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Clothesline Tiny Homes Parks in Sante Fe

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I recently read Carrie’s post over at Clothesline Tiny Homes and they’ve found a new parking spot in Sante Fe, New Mexico.

Back in March 2012, I introduced you to Carrie and Shane of Clothesline Tiny Houses.

One of the most interesting parts about living in a tiny home on wheels is that you can move to a new location relatively easily. That’s what Carrie and Shane decided to do recently.

On their new site they’ve got a lot more privacy on their lot compared to before. You know, so you can step outside in the morning and not have to worry about what you look like.

They got a few wonderful shots of the house as it was being towed and even when it was parked in place.

So here’s what the house looks like today sitting in Sante Fe.

Clothesline Tiny Homes Family Portrait

Photo Credit Clothesline Tiny Homes

Clothesline Tiny House Under a Bridge

To create some sort of a driveway they were able to get their hands on some gravel for the path and patio which was free from one of Shane’s job sites.

A few weeks prior they arrived at the site to set up water and power. You can read all about it on this post.

Clothesline Tiny House in Sante Fe

Quick Video of the Tiny House on a Trailer Being Towed

To see the rest of the photos and learn more, visit Clothesline Tiny Homes.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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