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Small House for Sale by New Avenue Homes in Palo Alto, CA

This 480-square-foot small house is up for sale in Palo Alto, California.

Built by New Avenue Homes it may just be what a lot of us are looking for in a house.

The design is made to be placed in the backyard of your current home so the price doesn’t include land. What’s for sale is the small house which you see here which would be delivered to your site.

There are a total of 7 rooms: bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, sleeping loft, kitchen, living room, and outdoor deck.

The small home features a stackable washer and dryer, compact air conditioning system, and a modern spiral staircase to the loft.

Small House for Sale by New Avenue Homes in Palo Alto, CA

The exterior looks modern and has more than enough windows for natural lighting and ventilation. Let’s look inside:

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Clothesline Tiny Homes Family Portrait

I recently read Carrie’s post over at Clothesline Tiny Homes and they’ve found a new parking spot in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Back in March 2012, I introduced you to Carrie and Shane of Clothesline Tiny Houses.

One of the most interesting parts about living in a tiny home on wheels is that you can move to a new location relatively easy. That’s what Carrie and Shane decided to do recently.

On their new site they’ve got a lot more privacy on their lot compared to before. You know, so you can step outside in the morning and not have to worry about what you look like.

They got a few wonderful shots of the house as it was being towed and even when it was parked in place.

So here’s what the house looks like today sitting in Sante Fe.

Clothesline Tiny Homes Family Portrait

Photo Credit Clothesline Tiny Homes

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Tiny Earthen Cob House by Peak Moment TV

Janaia Donaldson went out to interview the owner/builder of this tiny earthen cob house that was built by hand.

In this video interview, you’ll get to hear how Greg, the builder, decided to build it and how he did it.

He also discusses different ways which we can provide for ourselves including building our own homes, medicine, and food.

It took Greg four summers while working full-time at a job to complete the cob house, but he began living in it around two years in.

It’s a two story structure made with materials found in the woods and he uses it mostly just as a summer house because he travels during the other parts of the season.

Tiny Earthen Cob House by Peak Moment TV

Photo Credit Peak Moment TV

He says just about anyone can build a structure like this and that it requires no special skills or intelligence to do it. The most important skill? Common sense.

Watch the entire video episode below:

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Emmanuelle LeBlanc Tiny House for Sale in NY

Emmanuelle sent me a message letting me know that she has a new tiny house for sale in NY.

It’s a 120-square-foot space built on a 16′ flatbed utility trailer.

The framing in the house is reinforced with hurricane straps so it’s built strong enough to be towed.

It’s a tiny house shell ready to be delivered to you and then you can have the inside and any other customizations done yourself.

This one does not come with loft space installed but there is 4′ of space for that if you wanted to do it..

Optionally you can build a murphy bed using this kit on Amazon along with the plans.

Emmanuelle LeBlanc Tiny House for Sale in NY

Asking price: $13,999.

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Tiny Houses vs RVs

By Laura LaVoie

Recently, the Oregon Live website picked up our interview with Tammy Strobel about her tiny house in Portland. A commenter, Donald Beams, takes issue with Tammy’s declaration that tiny houses in the city of Portland need to be deemed “cute,” asserting instead that a mobile home his company builds will stack up any day to the “Cuteness” of the tiny house movement.

There are times in his argument that I am uncertain whether his main point is that more people should consider rural settings for their tiny homes to avoid zoning enforcement or whether they should consider mobile homes before they decide to build a tiny house at all. 

“Rural living itself, which eliminates most of the zoning hassles enumerated in the article. With your own (shared?) well, septic system, and solar electric system you can break or ameliorate dependence (and a burden) on both utility companies and municipal services, which are going up in price at the same time their dependability is coming into question.”

I don’t disagree with his primary point. I myself chose to live in a rural setting so I could enjoy the Smokey Mountains. However, not every tiny house builder wants to live in the mountains, or any other rural setting. Some people build tiny houses and want to live in the city.

Tiny Houses vs RVs

Photo Credit Seattle Tiny Homes & Schlage Lock Company

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Seattle Tiny Homes Video Tour

Yesterday I showed you the Seattle Tiny Homes lock up with Joshua.

Today I wanted to give you a chance to tour the rest of the house with Derek Diedricksen.

You’ll even see Jay Shafer and Dee Williams appear sporadically in the video too since this tour was held at a Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop.

It’s a really unique design and the little home features a kitchen, bathroom, washer and dryer, and two sleeping lofts.

I really enjoy the pop out window in the bathroom, too.

So glad that Deek was able to capture the house and share it with us.

So without further ado…

Seattle Tiny Homes 🙂

Seattle Tiny Homes Video Tour

Photo Credits Derek Diedricksen/YouTube.com

Below you can see the kitchen with main sleeping loft above. Door in the center takes you to the bathroom with toilet, shower and washer/dryer.

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Tiny House in Downtown Seattle

How would you feel about being locked up in a tiny house for 6 days?

I love tiny homes, especially the one you’re about to see here, but I don’t like being locked up anywhere.

But I think you’ll enjoy this little adventure in downtown Seattle.

They had everyday people go on a key hunt in and around the city finding clues so that they can free Joshua from being locked in the little house.

It was a marketing concept for the lock company Schlage. Here’s how it worked.

There were fourteen clues to dig up throughout the city and the winner would receive $5,000 plus get to free Joshua.

Tiny House in Downtown Seattle

How about that? A tiny house parked right in the middle of downtown Seattle!

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