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2020 Tiny House Bundle: 7 Tiny House Plans And Many Other Goodies For Only $49 (Ends Saturday)

This post contains affiliate links.

The 2020 Tiny House Bundle is here, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Being stuck at home in quarantine, we could all use a muse!

This year’s bundle features 20 expert contributors and $2,175 worth of tiny house-related products for only $49. What’s the catch? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime deal and it ends forever Saturday, April 18th, 2020 at Noon EST. It’s like getting 95% discount on all 20+ products. You honestly get so much, it would be hard to get through it all in one year, and the pricetag is easily worth it in tiny house plans alone. But if you used all of it, it would almost be like going to tiny house college!

Courses and products include a DIY tiny house build e-workshop with Andrew Morrison, Dowsizing31 with Brenda Mason, How to Design Your Own Custom Tiny House with Jake and Kiva, Remote Work for Nomads with Kristin Hanes, FullTime RV Travel eCourse with Macy Miller, Your Message Here by Andrew Odom, 12 Issues of the Tiny House Magazine, 7 tiny house plans, and more. For the complete list of what’s included click and purchase here using our affiliate link.

=> Learn more and get yours here. (our affiliate link – thanks for your support! Enjoy your bundle!!)

8 Tiny House Courses, 6 eBooks, 12 Tiny House Magazine Issues, and 7 Tiny House Plans Worth $2,175 for only $49 – Ends on 4/18 (Saturday)

Bundle-3 Bundle-1

Learn more and get yours!

=> https://tinyhousetalk.com/2020bundle (our affiliate link)

So here’s a recap of what you get with this year’s 2020 Tiny House Bundle…

Remote Work For Nomads Course ($37 value)

Remote work for nomads ecourse

Full-Time RV Travel eCourse ($39.99 value)

Full Time RV Travel ecourse with Macy Miller

Money From the Road: A Basic 101 of Money On the Road ($99 value)

Money from the road course

Practically Tiny: Capsule Kitchen, Wardrobe & Self Care ($47 value)

Practically Tiny

The Tiny House B.I.G. Book: A Beginner’s Illustrated Guide to a Complete Tiny House Build ($55 value)

The Tiny House Big Book PDF

Build Your Own Tiny House by Andrew Morrison (a $99 value e-workshop)

Build your own tiny house with Andrew Morrison

Downsizing31 with Brenda Mason (normally $497 )

Downsizing 31

Learn to Design Your Own Custom Tiny House with Jake and Kiva (normally $30)

Learn to design your own custom tiny house with The Tiny Nest

Tiny House, Rich Lifestyle: A Life Planning Workshop (normally $25)

Tiny house rich lifestyle ecourse

Simple Living, Right Now with Brynn Burger ($9.99 eBook)

Simple living right now

Living the Sustainable Tiny Life Book and Workbook ($45 value)

Living the sustainable tiny life

12 Issues of the Tiny House Magazine ($55 value, digital magazine, NOT print)

12 tiny house magazine issues

Your Message Here and Put Your Message Here Too by Andrew Odom (Learn how to get sponsors for your tiny house… normally $26.89)

Your message here with Andrew Odom – Gaining Corporate Sponsors

The Sweet Pea Tiny House Plans by Dee Williams (normally $79)

Tiny house plans 1

The Cider Box Tiny House Plans by ShelterWise (normally $199)

Tiny house plans 2

Alexis A-frame Plans (normally $290)

Tiny house plans 3

Sommerhus Tiny House ADU by Shawn Dehner (normally $99)

Tiny house plans 4

The Dart Cabin by Derek Diedricksen (normally $35)

Tiny house plans 5

Tropical Tiny House Plan by Malissa Tack (normally $175)

Tiny house plans 6

SOL POD Tiny House by Vina Lustado (normally $245)

Tiny house plans 7

That’s over $2175 worth of tiny house products… 33 different products for only $49. Here’s your chance to get it all and make your quarantine that much better! Click here. (affiliate link)

Learn more and get yours!

=> https://tinyhousetalk.com/2020bundle (our affiliate link)

Big thanks to Ethan Waldman of TheTinyHouse.net for putting this all together for us!

Ethan Waldman tiny house

And another huge thanks to all of the participants (including those NOT pictured here) for contributing.

Dee Williams Tiny house expedition Andrew Morrison Macy miller Derek Diedricksen Andrew Odom the Tiny Nest

Learn more and get yours!

=> https://tinyhousetalk.com/2020bundle (our affiliate link)

Bus life Vera Struck

It’s $2,175 worth of tiny house products (e-courses, e-books, and tiny house plans) for only $49. But it all ends promptly on 4/18/2020 at noon EST. It’s the 2020 Tiny House Bundle. (affiliate link)

Learn more and get yours!

=> https://tinyhousetalk.com/2020bundle (our affiliate link)

This post contains affiliate links.

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