. Does anyone know of any other TH with simular frame structure?

  • angeline isaac
    September 2, 2015, 3:43 pm

    How much this TH cost.

  • Peter Piper
    November 20, 2015, 5:05 pm

    Love it… under the stairs is a great place to put washer/dryer.

    • Peter Piper
      November 20, 2015, 5:09 pm

      Oh, I see they already have a place for washer/dryer. In that case, I’d make drawers in the stair rungs and leave the rest of it for pantry/closet.

  • Ms Gleaux
    November 20, 2015, 9:36 pm

    I would really like to know the estimate cost for the Texas Project, Tyler’s, and Katy’s models, and their height/length.

  • Kathy
    November 22, 2015, 6:51 pm

    Simple and straightforward design, and I LOVE it! Let me count the ways. LOL The living space is huge. The stairs and the storage beneath them – fantastic. Space for a even a stacked washer dryer, AND a larger, possibly close to “full size” fridge. Nice one wall kitchen. Generous bathroom. Spacious loft. From what one can tell from photos, it appears to be very well built. Nicely priced, after studying the website. I would move in tomorrow.
    With that said, I have to add that any more I frequently skip reading people’s comments, because I get weary of the highly critical, got-nothing-good-to -say THOW Grinches out there.
    We all are entitled to say that we would have preferences for doing things differently, such as to add or not to add a handrail on the stairs. But we should realize that most, if not all, TH builders are ready willing and able to do whatever your heart desires. There’s no need to jump all over the lack of the things you consider important. Be more good spirited in your criticisms!
    The criticism that bothers me the most is the complaint that people are only in the business for the money, and the resulting special-built THOW are spoiling the THOW “movement”, or its “spirit”, as if it were a religion. To my way of thinking, any one who is opting for a small dwelling like this one has got the right “spirit” of desiring to live more simply, to live one’s life for some reason other than to pay the mortgage on your McMansion. It does not have to be a TH built of mismatched discarded windows, and scavenged tin and discarded fence slats to have the right TH spirit. And I am glad there are contractors out there who are willing to build THs when they could make far more money building a housing development of cheaply built 2600 sq ft MCMansions.
    And last but not least, for those of us who cannot scavenge and reclaim old house materials and build out own spirit-correct THOW, or who don’t want to live in a house made that way, I am glad there are people who are in it for the money!! And I would gladly pay for their experience and dedication. This is the way our open market works. There usually is a group to make what another group wants. It’s no crime. And IMHO, having more nicely built THs out there can do nothing but built the movement and be good for all of us who want to live tiny. Thanks for indulging me in this — I have been wanting to say it for a long time. 🙂

  • November 24, 2015, 10:55 am

    So, if the overhangs count in the overall width of the trailer, what happens if the trailer is MORE than 8.5′ wide?

    I understand that a “WIDE LOAD” banner is required at a certain point.
    I also understand that a separate vehicle with a “Wide Load” banner is required at a different point.

    What are those points AND what does it cost, for example if your house is 9′ wide (including overhangs/trim) or 10′ wide (inclusive)?

    If it is a matter of getting a special permit each time you move, paying a fee of some sort and buying a banner, this might not be cost prohibitive if you don’t move often, but if the fees are outrageous, or if you need the separate vehicle thing, I’m sure this gets pricy… unless you have a separate car that someone else can drive who can be the “other car” with the “wide load” banner.

    Just curious if there are any DOT people out there who know the regulations… as a rule, though I know they will differ state to state.

  • Melinda willcox
    August 7, 2016, 1:54 pm

    How much one like this. Thank you, Melinda

  • Kathy
    July 1, 2017, 5:55 pm

    Wow! About HALF of you all out there sure got outta bed on the wrong side before making these comments. I am going to say this where perhaps the staff at tiny house talk.com has to hold their tongues. Please could we try to be a little more civil and make constructive criticisms when we feel every other person simply must read them. Otherwise, maybe no comment would be in order. Jeesh.

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