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Tiny Home on Wheels with Retractable Porch

So here’s a tiny house you might have a dream about tonight.

It’s from a builder called Molecule Tiny Homes. You can also check them out and “Like” them on Facebook.

The most notable feature is the porch which flips up and down.

I like this feature because wherever you might land, you can easily extend your outdoor space without having to actually build a deck or anything.

In addition, you get to maximize the interior space as much as possible since the porch flips out.

This is something I’ve always wanted to see incorporated into a little house on wheels, so I was thrilled to see it.

Tiny Home on Wheels with Retractable Porch

Photo Courtesy of Molecule Tiny Homes

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In case you’ve been wondering why there hasn’t been any new posts lately (sorry!), it’s because I’ve been spending most of my time on getting and setting up a new server for tinyhousetalk.wpengine.com.

We’ve been getting enough traffic (especially on newsletter days) that it was causing our server to crash and sometimes just perform slower than I was comfortable with. Our Tiny House Newsletter is now reaching more than 12,000 subscribers, that’s so exciting!

Thank you so much for your continued support. I’m actually very glad that we outgrew our old server because tinyhousetalk.wpengine.com is now ready for even more growth because I’m even more excited to show as many people as humanly possible how a smaller home can help give them more freedom and happiness. And I hope you’ll continue to join me on this inspiring mission that is changing lives for the better, increasing overall consciousness, and making our environment better.

Tiny houses aren’t for everyone and I believe that large homes will always have their place. My goal is to simply get as many people as possible to reconsider by asking themselves, “How much house do I really need to be happy and enjoy the most amount of freedom?”

Right now I’m working on a little bug from the transfer so you might run into some blog posts where the pictures aren’t loading up, this is also causing the entire page to load up slow at times but I’m working on it right now and should be all finished and back to normal soon.

Anyway, just wanted to say “Hi,” and let you know what’s going on. Thank you so much, again, for your patience and support.

Alex Pino

Debras Tiny House Video Tour and Buying vs Renting Land

Guest Post by Debra Jordan of How to Live in 320 Square Feet

This is when to buck conventional wisdom.  There are a lot of great books on being mortgage free.  “Buy the best land possible with the least amount of money” is some advice often given.  If you search the phrase “When NOT to buy land” or something similar, your effort would result fruitless.  So I am writing the first article on the web EVER about when NOT to buy land. *disclaimer….I often exaggerate.

When we decided to get our tiny house, the first questions asked was “Where ya gonna put it”?”.  Good question.  I thought I wanted land.  My own land.  You are supposed to own land.  So off we went to look.  Here I what I found:

In our area, where I WANT TO LIVE, land is going for $15,000 to $30,000 an acre!  Thank you Wal-Mart.  20 years ago my parents bought land for $500 an acre, 10 acres total.  That land just sold for $15,000 an acre.

Our county requires a minimum of three acres per house if you want to build in the country.

Debras Tiny House Video Tour and Buying vs Renting Land

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Andrew Odom's trailer from old RV for his tiny house on wheels

I had some questions related to tiny houses and trailers for Andrew Odom over at Tiny r(E)volution and he was kind enough to share his advice with us.

If you’re considering building a tiny house on wheels this post will give you perspective as to what it’s like to prepare a used trailer for your future tiny house.

Alex: Before you got your trailer, what options were Crystal and considering?

Andrew: Our path to getting to where we are now started back in mid-2010. As a couple Crystal and I were bouncing back from our lives as single folk which included living all over the map, investing in only the day’s expenses, and trying to merge two very independent lives. We knew we wanted to find a place of our own to live but we weren’t sure we wanted to take on a mortgage….well, we weren’t even sure where we wanted to live. Since we met as missionaries on a cross-country tour it seemed perfectly normal and perfectly logical for us to find a small RV (even to this day we dream of a Mini Winne) and take to the open road until we found we we belonged. Alas, I realized I needed to get a job (I had been self-employed) that offered a bit more stability for us. In finding that job we realized that perhaps the RV should give way to a house.

Andrew Odom's trailer from old RV for his tiny house on wheels

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Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Miami, Florida

If you’re considering a Tumbleweed tiny house workshop, this post will help give you perspective as to what it’s like so you can figure out whether a workshop is for you or not.

I found that one of the most valuable parts of events like these are the people you get to meet. It’s not very often that I get to be in a room of 20+ like minded people to hang out and swap ideas with.

I had such a blast with everyone I got to meet there throughout the entire weekend. In addition to that, as you probably know, Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen, author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks”, led this one.

We got to ask specific questions from framing to caulking and he always had several valuable tips to share with us that only come from someone who’s “been there, done that” and just a few insights like these are worth the cost for attending alone. But you’ll be leaving with a book full of knowledge (and connections).

If you decide to attend, I encourage you to jot down notes as you go along- especially if you plan on building a tiny house yourself. At Deek’s workshop, we learned, laughed, and had a great time hanging out with each other while swapping crazy and amazing tiny house ideas. Here’s a group picture we got to take with most of the people who attended.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshop in Miami, Florida

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Family in Tiny House

A few days ago Anderson Cooper featured a family who is living in a tiny house.

They’re still young with two small children who are getting to share a sleeping loft with each other.

But don’t worry- the plan is to save up for a ‘small’ house in the very near future. They plan on paying for it in cash.

When you take the tour I think some of you will agree with me that the home is tiny yet still luxurious with its tongue and groove pine walls and elegant simplicity.

The family moved into this tiny house from a 1,500 square foot 3 bedroom home. A drastic change, but with pleasing results. Mom is able to save her entire paychecks.

They used Craigslist to find salvaged/reclaimed materials to keep construction costs low and did most of the work themselves.

Family in Tiny House

Photo Credit YouTube/Anderson Cooper

Their utility bill is just $40 a month. Most of their other costs have been drastically reduced too. This is allowing them to save up incredibly fast.

Video Tour of Family in a Tiny House

Length: 1:57

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Malissa's Tiny House on Apartment Therapy

I don’t think you have actually seen Christopher & Malissa’s tiny house before and we’ve got a couple of great pictures share with you below.

You can get more details and pics over at Apartment Therapy, too, where you can also vote for their tiny house.

It’s a part of the Small Cool 2012 contest over at Apartment Therapy and it would be awesome if you’d be willing to vote because I think we can help them win.

Malissa lives in her tiny house with her husband and since they custom designed the house for themselves, it suits them just right.

It’s 170 square feet total with an upstairs sleeping loft. There’s also a fully featured kitchen, built-in couch, desk, and bathroom.

Malissa's Tiny House on Apartment Therapy

Photos Courtesy of Christopher Tack/Apartment Therapy

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