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Calpella Tiny House on Wheels by Michael Janzen

Wanted to let you know that Michael Janzen just announced a weekend sale on his tiny house plans.

If you order now through 4/15/12 you’ll save 25% instantly at checkout when you enter in the promo code below.

He offers a wide range of plans from tiny to small and you can find them all in our Tiny House Store.

Below is a list of Michael’s plans that are eligible for 25% instant savings now through Sunday.

  • Little River Lodge (8′ x 24′)
  • Caspar Cottage (8′ x 20′)
  • Calpella Cabin (8′ x 16′)
  • Coastal Cottage (8′ x 28′)
  • Pioneer’s Cabin (16′ x 20′)
  • Prospector’s Cabin (12′ by 12′)
  • Tiny Solar Salbox (8′ by 12′)
  • Tiny Prefab (DIY System)

To view any and all of the above click here and you’ll be directed to Tiny House Design’s plan page where you can make your purchase safely.

Remember to type in the discount code ‘LUCKY13‘ at check out then click ‘Update Cart’ before paying. You can click ‘Continue Shopping’ and add as many of Michael’s plans to your cart before doing this.

Calpella Tiny House on Wheels by Michael Janzen

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Derek DEEK Diedricksen Micro Architecture and Tiny House Mad Scientist

Most of you have heard of TINY: A Story About Living Small.

On this post you’ll get to see a video episode where they interview Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen.

Deek is the author of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks” and he blogs over at Relaxshacks.com.

‘TINY” is a not only a documentary about one man’s journey building a tiny house on a trailer from scratch, but it’s also about other families around America who are living in less than 400 square feet.

In this episode, Deek will not only talk to you about micro architecture but he’ll show you around one of his very own micro houses made out of reclaimed materials.

He’ll also talk to you about his early inspirations and show you a few of his other tiny house projects.

Derek DEEK Diedricksen Micro Architecture and Tiny House Mad Scientist

Photo Credit YouTube/TINYtheMovie

Watch the video below: [click to continue…]

Tiny House with two Roof Windows using XS Plans

This tiny house is called the Tiny HaHa House

The owner built it for just $3,000 in materials and did nearly all of the work himself.

It’s Jay Shafer‘s XS tiny house design except it has a covered porch modification.

And they added two roof windows which I really like.

I think it has a little bit of a modern look to it too, don’t you think?

The XS is just 65-square-feet without including the upstairs sleeping loft.

The siding and roofing is corrugated aluminum, kinda like the one Jay showcases in his book.

Tiny House with two Roof Windows using XS Plans

Photo Credits Andrew Cauthen

Carpeting was used on the interior and the interior walls seem like painted plywood panels, but I think it looks good. Modern, even.

[click to continue…]


I like small & tiny houses because they offer us the freedom to live life how we want. For me, it’s all about less clutter/stuff, and more freedom/choices. Would you be willing to agree on that?

You can choose to spend more time with your family, do more of the work you love, and have enough money left over to enjoy life with the people you love.

Although more and more people are choosing to live this way, it’s not usually the most popular way to go about life in the everyday world. So here are three tips on how to deal with people who don’t agree with your lifestyle choices.

3 Important Foundational Beliefs When Choosing the Simple, Passionate Life

If you’re going to live life on your terms, you’re going to find these three foundational beliefs to be extremely helpful in your transition to the simple life. Afterwards share what you liked best and found most helpful in the comments.

1. Dealing With Unwarranted Advice

Friends, family members, and co-workers tend to give advice on subjects that they have no qualifications in. And sometimes, for whatever reason, we’re tricked/influenced into listening to this nonsense.

The first step when you find yourself in a situation when someone is giving you advice is to ask yourself, “Do I want any of the results that this person has?”

Belief: I will only listen to the advice of those who I believe are [click to continue…]

Travis Tiny House Lusby Build

Here’s a video walk around with Travis and his tiny house on a trailer.

The house is 8′ wide and 24′ long. Right above the hitch is where the LP tanks are stored along with the hot water heater.

Right next to the water heater is where the water inlet is located so you can hook a hose up to there just like you would with an RV and have access to water.

Then just below that area is where the power supply is, and again- just like an RV- you can plug this in to an RV park or a generator and power many of the appliances inside.

This tiny house weighs approximately 6,740 lbs and it’s supported by two 5,500 lbs brake axles. The front porch is large enough to sit and relax in and keep you covered during rain.

Once you walk inside the kitchen is to the right with dining table to the left. In between the entrance door are two storage compartments on both sides. This is where Travis keeps his food and other supplies.

Travis Tiny House Lusby Build

Photo Credit YouTube/travis162002 [click to continue…]

Resource Furniture Convertible and Multifunctional Furniture for Tiny and Small Spaces

In this post Ron Barth, President of Resource Furniture shows you his space saving furniture.

The furniture is made in Italy and Resource Furniture is the United States importer and distributor for the company.

The company offers:

  • Wall beds
  • Murphy beds
  • Desks
  • Coffee tables

And much more. Everything operates very easily and most pieces of furniture are completely convertible- meaning, they serve more than one function.

Resource Furniture Convertible and Multifunctional Furniture for Tiny and Small Spaces

This means furniture that makes it easy for you to create a multifunctional room in your house.

Whether you want your living room or office to turn into a bedroom, or you just want to make your 200 square foot studio work for you.

This furniture allows you to double your space and the usability of your home. Resource Furniture also offers a bunk bed system where the beds fold into the wall for storage.

I encourage to go ahead and watch the entire product video presentation with Ron Barth below: [click to continue…]

Rare 1979 Ford E250 Converted 4x4 Lifted Camper Van the Adventurer

Usually you see posts here specifically on tiny houses on a trailers, but that’s not always the case.

This 4×4 lifted camper van is such a useful/cool vehicle to go cross country in because it can handle just about any terrain.

It’s also packed with features.. It’s like a tiny efficiency.. Or a VW camper van on steroids?

Whatever you want to look at it as, it’s pretty awesome as long as you can handle the gas money for it.

Tiny houses on trailers are awesome but they’re not as flexible and efficient as small travel trailers and motorhomes (like camper vans).

Rare 1979 Ford E250 Converted 4x4 Lifted Camper Van the Adventurer

Photo Credit YouTube/NookTwo

In this video tour, the owner of this 1979 E250 4×4 Pathfinder Adventurer camper van gives you a tour and shows you everything below:

  • Front bumper with lights
  • Lifted with 37″ tires
  • Pop up roof so you can stand/sleep
  • Exterior storage
  • Propane tank
  • Rear exterior storage rack
  • Extendable camper ladder
  • Loft bed with lighting and fans

Read the rest and watch the video tour below: [click to continue…]

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