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Small Space Furniture - Loft Bed with Storage and Desk Functionality

When you’re living in a small house, space can be an issue. Especially when it’s you and your family but even if you’re single and living in a studio or even a tiny house.

So as part of our small space furniture series I feature ideas every week that you might be able to use or get inspiration from.

Sometimes it’s easy enough where you can just place the order.

So today you’re looking at a bed that offers a lot. It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture that’s perfect for a small space. And it serves you with a bed loft, desk, plenty of storage, and lots of shelving.

Some other cool features you’ll enjoy with it are the way the desk pulls out and hides away when you’re not using it. There are also a bunch of drawers for completely hidden storage along with shelves in every other spot. It also comes with a small ladder so you can easily climb up to bed.

In the picture below, all storage is closed and the desk is hidden/put away.

Small Space Furniture - Loft Bed with Storage and Desk Functionality

In the next picture the desk is pulled out and the side shelves are open, have a look…

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Shed Conversion Tiny House on Craigslist

Look at this awesome shed conversion I just found on Craigslist. It was converted into a tiny house and now they are selling it.

You can buy it for $9,900 and it’s in Naples Florida. It’s about 200 square feet and comes with a pretty nice deck.

This was a nice find especially after running into a $1000 tiny house shed conversion earlier. You can watch a quick video of it there.

Well here is a screen shot of the Craigslist Ad…

Shed Conversion Tiny House on Craigslist

And here is the link: http://fortmyers.craigslist.org/col/grd/2112282118.html

Looks like a really nice little house. What do you think?

Making Your Tiny House Feel Bigger

One of the challenges for tiny houses is feeling comfortable with the amount of space you have.

When I found this tiny house on a trailer for sale, I immediately noticed how neat it was that they had added a larger porch.

This way you can actually lounge outside and use the outdoor space as part of the home. You can read books, magazines, or just enjoy the scenery there.

Many people who live in a small space rave about how they have great outdoor space which they use a lot. In a house like this, it’s sort of a must, isn’t it?

This has led me to a few built in ideas that you can add to your own design so that you can expand your outdoor space (maybe I’ll share in another post)… But you can see a real example of it in action right here.

Making Your Tiny House Feel Bigger

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Tiny Log Cabin in the Woods

Have you ever thought of having your own tiny log cabin in the woods?

When I found this guy’s videos on Youtube I was pretty excited. He has built at least two really small log houses in the woods using materials within 100 feet of the construction sites all by himself.

Imagine doing all the notching yourself along with shingling your own roof with materials you found.

That’s what this guy did with the help of some power tools. He even made his own flooring which you’ll see in a minute (if you can stream videos).

Both projects were done as a one man show, that’s part of the reason both houses are so tiny.

Tiny Log Cabin in the Woods

The first cabin project was more of an experiment which took a total of 100 hours of labor. This one used 5 fir trees, some saplings, a bag of screws, mortar, concrete blocks, thick poly, and a zinc strip for the roof.

It sits on 4 big rocks for a foundation and the floor is made out of dirt. He used a half notch for its simplicity using a hand saw, an axe, and a mallet. Here, check out the progress in the video below…

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Sergio Sanchez, architect, has rented a walk in closet and has converted it into his own studio.

You can see it all for yourself in the video below provided by ABC.

He created a loft so that he can sleep up top while being able to use the freed up space underneath as a home office.

There’s a mini refrigerator and an area to watch television.

Interestingly enough there is a window. Watch the video below so you can see how he crammed it all into such a small space and let me know what you think in the comments.

Check out the article on Minimalist Homes on ABC by clicking here.

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Portable and Foldable Tiny House

The company who makes this tiny house is called Habitaflex, and you might actually consider it a small house instead of a tiny one.

Because it folds out large enough for an entire family to live in. It uses a crank system to fold and unfold.

Plus keys to turn to lock and unlock for folding. No foundation is needed because the home can be built into a trailer that you can pull yourself.

It comes with cabinets, kitchen sink, oven, fan, toilet, and a full sized shower.

It would take you 2 to 3 hours for 2-3 people to set it up or put it away.

For rolling the walls together there is a rolling mechanism that is built in. The roof is also lowered by crank.

Portable and Foldable Tiny House

The width of the house is 8 feet when it’s folded up into a trailer, here watch the video so you can see it for yourself in action…

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Lake Michigan College's Tiny House

This is a tiny house video tour that I just ran into and you have likely not seen yet.

The house was built at Lake Michigan College and the video was also created by them.

Yes, it is a Tumbleweed Tiny House – the Weebee.  You can buy plans to build one just like it at Tumbleweed.

This one is 102 square feet and is even equipped with solar tube for light in the kitchen which is simple and requires no energy for light.

Aaron Closson is LMC’s green building instructor. Next they are planning to install solar panels for the house plus a self contained solar water heater.

Lake Michigan College's Tiny House

Enjoy the video tour of the house right here…

The Green Building Academy at the college is thanks to an energy grant they received from Michigan Community College Association.

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