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Tetra-Shed - Modular Building System - Backyard Office - Expandable

The Tetra-Shed is a modern backyard structure designed to be used as an office or studio.

At a first glance, when it’s all closed up, you might not recognize what the heck it is.

Designed by architect David Ajasa-Adekunle the Tetra-Shed can be combined with other units.

Modular Backyard Office Studio: The Tetra-Shed

In the photos below you’ll get to see an illustration of how these units can come together.

Since the Tetra-Shed opens up it can be used for a variety of purposes like a tiny retail store, guest quarters, playhouse and more.

It’s going to be offered in the United Kingdom in January 2012.

Tetra-Shed - Modular Building System - Backyard Office - Expandable

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Geodesic Dome Construction and Time-lapse Video

I ran into this time-lapse video on the construction of a geodesic dome greenhouse and thought I’d show you.

It took the owner approximately four hours to put together and you get to see it being done in a couple of minutes.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

The windows that you see on it are hinged and covered with polythene along with a flashing strip on the top edges.

If you’re new to geo-domes, they were invented/popularized by R. Buckminster Fuller in the 1940s. One of my favorite authors, Lloyd Kahn, has covered them too.

These efficient structures can be used for living, working or gardening, but do they have too many drawbacks to be practical?

Geodesic Dome Construction and Time-lapse Video
Photo Courtesy of Pauly1060/YouTube

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Trivia - Electric-powered Tricycle Concept Vehicle

The TRIVIA is a concept vehicle created at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana in Brazil.

It’s an electric tricycle that can protect you from excessive wind, rain and extreme temperatures.

It’s slightly larger than most motorcycles and has just enough room one person.

It’s designers include Felipe Degasperi Aranega, Sergio Tadeu Almeida Curitiba, and Felipe Andretta Costacurta.

The TRIVIA is an Electric Tricycle Concept Vehicle

Although it has an electric engine it’s designed to have pedals to increase fuel efficiency and get exercise.

It uses gears similar to that of a bicycle. The design also includes air conditioning and a luggage rack. In 2009, it earned the iF concept award.

Trivia - Electric-powered Tricycle Concept Vehicle

Photo Courtesy of TRIVIA/YouTube

If you like this little electric scooter-car, watch the video clip to see exactly how it works: [click to continue…]

Tiny Living Tiny House Plans

This week I wanted to show you Dan Louche’s latest tiny house plans. He calls this design Tiny Living.

It’s a 20′ long house that includes enough room for a bathroom, sleeping loft, kitchen and plenty of room for your belongings.

Tiny House Plans: Tiny Living by Dan Louche

The entry way on the house is on the rear end of the trailer and as you can tell it does not have a built in porch.

Since a patio or deck is something you can easily add later, I appreciate how Dan left the porch out to maximize the interior living space.

Tiny Living Tiny House Plans
Photo Courtesy of Dan Louche

Ways to get your own Tiny House on a Trailer

If you’re here, you probably see a tiny house in your future. Either for you, or one of your loved ones. So how do you go about getting one?

Here are four ways you can start:

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Tiny House Technology: Minimalist Speakers

Earlier today I ran into this blog post which featured what I consider a minimalist radio & Bluetooth speaker.

Then I found that it’s on Kickstarter. Man, this Kickstarter thing is really making some amazing things possible.

Minimalist Bluetooth Speaker for Tiny Houses

I’ve always wanted to do a weekly series on technology that goes hand in hand with small spaces. Well, today’s that day.

And this tiny wireless speaker system goes hand in hand with a small space or a mobile lifestyle.

So it’s a small speaker with a simple interface, plus it can deliver up to 80 decibels of sound which is impressive for its size.

It’s about the same size as an everyday household light bulb and was designed by John Van Den Nieuwenhuizen and Vitor Santa Maria.

Tiny House Technology: Minimalist Speakers
Image Courtesy of John VDN and Vitor Santa Maria

Twist, Lift, Connect and Enjoy

When you twist the cap it turns the radio on for you. If you continue turning it, the volume turns up.

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Cob Building Workshop
I have the following letter for you to read from Pat over at Cobworks. Enjoy! -Alex

Cobworks is hosting a month long cob building workshop in the state of Morelos, three hours south of Mexico City.

We will be building in the town of Miacatlin for Hector and Igor Trejo. These brothers along with 2 friends took our Baja 2007 cob workshop and have since acquired land and are ready to start building.

The project is an 800 sq.ft. house for Hector, which will feature earthen floors, full kitchen, bathroom and 2 bedrooms. With this workshop you will gain many of the skills and confidence to begin planning and build your own cob home.

Wood is very expensive and prone to termites, so we will focus on using much recycled and local materials. We have local residents who will also be working alongside us, as we relearn these ancient earth-building skills. Also a great chance to practice your Spanish.

Cob Building Workshop

Photos Courtesy of Cobworks

During the month-long course, participants will learn how to:

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Wooden House-truck from 1954 Army Firetruck

What would you do with a self-sufficient wooden house-truck like the one featured here today?

Ivan Morison built a tiny house on the back of this decommissioned 1954 Goddess firetruck.

1970s House-Truck Movement

During the 1970’s Roger Beck was one of the first pioneers of the house truck movement on the west coast of America.

He used them as a home during travels throughout the United States, according to his interview on Ivan Morison’s article Tales of Space and Time, where he interviews Roger.

According to Ivan’s article, he held a workshop in Eugene, Oregon, in January of 2007.

Wooden House-truck from 1954 Army Firetruck

Photos Courtesy of Wig Worland

This house truck movement happened during the 70’s because of folks’ discontent with politics, war and the economy and today, the situation sound awfully familiar…

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