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This morning I was able to find the time to put together a recap version of our tiny house living webinar.

Since we had recording issues, I simply re-did it because there are a lot of you who wanted it so I was happy to do it again.

It’s about an hour long so when you have the time you can see just about everything you might have missed on 12/29.

Thank you so much for your interest in participating and I look forward to seeing you LIVE on the next one.

Hope you enjoy and if you liked it do me a quick favor and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and email.

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Tiny House Living Webinar with Alex Pino and Dan Louche

UPDATE: On the morning of 12/31/11 I got a “recap” version of the webinar up on YouTube for those of you who missed the event, were unable to get in, or were simply unable to make it. Click here to watch it now.

In case you’re not already aware I’m hosting a FREE Tiny House Living Webinar on 12/29 at 9pm EST.

Everyone is welcome but there’s only enough seats for the first 100 people who show up after registering.

If you already receive my emails, you probably know all about this. If you’re NOT on my list yet, you can get in here so you can be one of the first to get notified of news like this in the future.

Tiny House Living Webinar with Free Q&A

If you decide to jump in you’re going to watch me give you a short presentation related to tiny house living on your screen.

After that I’ll be passing it over to Dan Louche, of Tiny Home Builders, for your Q&A time.

My Latest eBook as Gift to You for Free Just for Participating

But that’s not all.. Dan has a couple of special announcements that will be “revealed” at the end.

To summarize:

Please show up early because we have 200+ registered participants so far, but only have room for 100 tomorrow.

I’ll be there to hangout with you if you get there early.

  • Yes, you will be offered something you can buy, if you wanted, at the end
  • But nobody expects you to buy unless you want, so no worries!

That’s all! See you tomorrow! I get to go set it all up and test tonight! Wish me the best!


P.S. Big thanks to Derek for the plug earlier today! Stay tuned because I’ll be publishing a review of his latest book soon, can’t wait to show you that.. Got it in my hands today but I’m busy, busy!

Tiny House Living Webinar with Alex Pino and Dan Louche

To register follow this link: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/480213742

Tiny Shipping Container House in Costa Rica

While searching through the Costa Rica Craigslist the other day I ran into this tiny shipping container home by the beach.

It’s posted up for rent at just $350 per month or $200 for two weeks and this includes utilities.

Shipping Container House an Affordable Getaway

Shipping containers can make inexpensive studio apartments and are completely recycled.

If you were staying here it would take you 8 minute to walk to the beach.

You’re just 3 minutes from a bus stop and about 5 minutes to the nearest stores, restaurants and bars.

La Vida Tiny in Costa Rica

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to move in. Would you do it?

Tiny Shipping Container House in Costa Rica

The container sits on a large open lot and inside you’ll find a… [continue reading…]

3rdSpace - Modular Backyard Office Sheds

If I told you that working in your backyard office will be a big trend in the future, would you agree?

Thanks to the Internet the idea is becoming real for more people than ever. The 45 second commute… Doesn’t that sound appealing?

Backyard Offices for the Information Age

The idea of converting a shed into a workspace or studio isn’t all that new. People have been doing it for decades and possibly even centuries.

But it’s certainly growing in popularity right now as writers, artists, consultants, programmers, web designers and other professionals are realizing they can be their own boss and build a sustainable business for themselves from anywhere in the world.

A Modern Writer’s Shed

I would absolutely love to have a modern writer’s shed to work out of so today I want to introduce you to a company called 3rd Space. They specialize in creating inspiring backyard office spaces for their clients.

The structures are modular so you can add on to your shed later and enjoy the most flexibility. The use of timber, Birch plywood and full-height glazed panels offers an unbelievable feeling while inside.

Outside you’re greeted by Red Cedar cladding which is durable and beautiful. Fortunately with 3rdSpace you can customize, configure, extend and relocate your structure with ease because it’s all part of the modular design.

3rdSpace - Modular Backyard Office Sheds

Photos Courtesy of 3rdSpace

3rdSpace - Modular Backyard Office Sheds

If you like this, I encourage you to look at the rest of the pictures and details: [continue reading…]

Tiny House Ski Adventure Photo by Neil Provo

I don’t know about you, but when I first saw a tiny house on a trailer it gave me hope for my dreams.

So today I wanted to introduce you to Molly, Zack and Neil. They’ve built their own tiny house and they’re living the dream in it as we speak.

Tiny Houses so you can Live your Dreams

To me it’s always encouraging to witness people who are going for what they truly desire in life, whatever that may be. My question is, what’s yours?

What is it that you’ve always wanted to do but have put off for whatever reasons? I bring this up because there’s nothing like the energy from someone who is excited and passionate about what he or she is currently doing. Don’t you think?

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass. It is about learning how to dance in the rain.”

Tiny House Ski Adventure Photo by Neil Provo

Photo Courtesy of Neil Provo

So let me introduce you to the tiny house ski crew. Just click “play” on the video below. 🙂 [continue reading…]

Living the Dream in a Tiny House on the Beach

I had to show you this tiny house on the beach…

The little home has three levels. When you walk into the first it’s an open porch with a hammock to relax on.

It’s a tiny stick built structure with an upstairs balcony which is one of my favorite features.

Living the Dream in a Tiny House on the Beach

On the top level is where you can probably set up your own sleeping loft. If you look at the photo carefully you might notice that they left it open for the sea breeze to blow through.

Living the Dream in a Tiny House on the Beach

Via Pinterest

I don’t know about you, but living here would be a dream come true for me. As Napoleon would say, [continue reading…]

Small Space Bedroom - Bunk Bed Mania

I ran into four awesome small space bedrooms that I just had to share with you tiny house/small space enthusiasts.

Three of the rooms are from small houses and apartments and one of them is in a tiny house, you’ll see..

These Small Space Bedrooms Sleep up to Four People

My question is… Do you think it would be comfortable to raise up to four kids in a 2-bedroom home if they’re all under the ages of.. let’s say, 13?

Before your mind takes you anywhere else… take a look at the bedrooms below. I think it’s totally doable with bedroom systems like this.

Do you remember that show Home Improvement? The kids in that show had a pretty cool shared bedroom if I remember correctly.

Small Space Bedroom - Bunk Bed Mania

Photo Courtesy of Houzz

If you like that, I encourage you to look at the rest: [continue reading…]

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